90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 2

So, we’re back with the five couples who are getting K1 visas for their fiancé’s so that they can come and live in the US with them.

Nicole and Azan.  Nicole has travelled to Morocco to meet her fiancé(!)  Nicole is leaving her daughter with her sister while she’s in Morocco for five weeks.  Nicole’s parents take her to the airport, on the way she gets a call from Azan.  They say ‘I love you’ to each other and Nicole’s Mum asks if she thinks it sounded sincere (I don’t think it did) but Nicole says of course it was sincere.  Nicole’s Mum says she thinks her daughter is very naïve and doesn’t know what she might be getting into.  We now meet Azan who is getting ready to go and meet Nicole at the airport.  They arrive at the airport and the nerves start to kick in.  He says that they have never met so he’s not sure if she’s taller or shorter than him and he hopes she looks the way he pictures her.  I worry that she doesn’t.  Nicole collects her suitcase from the baggage belt and makes her way through the airport.  She spots him and abandons her luggage to run over and grab him.  He says that he is happy to see her and that she’s pretty and cute but he’s surprised by the size of her body.  Azan definitely spends time at the gym.  The words that Azan is saying are not backed up by his eyes and he looks like a deer caught in the headlights…

Matt & Alla.  Matt (married and divorced three times) is preparing for the arrival of Alla and her son Max.  Matt’s Mum comes over to give him some advice and they share lunch.  Matt is concerned that Alla doesn’t show her emotions and he wears his on his sleeve.  Matt sets off for the airport to collect Alla and Max.  His Mum meets him at the airport together with his niece – that’s a bit weird?  Poor woman is going to be overwhelmed enough without immediately meeting the family. She finally comes into view and there are tears all around as Alla arrives in the US.  I can’t help but think she’s a brave woman.  I think she is actually one of the genuine ones and hopefully they have a nice future ahead but let’s see…  Poor old Alla doesn’t even get to go to her new home when she arrives, they are going straight to Matt’s Mum’s house where friends and family are assembled.

Chantel & Pedro.  Ah yes, last week she went to the airport in underwear to meet Pedro but he’d missed his flight and wasn’t there.  She’s back at the airport again (in her flasher mac again, she takes it off and is wearing a tiny sparkly dress).  He does look genuinely pleased to see her but it’s a good job she speaks Spanish as he has incredibly limited English.  Chantel blindfolds Pedro before opening the door to their new shared home.  She’s done candles and rose petals, etc.  That’s more of a girls dream than a fella’s.  Last time I tried to do a romantic candle-lit meal my husband asked why it was so dark and turned the light on!!  Chantel takes Pedro to a restaurant so he can meet her closest friends.  Chantel has some slightly vile friends who only seem to be meeting her so that they can dress up and be on telly and sashay about.  One friend, Jessica, is being very unpleasant and questioning him as if he’s a murderer on trial.  They aren’t many smiles around the table once old Jessica gets going and tells Pedro she making sure he’s not using Chantel for a green card.  Her friend Gege is nice though and tells the group that they are Chantel’s friends and should be supporting her.

Jorge & Anfisa.  This is the couple where you want to shake Jorge and tell him that she’s a gold-digger and she wants nothing more than your money!!!!  You’ve spend $70K on her since you’ve met and now she won’t talk to you because you won’t buy her a $10K bag.  She erased your phone and cancelled your ticket to Moscow.  Change your contact details and move on man – for the love of God, DO NOT MARRY HER (or spend another penny on her).  Jorge is saying that if she does come over he will have to work more and harder to make more money as she has expensive taste.  He calls her and asks if she could apologise for the way she has been acting – she says she has nothing to apologise for.  He asks how he can fix things and she tells him to do whatever he wants.  Come on Jorge, get a grip – all she wants is your money!  It’s been a week since Anfisa hung up on him and then out of the blue she called him to tell him she’s on a flight and we join Jorge as he’s on the way to the airport to meet her.  She does turn up and he’s all over her kissing and what-have-you but she’s clearly turning her face away from him and putting her hair between them.  Jorge bought a new car to get ready for Anfisa to come – he asks if she likes it and she says no.  It is my opinion that she has had quite a bit of surgery!  In the end Jorge has to call a taxi to take Anfisa’s luggage as it won’t go in his car.

On the flick through of what’s coming on this season Anfisa is looking at a $75K ring and a $45K dress and saying that Jorge should pay because she’s beautiful – I disagree!  See you next time.


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