The Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week

This week is pastry week and I write this with the most horrific migraine.  I shouldn’t be watching TV or writing this but I can’t help myself!  I have a forehead strip stuck on, I’ve taken some ibuprofen and I have a dark room apart from the TV and computer.  I sometimes wonder why I bother blogging but the day that one person reads it makes it worthwhile so here we go.

The signature challenge is to make 24 breakfast pastries.  Yum!

BUT, here we go again.  Benjamina is making peanut butter pinwheels and pecan swirls.  Not nut allergy friendly then.  NEXT…

Jane’s making orange pain au raisin and raspberry, chocolate and almond Danish.  She’s making two different dough’s so giving herself lots of work.

Candice is making a sweet cinnamon apple, vanilla crème rose Danish and a savoury croquet monsieur.  Now those sound really good.

Andrew is making ‘Mum and Dad’ pastries.  One is pear and chocolate and the other is spiced dates (I’ve never eaten a date and I don’t plan to change that, they look horrible).

Selasi is making rhubarb, mango and ginger plaits as well as pineapple and coconut pinwheels.  I can’t help but think they might be a bit damp?

Val’s making pecan and maple syrup swirls as well as apple, sultana and cinnamon swirls.

I can’t help but think that making pastry is a massive faff.  I buy frozen pastry – let someone else do all that laminating!

Rav’s making cinnamon swirls (my favourite) but ruining his others by using pecan and walnuts.

Tom’s making granola spirals and wheat foldovers.  Yuck – I wouldn’t go for either of those, they sound boring and vile.

Val’s top baking tip is to cut your rounds of pastry using dental floss.  It seems to work and it does seem to stop the squashing down.  I might try that if I make anything in a log that needs slicing.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag of results with the pastry.  Some are overcooked and some are undercooked and there are just a couple that look decent.  I was glad that Paul told Tom his pastries were dry and gross – no one wants a granola pastry!  Andrew’s look very nice but his cinnamon swirls are a bit thin.  Jane’s pastries look pretty good too, she’s done well with those.

I love Mel as she walks off with a stack of six of Candice’s savoury pastries.  Bake off won’t be bake off without Mel and Sue!!

The technical bake is a bakewell tart.  Mel reminds them that the clue is in the name, bake well a tart, not bake badly!

Apparently Val makes a bakewell tart every week so hers should be good!  Looking at it after the blind bake I’m not sure how she’s done as the pastry is so thick.  Andrew then has a disaster as he’s trying to bake in an oven that’s not on.  The bakers all then have the problem of putting icing on a hot tart so it’s all melting and most of them look a right state.  Val is the only one who has a soggy bottom and raw pastry – sorry Val, you come seventh.  Jane takes first place – she’s doing well today.

The showstopper is 48 filo bites.  I wouldn’t make filo pastry ever – why would you do that when you can buy it?

Rav’s making Chinese prawn tartlets (anyone else think of that episode of Friends with the tartlets? No, just me!) and white chocolate samosas.

Val is making goats cheese and onion tartlets and Santa’s sacks with mincemeat.  She tells Paul that they will be two bites – that’s no correct, they should be one bite.

Jane is making cheese, fig and walnut parcels as well as cherry and chocolate cones.

Andrew is making chorizo and squash parcels and baklava bites.  I like the sound of the chorizo ones.

Fast forward boring bit about baklava…

Tom’s making yin and yang bites.  Something to do with steak covered in chocolate powder, I don’t like to mix sweet and savoury so I’ll pass on these.

Candice tries to be dirty talking about giving her sausage a good squeeze.  She’s too obvious with the ‘jokes’ so she needs to give it up or learn subtlety.  She’s making sausage, black pudding and apple rounds together with banoffee whisky cups.  I might give the banoffee a go but leave the black pudding alone.

Banjamina is making plantain and spinach samosas and a chai pear cup.  Don’t fancy either of those thanks.

Selasi is making coffee cream cups and parma ham, asparagus and cheese filo cigars.  I’d eat the savoury ones but I can’t stand coffee.

This challenge really does look pretty awful.  So much faffing around.

Val is in a lot of trouble with her sticky and stringy pastry.

Once again, cool and calm Selasi is finished ahead of time so he’s helping Jane.  I’d love to see Selasi win for his attitude to the competition as well as his baking.

I think Val has got to go this week.  She’s had a shocker and mucked up all of her pastry.

This week Sue gets to tell Candice that she’s this weeks star baker.  Mel has to tell Val that she’s going home.  To be honest, it really was time for Val to leave.

Tom and Rav are bottom of the pack at the moment so they need to up their game otherwise they will be off soon.

Next week is another first with botanical week?!



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