The Apprentice – Week Two

I have viewing clashes on my Sky box on a Thursday night so The Apprentice records for me over the weekend.  I’m a bit annoyed that Gogglebox ruined the boardroom this week but I’ll still watch the programme and pretend I don’t know who went!!

The phone wakes up the household early in the morning and we have to watch scenes of men rushing about in pants and ironing shirts and women applying make up before they all pile into cars and go out the door.

The teams end up in an ex-textile factory – now a fashion school.  The teams are giving jeans made of Japanese denim and have to come up with an advertising concept.  Now tell me, to start with, is Japanese denim different to any other denim?  I guess that’s what the teams need to tell me in their advertising!

The teams need to pick their PM and Jessica wins the vote of the girls.  Mukai is the PM of the boys teams.

Rebecca comes up with the brand name ‘Unclaimed’.  Karren seems to think that the girls have chosen the wrong team leader as only 30 minutes in Jessica is flustered.

The girls do a bit of market research and chat to a number of people.  Mukai has a very select group of people he wants to do market research with and so the boys argue instead of talking to people.

Claude needs to hurry the boys along with their logo etc and when Dillon tries to call Mukai to get a bit of confirmation on what they’ve done Mukai hangs up on him.  Claude isn’t impressed wondering how Mukai’s team is going to produce the billboard without knowing what the ‘art directors’ team have been doing.

Jessica’s team go to take photos of the jeans – they have forgotten the jeans.  Now, I can see a slight problem there.  They tell Karren that they can’t find the jeans.  Karren clarifies that they are doing a photo shoot of the jeans without the jeans.  Jessica bursts into tears so Karren tells her to go outside and pull herself together and come back when she’s composed herself.

Alana thinks that the girls are going to lose again this week because their team leader isn’t well organised.  They decide to use the girls in their own team to model the jeans.  The boys have a model and one member of their own team.

Interactive bus shelters will be part of the campaign so they are recording soundbites which will be played alongside the advert.  They all sound a bit creepy.

Jessica seems to have spent the majority of day one with her head in her hands; it’s not really a trait that you want to see in a team leader!  The boys aren’t doing great though as they haven’t been able to complete all of the elements of their interactive advert.

The boys teams are jiggled and Courtney is put in charge of team B.  The girls teams are jiggled as well with Rebecca leading team B.  The teams are split into TV advertising and packaging.

The girls pick a posh Japenese restaurant to shoot their TV ad in.  The girls think that their advert is superb – I think it’s very cheesy!  They then move to the loo to take some photos – classy.

The boys are in Brixton in a skate park.  Dillon is in charge and he’s a bit of a perfectionist.

The teams also visit their bus shelters.  The boys is completely plain, the girls is interactive but not great.

Karthik gets very aggressive during the review of the TV advert.  He wants to take the footage and make his own advert and keeps getting very cross when he’s regulated.

The girls are reviewing their advert and Karren is talking about it.  She says that they are filming it in a toilet and have chosen the song ‘Shake It Off’.  Her words ‘very unfortunate’ say it all really!

Each team have their packaging delivered.  The boys see theirs and make a sound like the little green aliens in Toy Story.

Fashion and digital signage experts now see the bus shelters and get to pitch their campaign to them.

The girls go first and Jessica does the pitch.  She speaks way too fast.  Rebecca then takes over and sounds very calm but a bit stilted.  They are told that the branding is targeting an older consumer but their adverts are targeting a younger audience.

The boys are up next and Mukai takes the pitch and has to keep restarting because he completely ‘fluffs’ it.  He hands the presentation over to JD who rambles.  JD says that the jeans are unisex but the jeans for men and women would be different cuts – the team being pitched to tell the boys team that if the jeans are different then they’re not unisex.

The experts report back to Sugar.  They says that they are struggling with the girls idea as the brand is called ‘Unclaimed’ but the tag line is ‘claim your fit’ and these are opposite.  They also think the packaging is bland and you wouldn’t know there was jeans in the box.  They report back on the boys saying that they had a unisex message without understanding what unisex was.

The teams are then back in the boardroom.  Sugar tells the teams that this is usually his favourite task.

He starts talking to Mukai on the boys team.  Dillon need is talking to Sugar but Karthik wants to get his words in but Sugar tells him to, essentially, pipe down.  Mukai tries to tell Sugar that the problems due to time were the fault of the sub team, Claude does report that the sub team did try to phone Mukai but he hung up on them.  Mukai was asked how his pitch went, he admits it didn’t go well.  When asked if he was a good team leader Karthik immediately says no.

Sugar now talks to the girls.  Jessica starts talking at a mile a minute and Karren tells her to slow down.  Sugar asks them about the missing jeans on the photoshoot day and Jessica admits that she got flustered.

Lord Sugar is not pleased with either team and he thinks that both campaigns are useless.  He tells the teams that he is angry that none of the geniuses came through and ran the campaign properly.  Sugar asks Oliver why he didn’t open his mouth at all during the task.  Natalie is asked what she did and when she says cleaning and doing the models hair – she is told that cleaning and hairdressing are not traits that Sugar is looking for.

The little Lord is fuming and decides that there is no winning team and the team leader of each team will be bringing back two people.

In the café Jessica shows that she’s not a credible candidate the way that she is unable to control herself and her emotions.  She is very shouty and unprofessional.  Natalie is also a nasty snarling beast.

The candidates all file back into the boardroom and Lord Sugar asks who’s coming back in.  Mukai is bring back JD and Karthik.  Jessica is bringing back Alana and Natalie.

Lord Sugar tells the other 11 that they need to up their game on the next task because he’s incredibly disappointed in the candidates on this task.

Karthik tries to tell Lord Sugar that he was fabulous and did most of the work, JD shoots him down and tells Karthik that he is a massive disruption.  Lord Sugar tells Karthik that he’s not very subtle and it’s as if he is playing a piano wearing boxing gloves.

Lord Sugar tells Jessica that she cracked up on the first day and Rebecca should have been project manager really.  Jessica starts flapping again as she’s talking to Sugar.  Jessica says that Alana was disruptive and Natalie did nothing apart from small bits and pieces jobs.  Natalie had written on her CV that she was creative, Lord Sugar asks how she was creative in this task.  She says that she did the best she could.  Karren says if Natalie wasn’t there what would be missing from the ad campaign, Natalie snarls and doesn’t have much of an answer.

Karthik is told that he is a loose cannon and trying to calm him down is like trying to baptise a cat.

In conclusion JD is told that he is staying in the process.  Lord Sugar decides that overall Natalie is fired – at least she only says ‘thanks Lord Sugar’ and doesn’t go down that butt sucking ‘Thank you for the opportunity’ nonsense.  No one else is fired but Karthik and Alana are close and need to sort themselves out.

Natalie, on her cab ride home, says that it’s been a pleasure meeting Lord Sugar but not getting his investment won’t affect her – why go on the show in the first place then???

Next time the teams have to manufacture and sell their own brand of sweets.


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