Strictly Come Dancing – 1 October 2016


I know that it’s now the 5th of October and Strictly was on the 1st but these first shows are so long and it’s hard to find two hours to just sit and watch.  It may be 5am but I now have two hours so lets do this.

In previous years I have always watched the dancing but fast forwarded the judges comments to shorten the programme a bit.  I did fast forward the hosts, judges and contestants walking down the stairs.

Ore and Joanne are first to dance tonight and are dancing a cha-cha-cha.  They are dressing as firefighters(?!)  I kind of get the theme when the singers start their rendition of ‘Hot Stuff’.  Ore is quite good, his dancing doesn’t look stiff or uncomfortable.  Len thinks they did a good job and it was better than last week but could have done with a bit of polishing.  Craig thinks his hips looked stiff but I didn’t notice.  The judges score them 27.  A very respectable score.

Claudia (host) has joked for a few years about having to tell people the terms and conditions.  This year she has a feather edged sparkly board.  I like that Claudia has personality.

Claudia and AJ dance a waltz next.  The couple were told by Len not to rely on gymnastics in their dancing and it looks like they heeded his advice.  It was a nice routine with a bit of flinging about and spinning around.  I’m not a big fan of the waltz but it looked nice and Claudia’s outfit was very pretty, I loved her full floral skirt.  They score 30.

Will and Karen are jiving this week.  Their dance is 50’s themed and it was very entertaining.  It was energetic and bouncy and they looked like they were having great fun.  Will tells the Tess-bot that he’s pulled a muscle and she keeps asking if he wants a medic.  Erm, what can a medic do about a pulled muscle??  The Tess-bot also has to apologise for Bruno’s language earlier – maybe I’m just a potty mouth but I have no idea what he said that could have been offensive?  They score 27.

Lesley and Anton dance a cha-cha-cha.  Why have there been so many cha-cha-cha’s so far this year?  Do they always do this and I’ve just not noticed before?  I start to think that’s it’s going to be a bit of a cop out routine as Lesley is sitting before she gets up and goes and sits in another chair but they do get going.  Lesley looks amazing and I’m envious of her figure at my age let alone at 70!!!  Craig compliments them and says that he could watch it again.  They score 26.

Greg and Natalie are dancing a tango.  For some strange reason Natalie puts Greg in a wind tunnel to see if he can maintain his frame.  These little videos are just bizarre!  I find it off putting that their song is quite upbeat and doesn’t appear to go with the angry faced tango that they are performing.  I found it only ok.  It also amuses me when the couples don’t stand exactly where Tess wants them to so she ends up awkwardly holding their hand and trying to pull them into place.  Len keeps telling Greg that he needs to tuck his bum in.  Bruno is off in his critique and starts to rise from his chair as he gets excited when he talks.  They score 26.

Tameka and Gorka are dancing a Charleston – now this is my favourite sort of dancing!  I love the routine, so entertaining, energetic and ‘happy’.  Tameka looks so at home, she is a natural born dancer.  Even Craig is smiling and Len has a huge grin on his face.  They receive a score of 29.

Laura and Giovanni dance a waltz next.  Hasn’t there been a load of stuff in the press about Laura being warned by Giovanni’s former partner/girlfriend about not dating him.  Anton has done this programme from the beginning and managed to not date any of his dancing partners so I don’t understand why some of the dancers can’t go a year without obtaining a new partner.  Laura’s dress is pretty and floaty but I find the dance on the dull side and some of it isn’t super smooth.  Craig thinks it was a gorgeous routine, I suppose if you’re there you get caught up in the atmosphere.  Me, I need a cup of tea!  Hang on, back in a moment!  Ok, I’m back with a big mug of tea.  I did think about having a Twirl but even I decided that breakfast chocolate at 6am is probably not the best decision I could make!  Back to the show, the couple score 32.  The best score of the night but not my favourite of the night.

Melvin and Janette now dance a tango.  Another off putting tango song but I love Janette’s outfit.  A tango without the dark and brooding music just doesn’t evoke the same mood.  The ending of the dance is really weird with Janette delivering a case to Bruno.  It sort of doesn’t feel like the dance has ended properly.  They score 23.

