Strictly Come Dancing – 22 October 2016

Another week and another load of celebrities dancing.  There is also news of Laura Whitmore not dancing this week due to an ankle injury – she receives an instant bye through to the following week.  Brendan Cole is not dancing with Anastacia as he has a lung infection and Gorka will be dancing with her instead.

The first couple dancing tonight are Judge Rinder and Oksana.  Their dance is a jive.  He starts off with a one handed cartwheel, so a very good start.  It’s an incredibly energetic routine and very entertaining.  I’ve seen loads of reports of how grumpy Len is with Tess but, like most things, it’s been massively blown out of proportion.  I think it is the right decision for this to be Len’s last year as he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it very much but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The judges give Judge Rinder mainly positive feedback as well as a bit of constructive criticism and they achieve a score of 29.

The second couple to dance are Lesley and Anton and they are dancing a tango.  The ‘training week’ videos are starting to get really stupid now.  I don’t really know what to say about that dance.  I think Lesley and Anton suit the more fun dances but she did a good job.  She had the character down well but the footwork was more like her being dragged around than them dancing together.  Lesley is disappointed with her own performance and this is reflected by the judges.  They score 24.

Third up are Greg and Natalie and the cha-cha-cha has returned to the show again.  To me Greg very much looks like an afterthought to Natalie dancing around and showing off in her brightly coloured outfit.  Craig’s first comments are that he did a good job of showing Natalie off and it exposed all of the stuff that he can’t do – I could practically sit on that judging panel now 😉  They score 24.

Now we have Anastacia and Gorka dancing a quickstep.  The song is too slow for the moves that they are doing so that’s offputting.  Gorka is very good and it shows up that Anastacia is less good.  Anastacia looks very different this week but very pretty. but I think she keeps coming in the bottom two as she’s not very easy to warm to.  Their comments are good and bad and they get a score of 30 – I think it’s generous but that’s just me.

Now is Louise Redknapp and Kevin dancing a rumba.  I’m not entirely sure why Louise and Kevin need to travel to Paris, their theme may be dancing in Paris but I really think it was a pointless and extravagant trip.  I don’t really like the rumba but this one was ok, it was quite pared back and pleasant to watch.  It was more romantic than raunchy.  Len tells Louise that she’s consistently good but she is on a plateau and she needs a bit extra to elevate her.  They score 33.

The sixth couple to dance are Ed Balls and Katya who are dancing an American Smooth.  They did very badly last week and ended up at the bottom of the leader board (but not in the dance off!) so this week can only be better.  It’s much better until Ed has Katya on his shoulder and she almost come off.  His dance steps are all much better, it was just one bad lift which they repeat on the way to Tess and it goes better second time around.  The judges are quite rude again but I think Ed represents what the show is about and Len is actually quite complimentary.  Their score is 18 and they get a ridiculous 2 from Craig!

After a stupid Claudia and Tess ‘skit’ seventh to dance are Ore and Joanne.  Ore had such a good week last week he’s got a lot to live up to.  They will be dancing a waltz this week.  It’s a beautiful dance (even if parts of the song are rather shouted) and they do well.  I’m not sure it’s another score of 39 but I always think the slower dances are less impressive looking than the fun and fast ones.  What I like about Ore is that he looks genuinely pleased and surprised with his feedback.  They score 36 – as expected, not as good as last week but still the best so far and only a few dancers remain.

Daisy and Aljaz are dancing a Charleston this week.  I love the Charleston but I haven’t warmed to Daisy at all.  The routine starts in the dark and all you can see if hands and feet.  It was obvious that the professionals feet were on the right (as you look at them).  It wasn’t for me, I think Daisy looked very lumbering and awkward and it wasn’t as good as most of the others have done.  They score 32.

Tess now introduces a video of what happened to Laura this week during her jive training.  I’m not sure I agree with them getting straight through to next week if they can’t dance…

The ninth pair are Danny and Oti dancing a rumba.  Danny is the first man to dance the rumba this series and, obviously, they go to the circus this week for Danny to go tightrope walking.  I really like their dance and the guy singing does a much better job of the Whitney song than the woman did earlier.  Danny and Oti prove that the rumba doesn’t have to look too dirty for it to be entertaining.  I think Danny and Ore might be tied on that score board tonight unless one of the judges goes crazy and throws in a ten.  They score a 35 so actually one point under Ore.

Finally are Claudia and AJ who are doing a samba.  I think this dance should be right up their street if Claudia can nail the moves.  Claudia starts off by standing on the judges desk, I always think that must be a bit awkward for the judges – where do they look?  Feet I suppose?  Claudia does look as though she’s having a bit of trouble keeping up with the dance and a few times it looks like AJ has to shove her to get her in the right place.  Darcy commented that she was being overpushed to travel – I think that’s what I said above?!  Len said that it was too fast for Claudia and she couldn’t do it.  They score 32 and get a real mixed bag of scores – Darcy gives them a 7, Len and Craig go for 8 and Bruno goes for a 9?  I agree with Darcy’s score.

So, the results show and I start it 30 minutes in to minimise the amount of nonsense I watch.  The bottom two are Lesley and Anton and Daisy and Aljaz.  I want Lesley and Anton to go through but I have a horrible feeling…

Craig saves Daisy, Darcy saves Daisy, Bruno saves Daisy.  I guess it was obvious but it’s disappointing.  Lesley has been amazing and we all love Anton – I hope Anton takes Len’s place on the panel next year.

See you next week for the Halloween special!


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