90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 1

I am so happy that this show is back.  If you’ve never watched it them you must – it’s brilliant.  Basically citizens of the US have a fiancé from abroad and they can bring them to the US on a fiancé visa.  They then have either 90 days to marry their fiancé or they have to go back to their home country.

There is always at least one gold-digger on each series – can you spot who it is this time?  I think there’s more than one this time – let’s see!

First up we have 22 year old Nicole who has a two year old daughter.  Six months ago Nicole started to talk online to tall, dark and handsome Azan from Morocco.  They have never met in person but started talking about marriage three weeks in.  Look out folks – I think we have our first gold-digger!  To get the visa you have to have evidence of a relationship and you actually have to have met the person.  Nicole is just about to leave for Morocco…

25 year old Chantel is up next.  She is a cheerleading teacher and lives with her parents.  Chantel was introduced to Pedro from the Dominican Republic as he was going to teach her Spanish and she was going to teach him English.  Instead of that they ‘fell in love’ online and on her third visit to the Dominican Republic he proposed.  Chantel’s parents know that Pedro is coming to the US but they think he’s coming on a student visa, they don’t know he’s on a fiancé visa!

Jorge is 26 and an entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry.  He boasts that he has a six figure income without the 9-5.  He doesn’t like American women as they are feminist.  He wants a woman that needs taking care of and won’t compete with him.  His fiancé is 20 year old Russian Anfisa.  They met online (the programme shows pictures of her in her underwear)  He didn’t get a message back after sending her ten messages then the magic eleventh message she responds.  He tells the camera that they have flown all over the world – hmm, do we have a second gold-digger already?!?!  Jorge is going to collect Anfisa but they are having an argument at the moment because she wants him to take her a $10,000 Chanel purse (oh yes folks, this is just true love!)  He says that he has bought her a lot of stuff, all brand names and labels funnily enough.  Jorge thinks that he’s spent about $70,000 on her since they’ve started dating.  Jorge reveals that there are things about him that he has kept secret and he’s afraid to tell her.  Oooh, what is it??

Finally we have Matt, a 43 year old car dealership owner.  Matt has been married three times before and was cheated on in his first and third marriages.  Matt says that local women are not interested in him as he comes with too much baggage so he thought his best chance was to go to Eastern Europe and that is where he met Alla.  She’s 30, from Kiev and has a seven year old son, Max.  Alla and Max are about to move to the US.  Matt is concerned that this is the first time they have spent together when they are not in vacation mode.

Chantel is now moving out of her parents out and setting up the apartment.  Chantel’s Mum warns her daughter that now is the time to concentrate on her studying and becoming a nurse – little does Mum know that they will be getting married in 90 days…  Chantel’s Mum says that it’s a relief that he’s just in the US while he’s studying.  There will be fireworks when Mum finds out!  Chantel is aware of the fact that he may not be genuinely in love with her – she seems to be the most sensible of all of them.

Nicole attends a family party for her going away.  Her family are very much against the trip.  Nicole will be away for five weeks and her siblings say that worse case scenario is that she comes back in a body bag.  Her family are all convinced that something terrible is going to happen to her.  Her family try to warn her.  Nicole’s Mum says that she is a beautiful girl but not the most beautiful girl out there and she wonders why such an attractive man is pursuing her daughter.

Jorge is meeting his sister and niece to discuss his fiancé.  His niece says that all of her pictures on Facebook look really fake.  His sister thinks that Jorge is in love with her because she’s beautiful but he doesn’t know much about her.  Jorge tells his sister that she asked for a Chanel purse and his sister and niece tell him that she’s marrying him for his money.  He says that she’s not – she totally is!  Listen to your sister Jorge!!  Leave her to pout in Russia and find another sugar daddy.

Chantel goes to the airport to meet Pedro.  She waits and waits and waits.  He phones to say that he’s in the airport in Florida and not where she’s waiting and he should be there tomorrow.  She has a good old sob standing in the airport dressed in, basically, underwear with a coat over the top.

Nicole is packing to go to Morocco and her Mum tries once again to warn her that it could go very bad very quickly.  Her Mum gets upset.

Matt’s fiancé is arriving the following day.  His twin brother questions the marriage and asks why he’s doing it.  His best friend as also very sceptical and is worried about his friend as he has fallen apart after each of his three divorces.  His best friend then walks away saying that it’s ******* stupid.  Matt sheds a tear but says that he knows he’s doing the right thing and he knows Alla.

Jorge is about to leave for Russia but he tells camera that since he told Anfisa that he wouldn’t buy her the Chanel purse she hasn’t returned her calls!  He tries to call her again and she erases his phone.  The producer asks her she can do that and Jorge tells him that she has his Apple ID and password and with this information you can remotely erase a device.  Seems sensible and the more I see the more I can tell that this really is true love…  When his phone turns back on she has sent him and email telling him that she’s cancelled his flight.  He can now no longer log into his email as she’s changed the password to his email.  He tells the producer that obviously she cares more about material things than their relationship – I think maybe the penny has dropped…

This series looks amazing from the clips of what is going to happen this season.  Quick – you still have time to catch up and watch this brilliant series.


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