Eat Well for Less – The King Family

This is the last in the series – don’t know why it’s so many weeks after all of the other shows have been on – so let’s see what they have this week.

By the way, as a result of this show I tried switching from Pepsi Max to Waitrose Diet Cola.  It was ok but I wouldn’t make the switch as the taste is very different.  I also bought some bavette steak for my husband, he thought it was ok but not worth the cost and it would be better spending a little bit more and having a ‘proper’ steak.  It’s worth trying things but some of the things that I’ve tried haven’t worked out.

The King family are grandmother, mum and daughter and they have a major spending habit.  Sheena is the main shopper and is buying mainly organic fruit and vegetables but then goes and gets pasta sauce in a jar and microwave rice.

Sheena is shopping without looking at prices as her Mum bails her out at the checkout if she overspends.  Each weeks Sheena is spending around £113 for her and her daughter – the national average is £41.

Once the kitchen makeover has been done Sheena is unhappy that there are no ready made sauces and she’s worried about how much time she’s going to have to spend cooking.

Sheena is suspicious that everything has been changed and doesn’t recognise her own soya milk.  As has been demonstrated on this show many times, people generally can’t recognise their branded products once they are out of the packaging.

This weeks taste test is sliced white bread.  I generally buy Kingsmill or Hovis when they’re on offer but otherwise I’ll buy a supermarket brand.  Essentially there is very little difference in bread apart from the thickness of the slices!  You used to get thin, medium and thick.  Now thin no longer exists, medium is thin and thick is medium so there is something called ‘toastie’ on the shelves.  Basically bread is bread!

Sheena and her family now do a blind taste test with organic and non-organic fruit and vegetables.  She can’t tell the difference between organic and non at all – not once single product.

Gregg and Chris ‘learn’ how to make a pasta sauce as an alternative to jar sauces.  I have no idea why anyone would buy a jar of pasta sauce when homemade ones are so easy to make.  I make my own tomato sauces often and they take minutes to make plus you know what is going into it.

Gregg makes a meal of broccoli, homemade pasta and anchovy with Sheena and her daughter.  It looks a bit dry though as the pasta has no sauce.

Sheena admits that her taste buds went crazy over the week and she found it hard to recognise whether anything was organic.  I think she’d convinced herself because it was more expensive and organic that it was better; just shows you.

Ditching the organic and changing her shopping would save her £56 a week.



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