The Apprentice – Week 3

This is still quite hard to write about as there are so many candidates and I can’t remember all of their names yet!!  My description of ‘that one’ isn’t helpful if you can’t see what I can see at the time.  Let’s see what they get up to this week though.

It must be the week that the teams get mixed up as two ladies have left and the teams are uneven.  The call comes in for them to meet Lord Sugar at Drury Lane theatre today.

The Sugar gets on stage where Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is on and explains to the team how Willy Wonka was a risk taker who knew what his customers wanted – I wonder if he knows he isn’t real??

The teams this week have to make chocolates and sell them to the people of Brighton.

Alana is project manager of Titan and Oliver is project manager of Nebula.

Claude is following Titan.  Alana tells her team that people of Brighton love unusual stuff.  Alana makes Sofian the sub team leader to go and do the pitching.

Oliver tells his team that the seaside town is becoming more popular.  He wants to do something traditional.  Mackay is managing the pitching.

The sub-teams head to Brighton to do corporate pitching while the others head to the kitchens to pick their products and decide what to make.

Oliver decides that rock is the best thing to bring to Brighton (together with fudge).  Bringing rock to Brighton is really like bringing pebbles to Brighton beach.  Bring on the fudge though – funnily enough I was looking for some nut free crumbly fudge last night as I really have a hankering but I can’t find any!!  I might have to make my own but I don’t know how to make it crumbly – sorry, I digress!  They decide the flavour of the rock will be ice cream and the fudge will be salt and vinegar – what was I saying about bring the fudge on?  You can keep salt and vinegar fudge thank you very much!

Alana’s team decide to make cappuccino toffee together with strawberry and champagne sweets.  I don’t eat toffee as I’ve got a couple of crowns and I don’t want to have those pulled out by sweeties plus I don’t like coffee.  The strawberry and champagne sweets sound ok though.

Oliver’s team go to the kitchen to be taught how to make their sweets.  The first thing that the guy tells him is that rock is really hard to make as you have to get it perfectly round otherwise no one will buy it.  They start trying to make it and Oliver and Karthik are just pushing around massive sticky, gluey lumps of hot sugar.  Karthik ends up dropping a load of it on the floor.

Alana is in the other kitchen keeping a very close eye on her team.

The corporate pitch that the sub teams are doing is to Brighton & Hove Albion.  Alana’s sub team lead by Sofiane are in first.  The customer keeps saying that their maximum spend is £300 but Sofiane keeps going on and on about them spending £400.  In the end the customer spends £300 but wants 190 bags of the pillow candies in blue and white strips.

Rebecca is pitching to an upmarket winery and they order 50 bags at £1.50 giving an order totally £75.  £75 is hardly a big corporate order!!

Alana’s team are having problems in the kitchen, they have a broken machine and a team under pressure.

The sub teams are creating brand identities while the teams use their last few minutes in the kitchen, before they have to leave at 10pm.

10am in Brighton and the teams are based at the Grand Hotel.

Oliver’s team – Suck it and Sea (hmm) – have their salt and vinegar fudge and ice cream rock and are selling the fudge at 2 for £5.

Alana’s team – Guiltees! – have their cappuccino toffee and champagne and strawberry sweets.

Sofiane’s sub team are off to deliver their bags of sweets to Brighton FC.  He is talking about trying to ‘get more money out of them’ but the rest of the team tell him not to do that, don’t rub anyone up the wrong way and don’t destroy the deal already done.  Why would Brighton FC pay more money for getting sweets that are different to the ones that they ordered.  Different in a bad way as the things they have ended up with are not nice professional little pillow shaped sweets, they are messy little half spheres.

Oliver’s team seem to be doing well and selling a lot of product around The Lanes.  Alana’s team are on the beachfront and although they have a bit of interest they are not getting many sales.

Oliver’s sub team have taken Paul with them to deliver to the winery.  The original deal was 50 bags at £1.50 each.  Mukai tells the man at the winery that they have made more bags if he wants to buy them.  He agrees to buy the extra if they can do them all at £1.07 per bag.  They accept the offer and thinks it’s great – Paul is the only one who thinks it’s a terrible deal and can see that they instantly dropped their price by 43p per bag.  No wonder Mr Winery is happy to buy them, he’s getting a right bargain.  Paul says the rest of the sub team are idiots and can’t even count bags of sweets right.

Sofiane is trying to sell the products for a higher price to shops than to customers!  I’m not sure he knows how it works.

Alana phones her sub team and tells them to come back now but Sofiane tells her he wants to go back to the trade and do more selling.  He’s a massively unpleasant team member.  If the team leader tells you to do something then you get on with it.

On the sub team Paul goes mad when they have an absolute ton of fudge left.  He tells the rest of the sub team that they were rubbish – and he’s not wrong.

Lord Sugar starts with Oliver’s team.  Oliver is a terrible team leader, he can barely get a word out without muttering and beating around the bush.  Lord Sugar asks how the teams were split in Brighton.  Oliver says that he made an executive decision to move Paul across to the trade team, Karren laughs and says that wasn’t true at all.  She says that Paul got tired of Oliver not making decisions and moved himself across.  Sugar asks if he was a good project manager, everyone is very, very quiet until someone says he did his best – Sugar asks if they’re being polite and they say yes.  Let’s be honest, he was a terrible team leader.  Even in the boardroom he had no idea what the price of the product was and he had no clue what the sub team were doing.

Moving to Titans led by Alana.  Sugar asked about the football club, Claude tells Sofiane that he annoyed the guy and nearly lots the sale.  Sugar asks Alana about calling Sofiane to come back and him telling her no – Sugar isn’t impressed!

The numbers are in:
Titans – £1,215.09 – spent £429.43 – profit £785.66.
Nebula – £822.83 – spent £207.75 – profit £615.08

The prize for the winners is a free running class.  The ‘prizes’ are really weird so far this year!.

Team Nebula are figuring out who was the weakest link.  Paul says that it all went wrong as soon as Oliver was appointed project manager.  Oliver decides to bring Paul and Mukai back into the boardroom.  I think he’s made the wrong decision but there we go.  I think Oliver has to be fired, he couldn’t run his own business.  Karren says that Mukai has an air of superiority that rubs people up the wrong way – I think the bow tie rubs people up the wrong way.  Oliver is told by Sugar that he’s waffling.  Oliver doesn’t have a clue, he’s Mr Blah Blah.  Oliver tries to say all of the things he did but he’s retreating into himself and getting smaller and smaller – he actually looks like he’s shrinking.

Oliver is told that his best hope for £250K is to buy himself a scratch card – nice one! Ha, ha, ha!!  He’s fired!


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