Ru Paul’s Drag Race – S8, Ep6

I haven’t watched this for ages!  There’s been so much to choose from on the TV lately and the recordings of this programme have gone to the back of the planner.  Let’s try and catch up.

Now I remember – we lost Acid Betty.  That was a bit of a surprise, she was doing really well and I thought she would make it to the top.  It just shows that you never know what’s going to happen.  It’s all down to Ru Paul so let’s see what’s in store this time.

The other drag queens seem to be feeling rather a lot of hate for Bob the Drag Queen after she’s done very well and is letting her ego grow.

The drag queens first challenge is to ‘read’ one another.  In case you’ve never seen it they are allowed to be pretty nasty to one another all in the name of comedy.  Bob the Drag Queen wins the mini challenge – cue more evil looks from the others.

The maxi challenge is a makeover challenge.  The women from ‘Little Women of LA’ are being made over by the queens.  The queen and their woman should have a family resemblance after their make over.  The theme is The Wizard of Oz and each woman has a character already assigned.

Robbie is struggling with his contestants Cowardly Lion character.  He doesn’t look at all confident!

As the queens and their contestants are working on their outfits in the work room RuPaul calls everyone around and tells them that in addition to their runway looks each duo must perform a dance.  The queens who are the designers and seamstresses have gone from relaxed and happy to worried and nervous.

Chi Chi then annoys all of the queens as she is finished making her outfit before everyone else.  Thorgy Thor calls her as the next to leave as she’s ‘not ready for this competition’.

On the runway day Bob the Drag Queen has major problems when the zip comes out of the outfit she’s already made.  Bob has a huge amount of work to do before they get on the runway.  With 15 minutes to go Bob has no make up on…will she make it?

RuPaul struts down the runway in a lovely purple number.  Ru wears some truly beautiful outfits.  Michelle Visage also has her boobs contained today so that’s a relief!

Chi Chi is first up as Dorothy.  The outfits are very similar but neither of them are works of art.

Bob the Drag Queen is next as Glenda the Good Witch.  Bob’s partner is beautifully dressed and made up – it does look like Bob’s look was put together a bit quicker but still a solid outfit and look.

Naomi is next as the scarecrow.  The outfits are completely different and I’m not sure they compliment each other that well?

Derrick is up next as the tin man.  These outfits are very good and very similar.

Robbie as cowardly lion comes next.  Again, these outfits are really good.

Thorgy Thor is comes out as a citizen of the Emerald City.  So far I think these are the best pair of outfits and overall looks.  Both outfits look well made and fit the wearer nicely.  I think Thorgy is on top of this challenge.  I LOVE Thorgy’s green glittery heels!

Kim Chi comes out as the wicked witch.  They look very good and the concept of coming on the stage as one person before Kim puts their partner down was a good idea.

The judges love Naomi and the scarecrow look she’s put together.  The judges also love Kim Chi and Thorgy Thor.  They are pretty nasty to the rest of the contestants.

To mix things up RuPaul asks which contestant they would send home.  They take this as a cue to be nasty to one another.  Surprise!

Michelle is getting bored of Derrick’s look.  Each week her runway look is a bathing suit with a bit of extra material attached to it.

Naomi Smalls is the winner of this weeks challenge.  She’s gone from bottom to top in a week, well done Naomi.

Derrick is up for elimination together with Robbie.  It’s all down to the lipsync.  Ru picks Derrick to stay so Robbie is off home.

The competition is now down to the top six.


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