The Great British Bake Off – Tudor Week

Hi again, I can’t believe it’s two days since Bake Off has been on and I haven’t watched it yet but here I am now – finally.

I can’t even talk about how sad I am that Will Young has left Strictly so let’s concentrate on the Bake Off now…

So Tudor Week is another weird concept week.  I wonder if Channel 4 will have them doing sponsored weeks – Cadburys Week, Marmite Week, etc.

By the way, I’m reading Sue Perkins book – Spectacles – it’s so good.  You can tell she’s written it as it sounds just like her speaking and makes me laugh out loud – yes Dawn, you can borrow it!  (Don’t worry, that’s just a message to my sister!)

The signature bake is a display of shaped pies.  Erm, ok!  They must be individual pies that come together to form a display.

Candice must be concentrating as her lips are firmly pursed.

Jane is making pies in the shape of a Tudor Rose filled with sausagemeat, chicken breast, bacon and cranberries.

Andrew is making DaVinci inspired pies filled with pork and potato and apricot.  Leave out the apricot and I’ll try those!

Candice is, as usual, overdoing it and making two types of pies with two types of pastry.  She’s making ox cheek and oyster and macaroni cheese pies – macaroni cheese pies for me please!!  They will all be arranged in the shape of a fish.

Selasi is making pies filled with guinea fowl, pigeon and other things that Mel said really fast…  They will be arranged as a bouquet of flowers.  Mary asks if the guinea fowl are wild and Paul replies that they are livid – good one!

Benjamina is making spicy pork Mexican Adventure pies.  They sound tasty.

This challenge looks like a massive lot of work.  So much pastry.  Sue is having a chat with Selasi with herbs stuck up her nose – it’s absolutely ages before she notices!  Who doesn’t love Mel and Sue?!

The bakers are unmoulding their pies – some come out a lot easier than others – some of the pastry also looks a bit underbaked.  What makes me laugh is when the bakers are saying that something isn’t baked so they stand with the oven wide open while they have a look.  Close the door – look through the glass, that’s what it’s for!!

Jane’s are judged first.  The Tudor Rose looks nice and the pies look good – they are stuffed full of ingredients.  I would be happy with a couple of those with some chips for dinner.

Benjamina’s pies don’t look amazing, a bit underbaked but the ingredients and flavours are very good according to the judges.

Candice’s display looks ok.  Her hot water crust looks very pale and insipid, Mary says that the flavour is good but the pastry is a problem.  The ox cheek and oyster have bled a lot but Paul likes the taste.

Selasi’s display is nice looking.  Paul likes the flavour but thinks the pies could have had a bit more filling.

Andrew’s is the most impressive display and it even moves.  Sue wants to play with the gears but Andrew won’t let her and insists on doing it himself!  Mary likes his crisp pastry.

The technical bake is bound to be something weird given that it’s Tudor Week.  Mel and Sue reveal they have to make 12 Jumbles.  They have to make 6 of each design.  I think a jumble is some type of biscuit but I don’t know what the patterns are.  When Paul reveals his to Mary they don’t look very professional.  They are made with aniseed, mace and caraway – they sound vile so I wouldn’t bother to make them anyway.

Jane is having massive problems shaping her Celtic knot.  None of them are finding it easy but Jane’s dough is a bit crumbly and falling apart quite a bit.

In fifth place is Jane, Benjamina in fourth, Selasi third, Andrew second and Candice first.

Jane seems to be starting to struggle quite a lot now and has done over the last few weeks.  She needs to do very well with the showstopper to get herself out of trouble.

The showstopper challenge is a marzipan centrepiece.  Bleugh, can’t think of anything more rancid.  I tried to make nut free marzipan a few years ago and ended up binning it.  I detest marzipan!

Benjamina is going to make a Tudor Garden out of an apple cake.  I’m sure it will look beautiful but it’s a shame it’s marzipan.

Jane’s making a walnut Genoese sponge covered in a swan design.

Andrew is making honey, currant and ginger cake with a jousting scene on top.

Selasi is making a simnel cake surrounded by marzipan walls depicting the six wives of Henry the Eighth.

Candice is making a peacock.  It sounds lovely, again, if it wasn’t covered in marzipan.  Candice’s nephew thought she was playing with Play-Doh.

The bakers are baking their marzipan shapes.  I didn’t know that marzipan was ever cooked, I just thought it was the vile unwanted element between tasty cake and tasty icing.

Andrew is having problems making caramel as it all keeps crystallising.

Let’s be honest, this is not the week that anyone would want to be invited to the tent for a tasting.  I’d be massively disappointed!

Jane’s creation looks nice and Paul gives it a wow and says the sponge is delicate and tastes amazing.  I think she’s saved herself from leaving the tent this week.

Andrew’s Knight’s Jousting thing isn’t great.  It’s a bit clumsy and childish.  Paul says the sponge is well cooked but he doesn’t like the fact that all of the fruit have sunk to the bottom.

Benjamina’s maze looks very nice.  Mary thinks it’s a bit simple and Paul thinks the maze walls are a bit thick.  Paul thinks the marzipan tastes nice but they think the cake is a bit ‘close textured’.

Candice’s peacock is impressive.  The centre of the peacock’s body is full of blueberries.  I think Candice might be in line for star baker this week.

Selasi is last up.  It looks quite simplistic compared to the rest but his cake looks nice – Mary thinks it could do with being baked a little longer.  I think Selasi might be in trouble (oh no!)

So, here we go.  The star baker this week is Candice.  The person going home is Benjamina – I didn’t see that coming!

The semi final next week sees the bakers in a patisserie week.  See you there!


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