90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 4

It’s back again.  We are reminded that Anfisa wants Jorge to give her $10,000 per month spending money!

Azan & Nicole are still in Morocco and sleeping in their separate rooms.  Nicole is realising now that there are cultural differences between them – who saw that coming?!  Today is the day that Azan is taking Nicole to his home town to meet the family.  Azan keeps telling the camera that he wants to hug and kiss and hold Nicole all the time but because of his culture he can’t.  Nicole reveals that before going to Morocco something happened that almost ended their relationship for good.  Wait for the reveal and cut to…

Jorge & Anfisa.   Anfisa is getting ready to meet Jorge’s older sister and she decides to wear a hot pink piece of bandage that barely covers her ‘assets’.  Anfisa is trying to cancel the plans but Jorge, for once, doesn’t cave and they actually go ahead.  When they meet it is the most insincere greeting ever.  The sister asks if Anfisa wants to work here and she says that she would like to pursue a modelling career.  Lourdes (the sister) thinks that she hasn’t moved for love, she thinks that she’s moved for a modelling career.  Lourdes says that Anfisa comes across very cold – I agree.

Now to Pedro and Chantel who have gone on a little holiday to get away from the family that they are lying to.  They frolic around on the beach and enjoy their ‘perfect moment’ and lack of questions.  Pedro wants to come clean to her parents but he thinks that Chantel is embarrassed of him.

Now to Matt and Alla.  Matt’s best friend, Patrick, and his girlfriend are coming for dinner.  They get to the house before Matt gets home so it’s very awkward as Alla has to try and entertain two perfect strangers.  Patrick tells camera that he supported Matt’s previous wives but he is worried about Alla’s intentions.  When Matt comes home and starts hugging Alla everyone looks very awkward and it’s all very silent.  Matt asked Patrick what he thinks of Alla.  Patrick says that he doesn’t like that she was complaining that Matt wasn’t home yet – what woman wouldn’t complain about being in that situation – horrible Patrick!  Patrick starts conversation at the dinner table about the wedding and where Alla wants to live.  Alla reveals how much she misses her sister and Alla gets a bit low as she doesn’t think that her sister will be able to make it for the wedding.

Back in Morocco; will we find out what happened before she left??  They are leaving the city to go and meet Nicole.  They arrive and there are a lot of family there.  Azan’s brother in law tells her that none of the family apart from him speak English and she must learn Arabic.  The family say that they like her.  After the meeting and greeting Azan shows her to her room and he keeps trying to leave but she keeps grabbing him.

Returning to Pedro and Chantel on their holiday.  Chantel is taking him out to drink and party and he likes doing neither of those things.  Chantel says that Pedro false advertised as he loved to take her out and go party in the Domincan Republic but now he’s here he doesn’t want to go.  Chantel is dancing with a lot of other men – when I say dancing, I mean grinding.  They leave the party early as Chantel is very drunk and Pedro doesn’t like it and doesn’t like this drunk Chantel.

Back in Morocco with Azan and Nicole.  They have gone to a hotel that has wifi so that Nicole can call her Mum and speak to her daughter.  It doesn’t work out and she has to phone instead.  Her Mum asks how it’s all going and she tells her that she met the family.  Nicole asks how her daughter is doing and she gets a bit upset on the phone.  When Azan says hello she shouts hello Daddy.  Azan says to camera that he thinks it’s too early that she’s calling him Dadd as she’s never met him.

Anfisa and Jorge are back again in a hotel room.  Anfisa says that she doesn’t like to answer questions and Lourdes now knows more about their relationship than Anfisa’s grandparents.  Jorge addresses with her that his family think that she’s a mail order bride.  Anfisa thinks that mail order brides are fine but Jorge is quick to tell the camera that they have a real relationship.

Matt and Alla are up again and the two of them are going for lunch.  Matt asks if she thinks she’s going to be comfortable living in America with him.  She says she thinks so but she’s homesick.  She wants to go out and do things but she doesn’t have friends.  She says that he wants to go out and dance but Matt tells her that he doesn’t want her going to nightclubs and spending time with girls who are looking to have sex with men – that’s quite a leap from wanting to go and dance.  Matt tells her that in the past he had a wife telling him she was going out with her girlfriends but she was actually cheating on him with another man.

It’s the morning after the night before for Pedro and Chantel.  Pedro is still seething that Chantel got drunk last night.  Chantel wants to order a mojito for breakfast and Pedro says that he doesn’t want that.  Chantel complains that they are having a dry vacation.  Pedro tells her that in future there will be no clubs.  Chantel says that she doesn’t understand that and it’s ok for her to party to clubs on vacation.  I think it’s fair to say that theit vacation backfired.

Azan & Nicole are still in Morocco and they are visiting the beach.  Nicole strips off Azan’s top and starts slathering him in sunscreen.  Nicole starts harping on again about how much it sucks that they can’t kiss.  Nicole reveals that before she came to Morocco she cheated on Azan.  Hmm, did she really even have a relationship with Azan before she went there – questionable at best!  Azan says that it’s so bad that his family could never find out because they would make him pick between them and her.

That’s that again for another week.



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