Strictly Come Dancing – 23 September ’16

The celebrities have been away for a few weeks dancing with their new partners and now it’s time for the show to begin.

Claudia and the Tess-Bot are back telling us that six couples will dance on Friday night and the remaining nine couples will dance on Saturday night.

The celebrities and their partners all come out in their sparkly finery.  They all do the awkward wave at the top of the stairs before making their way down to stand on the stage and awkwardly sway.

Laura Whitmore and Giovanni are the first couple to dance.  They are performing a cha-cha-cha.  Laura is wearing a white outfit with really, really long fringe on it.  What’s the first thing that happens?  She whizzes about a bit and a load of the fringe gets stuck in her hair and on the sparkly bit on the front of her dress – well done wardrobe!  She’s not bad but she looks all arms, they seem to be flailing about quite wildly. The scores at this early stage are a bit nonsense but they score 25.

Another year older and Bruno hasn’t calmed down at all!  He’s back to jumping up and down and flailing about as his gives his critique.  Darcy is looking elegant and very beautiful – I need access to that hair and make-up department!!

Naga and Pasha are next up and they are dancing the waltz.  Let’s be honest, we all love Carol Kirkwood but she wasn’t a dancer…  Naga can’t be any worse than her can she?  Naga wears a lovely turquoise flowing dress.  She looks quite elegant but it is quite apparent to me (a total non dancer) that Pasha is doing quite a lot of work to get Naga around the floor.  Craig can see potential and Darcy thinks that Naga has a beautiful neck.  They score 23.

Judge Rinder is up next with Oksana dancing a cha-cha-cha.  Judge Rinder makes me smile with his vibrant moves.  I can already hear him getting told off for the faces that he’s pulling but he really is putting 100% into this performance!  He’s wearing black trousers and a black sparkly shirt which is undone showing off quite a toned bod.  He finishes looking as if he’s had an amazing time and the audience are up on their feet.  The first thing that Craig comments on are Judge Rinder’s facial expressions – I knew it!  They score 25.

Lesley Joseph is up next with Anton dancing the waltz.  Lesley is wearing a pink dress, I don’t think it’s the most flattering of colours on her but she looks quite at home on the dance floor.  It’s vaguely on the boring side but then I think the waltz is a bit dull.  They score 23.

Ore and Joanne now dance the tango.  Ore is dressed as a bit of a ‘nerd’.  I think his trousers are a bit on the tight side but I love their performance and I really like the song so I think that always helps.  Len didn’t like all of the ‘larking about’ at the beginning of the dance but all of the judges agree that he’s a good dancer.  They score 27.

Greg Rutherford and Natalie are the last ones to dance and they are doing a jive.  Greg is in a sheer sparkly blue shirt.  He’s quite bouncy and, as expected, there’s quite a lot of jumping.  He looks pretty good and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this wasn’t the first show and Bruno thinks that Greg could go all the way.  Craig thinks he’s flat footed and stompy but he did enjoy it.  They score 27.

That’s the first show and the first six…here comes Christmas!


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