90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 3

The good thing about not watching the last episode for almost a week is that I didn’t have to wait long to watch this episode.  Here we go again to see what the couples are up to.

We start in Morocco with Azan and Nicole.  Nicole is showed to her room and the unwanted friend Hamza sticks around until he realises that he really isn’t wanted.  They keep saying ‘I love you’ and Nicole takes him back to their room and kicks the camera out.

Jorge and Anfisa are up next.  Jorge thinks that her being here will stop all of the doubters.  He tells Anfisa he can’t wait to grow old with her and she rolls her eyes.  She is a nasty, nasty woman.  I think she is going for eye rolling champion as he tells her that they are staying a hotel as he doesn’t have an apartment at the moment.  Jorge reveals that there are things Anfisa doesn’t know about him that make it hard for him to get an apartment and he’s figuring out the best way to tell her – I’m intrigued – what could make it hard for him to get a property?  Anfisa tells the camera that Jorge needs to work hard to make her happy – no, that’s not how a relationship works!!

On to Matt and Alla.  It is their first morning together as a family and Alla opens the fridge and there is nothing in there.  They go grocery shopping together and Alla starts to get a bit annoyed.

Now onto Pedro and Chantel.  Pedro has met Chantel’s friends but today it’s Chantel’s Mum’s birthday so Pedro is going to meet the family.  It must be really hard for him as he speaks very little English and they are asking him a lot of questions.  Chantel’s Dad asks how long Pedro’s student visa lasts – Chantel jumps in very quickly because we know that Pedro doesn’t have a student visa at all.  I wonder if Chantel’s Dad is getting paid to say – student visa.

We’re back with Azan and Nicole.  They are laying in bed and Azan says ‘I love you’ but he’s not looking at her and she notices.  Azan takes Nicole out to see Moroccan food and culture.  Nicole is worried about trying new food and when some food arrives in front of her she won’t try anything and just eats the French fries.  Azan wants Nicole to learn how to cook and to be healthy.  She doesn’t like that he says that and is annoyed that he wants her to change.

Back to Alla and Matt heading off to ‘date night’ with his brothers.  Surely ‘date night’ is a one on one thing.  It is apparently a weekly thing on a Sunday.  I’m getting confused now as Matt has a twin brother so I look up and see someone who looks like Matt but it’s not him.  Alla is now being questioned by his family – they might as well shine a light in her eyes!!  She says that the dinner feels like an interview – I agree with her.  Alla admits that she used to dream of living in America and it is a dream come true to be there but she wouldn’t have just come over if she wasn’t in love with Matt.  She gets upset and leaves the table while Matt’s family give each other little knowing looks as if they are now happy that they’ve upset her and got her to ‘admit’ to something.  Matt is unhappy the way his family has treated her so they leave the dinner and go home.

Returning to Azan and Nicole and there are police swarming around outside the hotel.  Azan is worried that they are there for them as the Moroccan law says that you cannot share a room unless you’re married and they are not.  Nicole packs up her cases and they leave.  It turns out that there was a problem with the owner of the hotel.  They have to go to a new place and Azan insists on two rooms this time.  Azan tells her that they can’t kiss any more as it’s the culture.  He tells Nicole that all they can do is hold each others hand.  Nicole is getting a bit needy and keeps repeating over and over again ‘I love you’.  There becomes a point when it’s no longer nice to hear when you are just saying it to have it said to you to give you reassurance.

Back to Pedro and Chantel and Pedro is going to meet Chantel’s brother, River.  River thinks it’s fishy that a guy that can barely speak English is here on a student visa.  I think the whole family are very suspicious.  River knows that Pedro is hiding something…  I bet Pedro is regretting meeting River because he doesn’t trust him and I can imagine him going and reporting bad things back to Chantel’s Dad!

Back with Anfisa and Jorge and she is dressed like an exotic dancer (being nice).  Anfisa tells Jorge that she wants to be a bikini or Playboy model now that she’s in America.  She tells the camera that she wants to be famous – surprise!  Anfisa tells Jorge that she wants a living allowance of $10,000 per month!!  She says that if she can’t have that then they aren’t getting married.  She says that she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get her way – no s**t Sherlock.  Anfisa tells Jorge that she’s here on vacation and if there’s anything she doesn’t like then she’s just going to go back.

Returning to Morocco again Nicole and Azan are heading to the market.  Nicole knows that they are not allowed to hug and kiss in public but she says it’s going to be really hard for her.  She keeps trying to grab him and hug him and he keeps telling her to stop.  As Nicole is talking to camera about needing hugs and kisses and physical stuff they cut to Azan looking trapped and bored.  It is the end of the day and they retreat to their separate rooms.  He seems pretty happy to be going to his room, she is in floods of tears.  She keeps saying that her heart knows he loves her but he has a hard time showing it.

That’s all folks until next week.  Next week Anfisa meets Jorge’s family – hopefully his sister can make him see her for what she is!


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