Return to Amish – S3, Ep 7

The last show ended with Jeremiah being horrendous to Kate around the dinner table so this is where the new show picks up.

Jeremiah has a real complex and keeps telling Kate that she thinks she’s better than the rest of them.  Sabrina tells Jeremiah that he sounds like a child throwing a temper tantrum because he’s not getting enough attention.  Why is no one saying to Jeremiah that this isn’t the time or the place?!

Sabrina takes Mary church shopping.  Mary has been banished from her Amish church and is now looking for a church that will accept her.  Sabrina explains to Mary that Mennonite churches are much more accepting and have a lot of ex-Amish and banished Amish in them.

Kate returns to New York and to her work.  She is worried that she’s going to lose her job but Cynthia actually asks her to go to Fashion Week in LA and assist.

Esther and her sister, Katie Ann, have been involved in a car accident.  Mary tells Esther that this might be a sign that Esther shouldn’t drive and should stick to being Amish with a horse and buggy.  I do like Mary but it’s a bit hypocritical for her to live the life she lives and try and force Esther to stay Amish.

Sabrina talks to her counsellor about her arguments with Rebecca and he tells her that perhaps she’s not as strong a friend as Sabrina thinks.  I think he’s completely right, Rebecca isn’t Sabrina’s friend.  Sabrina is in court regarding the custody of her daughter, Oakley, and she’s there alone.  No friends would allow that to happen!  The good news for Sabrina is that she will be getting Oakley back after two years of rehabilitation.

Sabrina goes to tell the ‘family’ that she’s getting Oakley back.  Mary looks genuinely happy for her but Rebecca does a little smile but then her face returns to an unpleasant smirk.  Abe and Rebecca admit that they should have done more for Sabrina.

Mary has visitors so she goes outside to wash her dentures.  She tells camera that she doesn’t like to use toothpaste as there are too many chemicals in it so she uses normal soap instead!!  Can you imagine putting soapy teeth in you mouth?

Mary’s visitors are representatives from various churches that she is thinking about joining.  She wants to join a church that will allow her to live her life but that Chester will also find acceptable.

Rebecca talks to Abe about his teeth.  Rebecca wants Abe to get his teeth pulled but Abe wants to keep his teeth.  Rebecca tells Abe that he’s selfish for wanting to keep his teeth as he has two children and a wife.  Abe tells her that he will go and get his teeth pulled as it’s cheaper.  Most of us couldn’t imagine being in our early 20’s and having no teeth!

Jeremiah tells the group that they are all invited to Washington for his wedding.  They all look a bit shocked, Sabrina looks a bit disappointed – I think she hoped that they would end up together.

Kate is in LA and the ‘lovely’ people from Cynthia Rowley didn’t bother to tell her that they had delayed their flights so she’s there by herself.  Kate defends the fashion industry but it just seems that most of these people are massively unpleasant and use ‘the fashion industry’ as an excuse for that.

The show ends with Mary sitting everyone down at the table to tell them what she’s decided to do…

Next week it looks like it’s Jeremiah’s wedding (or is it?!) and Kate gets screwed over by ‘the fashion industry’ again.  See you next week!


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