Still 7 couples left to go!

Louise and Kevin are doing the Viennese waltz. The Viennese waltz is making Louise feel sick with all of the spinning.  Their video shows Kevin taking Louise zorbing to help her get over her dizziness.  The whole thing was really nice.  The dancing was smooth and interesting and the music went well with the style.  I liked it.  The end up as joint leaders on the board scoring a 32.

Next is Anastacia and Brendan dancing a salsa.  Anastacia sustained an injury during the week so they have a recently re-choreographed routine.  I’m not keen.  Brendan is superb leaping about all over the place but Anastacia isn’t great but if she’s sporting an injury I guess she did ok.  I don’t think Brendan is going to be in the show for long this year.  Anastacia is grasping her stomach but manages to do quite a bit of salsa moves in from of Claudia so who knows what her injury is.  They score 22.

Next is Ed and Katya doing a Charleston.  You can already see the media bods rubbing their hands together and recording Ed’s Charleston faces to be shown for years to come.  It makes me smile and I think Ed does a fantastic job and he gets a well deserved standing ovation.  Who would have thought Ed Balls had that performance in him?!  Bruno gets up and jumps around as he judges Ed so I think he quite enjoyed it!  They receive a score of 23 – it should have been higher but Craig gave a ridiculous score of 3.

The next couple are Naga and Pasha doing a cha-cha-cha (another one).  Naga is almost unrecognisable in her Tina Turner wig.  I’m not sure about that, I feel like all of the moves were there but something was missing.  They score 23.

Finally, Judge Rinder is up with Oksana and they are dancing an American Smooth.  I love Judge Rinder’s jogging bottoms and waistcoat combo during rehearsals.  It’s a really good routine and starts amazingly with Oksana climbing up Judge Rinder’s back and being flung over his shoulder.  Jude Rinder makes me smile and he achieves the entertainment element but he can also actually dance reasonably well.  They score 27.

Daisy and Aljaz (current leaders) are dancing a cha-cha-cha (not another one?!)  I love the song and the routine was good but I haven’t really taken to Daisy, I find her a bit staged and distant.  Len gets cross that there was a lift in the performance, he’s a stickler for the rules.  Their score is 30 – 2 less than last week – that’s the trouble with scoring so highly in week one.

Danny and Oti and dancing a Viennese waltz this week, the final couple of the week.  I really like it, I particularly like Oti’s dress, she looks gorgeous.  I would love to spend a day in the wardrobe department of Strictly wearing beautiful gowns and floaty dresses.  It’s probably 15 years since I watched Hollyoaks so I now realise why I don’t know who Danny Mac is but he’s a very good dancer.  They score 32.

I don’t feel the need to watch the recap and messing around so let’s go to the results show.  I normally do a user defined start on the results show and just watch the last ten minutes.  Instead I’ve fast forwarded through the first 20 minutes of dross to see the safe couples being revealed.  I do wish Natalie wouldn’t scream so much, I know she’s happy but it’s not a nice sound.  This bit is excruciating, why can’t they just reveal the two couples in the dance off?  The first couple in the dance off are Anastacia and Brendan but she tells Tess that she’s scared to dance again and hurt herself.  Time to fast forward again to the next results bit.  Is anyone else screaming at the tele for Tess to just get on with it – a dramatic pause is really not required.  We eventually get to the final two couples and Tess reveals (eventually) that the other couple in the bottom are Melvin and Janette.

Judge Rinder reveals that for movie week next week he’s going to be a Flintstone – I can’t wait for that.  Movie week makes me laugh as they have the popcorn vendor at the bottom of the stairs and none of the dancers and celebrities know whether to take popcorn or run straight up the stairs.

Claudia announces that due to her injury Anastacia will not be dancing again.  There is no dance off which means that the person with the fewest number of viewer votes has to leave.  Melvin and Janette have to leave.  I sort of think that it’s unfair.  If Anastacia can’t dance then she should be leaving surely.  What a cop out.


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