The Great British Bake Off – Dessert Week

Right – I’ve just had a Tunnock’s Teacake after getting in from a busy day at work and before watching the Bake Off.  Hopefully that should keep me going while I see all of these sweet treats being created.

Right, first things first – there’s a whole challenge about nuts!!  Humph!!  Also, that awful black lipstick is back 😦

The first challenge is a roulade.  The only rules are that it must be sweet and sponge.

Selasi is making a lemon and strawberry roulade with cream filling and lemon curd.  That sounds tasty.  Hang on, hang on.  It’s being finished off with nuts; that one’s off the menu then!

Tom is making a millionaire’s roulade based around a millionaires shortbread.  That sounds amazing, I could probably eat the entire thing!  With 30 minutes to go Tom starts to make a new sponge – that’s a bit of a gamble!

Benjamina is making a pina colade roulade.  I don’t really care for those flavours.  I find coconut lovely to smell but massively unpleasant to eat.

Andrew is making a tropical holiday roulade.  It sounds ok but not spectacular.

Candice is making a white chocolate roulade with raspberry cheesecake filling.  I really don’t like the black lipstick again but I love the sound of that.  I adore white chocolate – I’ve consumed far too many Milkybars in my past.  Not the little ones either, the big ‘sharing’ ones.

Ganache, cream and alcohol.  Jane’s roulade would be lovely if it wasn’t riddled with hazelnuts.

The roulades are being filled and it is blindingly obvious that some of them are overfilling their sponge.  As they roll them up the filling is going to come spilling out everywhere.

Tom’s sounded amazing but it looks disgusting as he’s smearing chocolate on a sponge that is disintegrating.  It looks passable in the end but it’s not wonderful.

Candice is told that she’s got a messy swirl and a crack so those lips get pursed and she looks cross.  Selasi’s sponge is ‘delicious’ and he was the only one to put butter in his sponge.

The technical challenge, set by Mary, is a French gateaux.  It’s a nut meringue, with nut ganache and covered in nuts.  That would be my dessert from hell.  Thanks Mary!  I’m tempted to fast forward but I’ll watch it.  It’s making me cough just looking at it – where’s my Epipen?!

Tom says, ‘ganache is easy’.  When they show someone saying something like that on the show you expect to cut back to them soon and see it all going very wrong.

Fast forward Sue going to France to learn about Praline…

The time comes for the bakers to get their meringues out of the trays and some are finding it easier than others.  There are a range of meringue textures, Candice’s bends when she lifts it while Andrew’s cracks.  Which meringue is right??  I don’t care actually, with all of those nuts that wouldn’t go anywhere near my house, the closest it would get would be my compost heap.

Selasi comes last, then Tom, Jane follows.  Benjamina is in third, Candice is second and Andrew comes first.

Oh dear – Selasi is in the bottom of the pack going into the final day along with Tom and Jane.

The showstopper is 24 mini mousse cakes.  Yum, these sound great – let’s just hope the shops near the tent run out of nuts for this one!

Jane is making about a billion different flavours of mousse (ok, five).  One lot of coffee mousse cakes and one fruit layered one.

Bejamina is making apple crumble ones and chocolate coffee ones.  The apple crumble sounds nice.  I don’t like or drink coffee so I wouldn’t be helping myself to those ones.

Selasi is making lemon, raspberry and passionfruit and chocolate and mint mini mousse cakes.  Yum, both of those sound lovely.

Candice is counting out sheets and sheets of gelatine.  Is she going to end up with mousse with the texture of a trampoline?

Tom’s making carrot sandwich mousse cakes and apple sandwich mousse cakes.  Hmm, I think this might be his ticket home.

Candice is making an after dinner mousse cake and a blackberry, raspberry and champagne mousse cake.  She is making about a dozen different mousse flavours.

Andrew is making a forest fruit mousse cake and a mint chocolate mousse cake.  He’s serving it on a ferris wheel – now that sounds exciting!  I want a cake ferris wheel!

Benjamina is putting her cakes on a slate but they look absolutely massive.  I thought they had to be ‘mini’.  Selasi’s cakes are not set and they are splodging out all over the place.  It’s the first time I’ve seen him look a bit stressed in this whole process.  He should take heart in the fact that he’s not the only one and there are some other slipping and sliding mousses.  Sue comments to Selasi that his cakes were meant to be mini but then comments that to him they probably are mini.

Jane’s look really lovely.  She’s pulled off all five mousses, they are set (apart from a bit of jelly on the top) and the judges like them.

Selasi’s fruit mousse cakes look lovely but the chocolate mint ones look massive and a bit messy but not as bad as I expected them to look after seeing them sliding all over his bench.  The judges love his passion fruit ones so he might be ok.

Candice’s after dinner mousse cakes are starting to collapse.  Mary would like a stronger fruit flavour in her fruit mousse and the texture of the mousse is too stiff.

Benjamina’s coffee cakes are splogdey but Paul says they taste amazing and both he and Mary go in for a second forkful.  The apple ones look nice and Paul says that they taste good too.

Tom’s little sandwiches don’t look very appetising.  They look like bread with prawns in them.  The judges are not enamoured with either of his flavours.  This could easily have been Tom’s last bake.

Andrew’s presentation is fantastic.  I need to find someone to make me a ferris wheel to serve all of my food on!  The judges like the flavours and textures of his cakes so he’s done well again.

Now it’s time for the judges to deliberate and pick a winner and a loser.

Star baker this week goes to Andrew.  Mel gets the onerous task of announcing who is going home – this time we say goodbye to Tom.  I think it was his time to go.

Next week, for the quarter finals, we have Tudor week?!  Tudor week?!  What is the deal with all of these weird and wonderful weeks they have introduced this year??!!  Goodness only knows what sort of weeks Channel 4 are plotting…

Now, I have to go because I’m seeing my micro nephew, he was due to be born in November but he surprised my sister instead.  He may be small but he really is perfectly formed.  I am a very blessed Auntie with one niece and four nephews.


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