Return to Amish – Jeremiah’s Wedding

Kate is back in New York for the last day of her internship.  Cynthia sends her off wishing her luck and tells her that her door is always open.

The producer asks Kate if she’s been in touch with Jeremiah.  She says that she knows Jeremiah is getting married but she’s got to be in class and can’t miss classes for his wedding.

Carmela tells the girls about the cult that she used to be in.  Of course, Rebecca has an opinion that everyone needs to hear.

Mary is shopping for ingredients to make a traditional Amish meal for Carmela.  It’s mashed potatoes, meatloaf, green beans with cheese and gravy.  Wait!  Green beans with cheese?

Jeremiah brings up the fact that Kate isn’t with them.  Sabrina says that she got a text from Kate saying that she wouldn’t be there.  Abe says that if he had family plans he would have changed them.  I can’t believe that Jeremiah thinks Kate should be there – he has treated her so badly and he has no right to expect her to be there.

Finally, in a slightly boring episode so far, it’s the wedding day.

Carmela and Jeremiah are sitting facing camera and Carmela says that they have run into a little problem and lost the marriage certificate.  Abe phones Rebecca and she has to ask Carmela where the certificate is.  Jeremiah starts going crazy saying that she needs to come back from having her hair and make up done.  Jeremiah phones Carmela while she’s getting her hair done and is very abusive down the phone swearing at her – what a nasty guy (and he wonders why Kate won’t go to the wedding)!

Jeremiah goes mental to the camera again and screams and shouts so much that Carmela walks away in tears.  It’s hotting up but Carmela would be a fool to marry someone who talks to her like that on their wedding day!!

Finally Rebecca does something good and phones Jeremiah to tell him that the way he just spoke to Carmela was unacceptable.  Jeremiah shouts at Rebecca and then hangs up on her. Rebecca phones Abe and tells him to ‘sort it’.  When he manages to crawl out from under her thumb he’ll sort it out.

When Abe finds out that they don’t need a marriage licence for the actual day of the wedding Jeremiah begrudgingly phones Carmela.  He doesn’t say sorry, all he says is that although they argued he still loves her.  Unacceptable!  He should have been apologising and grovelling!

They do get married – more fool her.

Sabrina looks rather awkward at the reception on her own.  I think she’s taken the little green eyed monster with her though.  Sabrina pulls Jeremiah out of the reception and congratulates him but the look on her face doesn’t really say congratulations and she starts to cry.  You can see how much Jeremiah wants to get away from her and he leaves her snotty and teary on the veranda.

That’s it – another series is over.

There is a small recap at the end showing Sabrina reunited with her daughter.  She also reveals that she’s pregnant….


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