Return to Amish

Mary kicks off the show around the kitchen table telling everyone that she misses Chester and that she’s going back to Punxsutawney.  I don’t understand why she would do that and why Chester wouldn’t join her in Lancaster.  Would you want to live somewhere where everyone is looking down at you?!  No thanks!

In LA Kate is learning what a nasty, bitchy business fashion is.  She’s trying very hard to make a good impression but Rosy Muto the director of fashion week gives her a slap back down and won’t even tell her herself that she doesn’t want to work with her.  Nasty business and nasty people.

Sabrina asks Jeremiah if he’s getting married because his girlfriend is ‘knocked up’.  He says that she’s not but Sabrina is still worried that he’s making a rash decision.  I think she’s still annoyed that she’s not going to get the boy – they have history!

Kate is now being told by an executive producer that she needs to focus just on Cynthia Rowley.  Rosy takes Kate to one side and tells her to be more passionate and energetic like her.  Kate is really upset.  She realises that the people who are trying to make a name for themselves are rude and disrespectful.  So true and not just in the fashion industry!

Esther is now considering whether she’s going back with her Mum or is going to stay in Lancaster.  Esther has made friends with a group of young Amish and it sounds like they are planning a bit of a spring break.

Lea, a fashion designer from Cynthia Rowley, actually congratulates Kate and tells her that she’s done a good job.

The group all fly to Portland, Oregon for Jeremiah’s wedding.  Jeremiah introduces Carmela – she looks incredibly young but she has s grandchild on the way so she can’t be as young as she looks!  Carmela was brought up in a cult and they met on social media.  Jeremiah says they have so much in common, they are the same age and they both have kids.  Match made in heaven then!

Jeremiah keeps calling Kate and leaving messages on her answerphone asking her to come to the wedding.  Why would Kate want anything to do with him after the way he spoke to her last time?!

Carmela meets the group, they all seem to be quite friendly but Sabrina doesn’t crack a smile really and keeps talking about how her and Jeremiah were a couple.  Jeremiah upsets Rebecca but telling Abe that Carmela is happy to be around him 90% of the time unlike Rebecca who likes Abe being on the road 75% of the time.  Perhaps it struck a bit of a chord as Rebecca starts to grizzle and makes a bit fuss loud crying in the ladies.  For all of the ‘sobbing’ Rebecca comes back looking remarkably ok.  When I have a cry I have a red and blotchy face and it’s obvious I’ve been crying but Rebecca looks completely normal.

Carmela takes the girls in the group to her wedding dress fitting.  They are all lovely but Sabrina doesn’t say a word and just looks like she has a bad smell under her nose.  Sabrina does eventually tell her that it’s a beautiful dress.  Sabrina wants a reaction, while she’s standing in her wedding dress she says that she’s glad Carmela isn’t coming after her with a pitchfork because she dated Jeremiah.

That’s another week done, see you next time.


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