Strictly Come Dancing – Movie Night

It’s Saturday night and it’s Strictly Come Dancing – I will start watching it now but once my husband joins me I’ll have to finish watching it later as he’s not a fan!

It’s movie night and the opening sequence is rather nice.  I love a musical so I’m enjoying all the tunes from the musicals.

Tess has on a really lovely dress tonight, for a change.  She normally wears something that would be nice but there’s a feature that stops it from being so – tonight’s dress is a success.  She obviously didn’t want Claudia to outshine her so Claudia is in plain black.  After a bit of messing around the judges take their seats.

Now the rigmarole of all the celebrities and their partners walking down the staircase – I really don’t understand why this bit is necessary.

Lesley and Anton look superb as does Judge Rinder.

The show kicks off, finally, with Daisy Lowe and Aljaz dancing a quickstep to ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from Mary Poppins.  I wonder if Daisy is ever going to stop unpacking her bag and dance but she gets going eventually and it’s good.  She always has a massive grin on her face anyway so she has the face correct without much effort.  In usual Bruno style he gets very over excited and jumps up while giving his review.  Craig finds a few things that were wrong but very little.  As they run upstairs I notice that there is no popcorn vendor this year – they have obviously realised the whole thing is usually awkward.  The scores come in and they get 31.

Next up is Anastacia and Brendan performing a Vienesse Waltz from Twilight.  I still disagree with the fact that she got to stay when she was unable to dance, she should have left.  Her video before the dance shows her going to the doctor, I don’t know if she’s trying the garner a bit of sympathy as I know a lot of people were up in arms about her staying without dancing.  It’s a very slow and wafty dance so she shouldn’t sustain any injuries performing this.  Brendan is doing a great job of leading her around the dance floor but she does look a bit dragged.  The judges are kind to her and they score 27 – a bit high in my opinion.

Danny Mac and Oti dance next.  They are doing a Pasodoble as Zorro.  To my untrained eyes Danny looks very good and his paso looks very authentic – lots of leg stretching, arm shaping and chest puffing.  Craig is the first judge and he has nothing bad to say so Danny must be good.  I think we have a finalist on our hands here.  They score a well deserved 36.

The couple that get to follow almost perfection is Lesley Joseph and Anton.  They are dancing a quickstep from the film Easter Parade – I’m not familiar with that film.  I think Lesley does brilliantly.  It is an incredibly energetic dance and she barely misses a beat, to have that much energy at her age is amazing.  As they walk up the stairs Lesley is apologising to Anton for going wrong – bless her.  They score 27.

Will Young and Karen are dancing Salsa to a song from Slumdog Millionaire.  I’ve seen the clips of Will and thought that he was being Aladdin from his trousers but it’s Bollywood apparently.  The dancing, I think is brilliant, I’m less sure about the singer shouting Jai Ho during the middle.  Well done Will, I hope he’s a finalist.  Len criticises the dance for not having enough Salsa but that’s Karen’s fault not Will’s.  They score 31.

Naga and Pasha dance a tango to Mission Impossible.  To begin with it looks like neither of them will get to dance when Naga is stuck in her harness.  I don’t really like it.  I don’t think the music suits a tango and I don’t really think that Naga is sharp enough.  Len starts by saying that this was her best dance yet (he also tells her she has to be as crisp as a Pringle when she’s dancing – has he got a sponsorship deal for his retirement?!)  They score 25 – I think Len and Bruno are a bit generous with their 7’s.

Judge Rinder and Oksana are dancing to the film the Flintstones in the style of the Charleston.  It was brilliant, Judge Rinder doing flipping and kicking and lifts.  He is a great entertainer.  They score 27 but it should have been higher – Len and Bruno were very mean.

Ore and Joanne dance next to Singing in the Rain in the style of American Smooth.  It’s really good, he nails the hopping and jumping about and he even nails the umbrella throw and catch.  Ore sheds a tear as he gets to Tess.  He cries again as Darcy tells him that his physical attributes are identical to Gene Kelly.  They score 35.

Laura Whitmore and Giovanni are dancing next.  They dance a salsa to a song from Moulin Rouge.  I think she does ok but when you compare the footwork that she’s doing to what Giovanni is doing you realise she’s not brilliant.  Very good but not brilliant.  Len didn’t like how raunchy the dance was and says that she lacked finesse.  They score 30.

Greg Rutherford and Natalie are dancing an American Smooth.  Their movie is Robin Hood and they are dancing to Everything That I Do, I Do It For You.  It was a lovely dance and gave me goosebumps.  The big question is whether the judges will keep going on about Greg’s bum again this week.  Greg’s comments are much better this week and they barely mention his bum.  Greg and Natalie receive 32 points.

Claudia and AJ are doing the Charleston next to a song from Bugsy Malone.  I’m glad the constant cha-cha-cha’s have stopped now, I love a good Charleston.  Their dance was fantastic but the judging panel don’t seem impressed to have had a bit of the custard pies at the end land on their podium.  Len’s face in particular is a picture!  They receive the second score of 36 of the evening.

Tameka and Gorka dance a tango and their film is Beverly Hills Cop – funny choice?!  She starts off looking more robot than tango but warms into it a bit.  It’s another occasion though where the song doesn’t suit the dance – tango music needs to be dark and brooding to evoke an atmosphere.  I agree with Tameka as she chats to Claudia – I’m not keen on the tango.  They get a respectable score of 28.

Good grief, how long is this programme?!

Ed Balls and Katya are dancing a samba to the film The Mask.  I have a great feal of respect for Ed, he’s really thrown himself into this competition and he’s not the ‘joke’ that I’m sure most people expected.  Well done Ed, really entertaining.  Len tells Ed that he’s not the best dancer but he’s definitely the most fun.  Craig is critical and rather rude as expected.  They score 24.

The final couple are Louise Redknapp and Kevin dance to What a Feeling from Flashdance.  Their style is cha-cha-cha.  Kevin is obviously having a great time and it’s a good dance but after two hours I’m getting restless…  The final scores of the night come in and they achieve 31.

So now, we just have to wait for the results…

The results are in.  Tameka and Gorka and Laura and Giovanni are the two couples dancing to stay in the competition.  I think it’s totally the wrong result.  Naga and Anastacia should be the bottom pair.  Sadly Tameka leaves the competition.


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