Married at First Sight – S2, Ep 1

I remember this from last year and it is my recollection that the marriages didn’t work out.  The show is back for a second series to see if they can do any better I suppose.

The concept is that science matches you with the love of your life and you meet the person on your wedding day at the alter.

There were 3,500 applicants this year which shows that people will do all sorts of things to find love.  I do think that the programme is fatally flawed though.  No one would ever match my husband and I on paper but we have been happily married for more than ten years.  There has to be an instant zing, it’s not something that can be measured or tested or put down on paper.  The applicants have to give samples of spit and blood, they have to be measured and fill out a questionnaire which has a thousand questions.

The experts are going to look for four matches and there will be four weddings.

There are questions about whether it’s ok to make a programme like this.  Does it belittle relationships and marriage?  I don’t know, part of me thinks it does but who knows.

The first person told that they are getting married is Melissa (27) and she will be marrying Clark (26).  Clark goes out for dinner with his closest friends to tell his friends that he’s getting married.  Most of them seem sceptical.  Melissa goes to tell her parents.  Her Mum’s face drops and she looks very shocked!  Her Dad says that he will be the happiest man alive when he walks Melissa down the aisle.

Melissa (three weeks before the wedding) goes to find a wedding dress.  The consultant asks what sort of wedding she’s having and Melissa tells her she doesn’t know and won’t find out until the day.  Melissa finds a really gorgeous dress, it looks made to measure.

The ‘couple’ meet some of the experts and have chats.  Clark meets the vicar and has to answer questions about whether he expects to have sex on his wedding night – he says it’s the most awkward question he’s been asked.  Melissa speaks to be another expert and says that she won’t be spending their wedding night with him.  She says she wouldn’t do that so soon in a relationship whether it’s her husband or not.

After hen and stag parties it’s the wedding day.  Melissa says that she’s very calm.  Clark is less calm but he’s on his way to the wedding so there’s no going back now.  As the time passes Melissa starts to get emotional.  The time has now come for the wedding.  The in-laws meet and then the groom arrives and introduces himself to his in-laws to be.  The bride arrives and it’s time to walk down the aisle.  Clark’s first reaction when he sees her is ‘wow’.  She also looks quite pleased.  They take their vows and they are now legally married.  They have a little chat between the ceremony and the reception.  The best man’s speech is rather odd as the best man goes on and on about the number of relationships he’s previously had!?  Clark and Melissa leave the party in the back of a cab and they have a little kiss.  Clark carries Melissa over the threshold to their room and that’s it, they’re married and are about to leave for their honeymoon.

Clark and Melissa are off and it’s time to meet new couples in the coming weeks.  So, would you do it??


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