Strictly Come Dancing – 15 October 2016

Let’s start with the obvious – Will Young has left.  I know there have been various stories around why but suffice to say, I liked him and I think it’s a shame he’s gone.

Dancing first this week are Greg Rutherford and Natalie.  They are dancing a salsa to an Olly Murrs track.  During rehearsals Greg suffers a wrist injury but an ultrasound of the area shows that it should be ok by the dance night.  During rehearsals Olly visits the studio and gets to see the routine.  Hmm, I don’t know.  It was ok but I fell like there was something missing.  It all seemed a bit mechanical and there was a bit of personality lacking.  Len comments that it was tasty but the footwork was a bit sticky.  The couple score 28.

We now have to ensure the nonsense about the terms and conditions.  Claudia does her best, this week she brings in a barbershop quartet!

Laura Whitmore and Giovanni are up next.  They’re not my favourite couple, I find that she comes across rather fake and I think the public pick up on that.  This week they are dancing a quickstep.  I do like her little dog though, he’s cute!!  I love the pink outfit with the lace over panel.  The dance is frantic and lively.  The judges like it and the speed of it.  They score 33.

Two down, 10 to go…

Couple three are Anastacia and Brendan and they are dancing the first rumba of the series.  Tess asks Len about the rumba and he says that he doesn’t like it when the dance is too raunchy.  Anastacia puts on a one woman, one audience member concert for Brendan for unknown reasons.  All I can say is that I am finding this dance really boring.  The song is slow and the dancing doesn’t seem to fit the song at all.  I’m quite happy now that it’s coming to an end to be honest.  Dull, dull, dull despite Anastacia’s gorgeous dress.  I’ve not been impressed by anyone so far tonight.  The judges nail it, it was a series of shapes rather than it feeling like a dance.  They score 27.

The fourth couple to dance are Claudia and AJ and they are foxtrotting.  Wow, the first thing that strikes me is that it is the wrong song for the singers to take on!  It doesn’t sound good!  The dancing is pleasant and inoffensive but it’s not exciting.  Darcy is very impressed by her top line and her travelling ability.  Craig thinks it lacked grace and elegance and it wasn’t for him, I’m with Craig.  They score 30.

Now we have Ed Balls and Katya dancing a Pasodoble.  Ed is a bit of a surprise, he’s doing much, much better than I expected him to do.  I like the fact that he’s not allowing the perceptions that people have of him to restrict what he’s doing on Strictly.  This is the first dance that has made me smile.  He’s not brilliant and he forgets a bit of the dance but it’s entertaining and he does a great cape twirl.  The audience sound the most vocal about his performance as well so maybe I’m not the only one who thought they other were a bit boring.  The judges may not have liked it but I think it was brilliant and I liked it.  He scores a measly 16.

Now it’s Naga and Pasha.  They are dancing a Charleston set underwater so Naga is wearing a fetching blue wig.  It’s not Naga’s worse dance but it’s not the most vibrant Charleston that I’ve seen.  They score 24.

We’re over the hump and onto couple number seven.  The couple is Louise Redknapp and Kevin.  They are dancing the foxtrot.  I like the routine but I’m finding the singing very offputting again on this song.  The singers do such a great job on some songs – this isn’t one of them!  Craig enjoyed the routine and thinks it was gorgeous and Len tells her that she has excellent footwork.  After having praise heaped upon them they join Claudia upstairs and receive their score of 33.

Next up are Danny Mac and Oti.  This week they are dancing a quickstep and Danny is taking on the role of a conductor.  This is so much better than the earlier quickstep by Laura.  The routine was brilliant and, if I were Laura, I’d be green with envy that he stole the quickstep.  The TV cameras then randomly cut to Boris Becker while Danny is receiving his feedback…  All of the judges loved it and they score a very well deserved 36.  This is a very high scoring series in the early shows.

Couple number nine are Daisy Lowe and Aljaz.  I like Aljaz but Daisy hasn’t grown in me.  They are dancing a rumba.  I still don’t know who she is and what she does, is she more than a cheesy smile?  I find the routine a bit vulgar and it’s not helped by Daisy having her mouth just open in a suggestive way.  No, not for me, I don’t like it.  Bruno’s critique is that he’s panting to the point of turning.  Their score is 31.

Next is Judge Rinder and Oksana.  Now that Will has gone I want Judge Rinder to win!  They are doing a Viennese Waltz.  Judge Rinder is getting dizzy from repeatedly having to go round and round and round and round.  I really like it, it’s fun and enjoyable to watch.  Judge Rinder is so funny, he seems star struck and waves at Boris Becker.  Craig thinks that there is a delicious dancer hidden in there.  They receive a score of 27.

Now we have Lesley Joseph and Anton.  They are doing a Charleston: will they do a better one than Naga?  It would be unfair to say that Lesley is good for her age – she is just good!  Craig tells her that she is shocking (in a good way) and even he couldn’t keep the stamina going that she has.  They get a score of 31.

The final couple are Ore and Joanne dancing a Jive.  From the first step it’s obvious that it’s very, very good.  With Will gone Ore can take a spot in my top two, if Judge Rinder doesn’t win then I don’t mind if he does!  Ore has got to top the leaderboard this week for sure.  He gets a massive 39 and the judges have said that he is the one to beat!  It’s so emotional that I even have a little tear in my eye!  Talk about saving the best for last.

So, results show then.  In the dance off we have Naga and Anastacia.  It is Naga that leave this week.


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