Strictly Come Dancing – 24 September ’16

The first six went on Friday night so Saturday night meant another nine dancers and their partners taking to the floor.

Not sure why the show is starting with kids dancing, then a senior couple dancing before the professionals all come on dancing.  Come on guys, there’s nine couples to dance, do we really need this?!  It’s all very nice but it makes an already long show even longer…  The audience are whooping and cheering: me, not so much.

Fast forwarded the celebrities walking down the stairs.  Less talking, more dancing!

Louise Redknapp and Kevin are first up tonight dancing a jive.  Kevin’s one of my favourite professionals, he comes across very well.  They are dressed as a sailor and his girlfriend and it’s a good dance.  A couple of moments where Louise is standing there looking a bit awkward but very good overall.  It floated Len’s boat so it must have been good!  The judges score them 31 – that’s a very impressive start but it’s a lot to live up to now…

Melvin Odoom is next up with Janette dancing a cha-cha-cha.  Melvin is rocking bright pink trosuers and a Hawaiian style shirt.  He’s not too bad but a bit on the stiff side and Craig agrees that it was very stiff (after years of watching Strictly I’m getting to see these things!)  They score 22.

Daisy Lowe and Aljaz are dancing a waltz this week.  I think Daisy has been to Claudia’s hairdresser with her, too long, fringe.  It’s a nice dance but it was a shame that they started off sitting on the floor as Daisy was a bit awkward getting up.  Len thinks it was the best week one dance ever; I disagree – is she going to get more than Louise’s score of 33?  Their score is 32 so not better than Louise!  I think Len is being a bit daft giving a nine in week one.

Danny Mac and Oti are next dancing a cha-cha-cha (there’s a lot of cha-cha-chaing in week one!)  All the moves are there and performed quite well, from my untrained eye, but it seemed a bit dull.  The audience go wild when it’s done but I thought it was just ok.  Len said he’s good and a contender but there was a bit too much ‘stage dancing’.  Maybe that’s what didn’t engage me, it all felt a bit staged rather than performed with passion.  The show is obviously starting to run a bit late because they didn’t talk to Craig.  The score is 31.

Tameka and Gorka are dancing a paso doble.  How will Tameka get on with keeping a serious face during the paso?  The paso is one of my least favourite dances, it seems less dancing and more showing arm shapes off to me.  It looks pretty good to me and smiley Tameka did keep a straight face throughout.  They receive a score of 26.

Anastacia and Brendan are dancing a cha-cha-cha.  Their little video has nothing to do with dancing?!  Anastacia looks stunning in a black and pink dress and she did really well apart from a little stumble during a spin.  The judges enjoyed it – Len especially enjoyed seeing the Rocky Mountains!!  They score 28 with Bruno giving a mean score of 6.

Ed Balls next with his partner Katya dancing a waltz.  He actually does a reasonable job but can you imagine him dancing a Charleston??  He has one of the less flamboyant costumes on, a normal black suit with a sparkly collar, a sparkly shirt and tie.  I expected him to be terrible but he was ok, I’m surprised.  The judges score them 21.

Claudia Fragapane and AJ are dancing the cha-cha-cha.  AJ is so young!  It’s a very good and energetic routine.  Tess jokes that she hasn’t seen a back flip in high heels since Craig at the wrap party – cut to Craig looking stoney faced…sorry Tess, that went down like a cup of cold sick.  Len liked it but warns them that he doesn’t really like gymnastics moves in dancing – oh dear, there goes AJ’s plan for the series!  They score 26.

The final couple to dance are Will Young and Karen dancing the tango.  Will has some very interesting outfits at rehearsals.  I think his dance was brilliant and so did the judges.  They score 30.

That’s it, week one is done and we’re ready to start eliminating next week.  It gets easier to watch when there are a few less because it doesn’t go on for quite as long!

Judge Rinder and Will Young were my favourites before the show started and they still are after show one.

See you next week!


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