Married at First Sight – S2, Ep 2

Would you marry a stranger?  This is what these people are doing.  They believe that the ‘experts’ can match them so well that they are prepared to marry someone who they only meet when they make it to the end of the alter.

The first couple were Clark and Melissa and they are now married.  This week we see two new couples who are getting married.  Firstly though we return to Melissa and Clark the morning after their wedding.  They say that they didn’t sleep much as they were up all night talking.  Before they go on their honeymoon they will be told a little bit about why they were matched.  One of the reasons is that they both carry the nesting gene – ah well, if they share that then what can possibly go wrong?

Now we meet Adam, a 33 year old train manager.  The Reverend goes to Adam’s home (really cute little place) and Adam shows off his collection of clutter.  He has numerous little figures of cartoon characters.  At some stage later Adam receives a call to say that they’ve found him a match and he’s getting married.  Adam is then filmed at work on the train and describes himself as a cross between David Cameron and David Brent.

Adam’s bride will be Caroline (28 years old).  She gets a phone call telling her that she has six weeks until her wedding day.  She phones her Dad and his first words are ‘oh dear’.  I think my Dad would say ‘oh dear’ at the very least.  Caroline asks her older sister Paula to make the wedding cake and Paula is delighted to do it.

Caroline and her sister are going to look at a second hand Vera Wang wedding dress.  It is a beautiful dress but it doesn’t fit her that well on the bust – there’s a bit of spillage.  Overall it does look lovely though.

30 year old Sara is our next bride.  Sara’s Mum is not supportive of the process and asks her daughter how the family are supposed to cope with this.  I think it’s quite selfish.  It’s not something I would like to see a member of my family do but if they did then  would stand by their side every step of the way.

Who will Sara be paired with?  Her husband will be Adam (32).  Now this could get confusing.  He has a beard so I’ll refer him to beard-Adam.  Unfortunately Adam doesn’t have the nesting gene but Sara does.  Well, there we go, it’ll never work!

Beard-Adam has been single for two years but gets a visit from the Reverend to learn that he’s getting married.  Adam’s Mum sounds much more enthusiastic and screams down the phone.

Sara goes to spend the evening with her friend Sophie and breaks the news that she’s getting married.  Sophie is very supportive and thinks it’s very exciting.  Sophie is a scientist and is very supportive of the process.

Beard-Adam is worried about whether Sara will fancy him when they meet.

Adam goes to tell his little nieces that he’s getting married.  One of them asks if she’s beautiful and nice and he tells them that he doesn’t know because he hasn’t met her yet.  Adam is having to move to London for the duration (5 weeks) of the ‘experiment’ and the only person he will know will be his wife.  He’s understandably nervous about moving away from family and friends but he’s being very positive about it.

Sara is wedding dress shopping for a vintage bridal gown.  The lady in the wedding dress shop is brilliant, a real character.  The dress that Sara first comes out in is hideous but the second one is much better; I don’t think it’s very wedding-dress but different strokes for different folks.

Beard-Adam is shopping for suits.  The sales assistant asks about the colours for the wedding and Beard-Adam tells him that he doesn’t know because he’s never met his bride.  The sales assistant’s face is a picture.

Caroline and her friends are going out-out for her hen night.

Adam is dressed as a super-hero (Spider-Man) for his stag night, as are all of his guests, apart from his Dad.

As they have had their stag and hen nights it can only mean that it is now their wedding day.  As the families file in they are checking each other out and sizing one another up.

The best person in this series is Cynthia the registrar, she’s brilliant!

Adam arrives at the altar and waits nervously for his bride while Caroline puts the finishing touches to her hair and make up.  She does look beautiful and the dress choice is very good.

Adam little face is getting redder and redder and then Caroline appears.  When she gets to the top of the aisle they introduce themselves and shake hands.  Adam seems very sweet and asks if he can hold her hand.  They exchange their vows, are very giggly and then have an awkward little kiss.  The family are all eyes and teeth – maybe they’ve been told to look happy.

The Dad’s seem to be getting on very well – I would guess that they’ve both had a little drinkie!

The dinner and speeches go well and they move to the disco before leaving the reception and running down the road in the rain to a hotel.  Adam carried her over the threshold and throws her on the bed.  They actually seem like  a really sweet couple but how well will they get on when all of the smiles are over.

We have to wait for next week for Sara and Beard-Adam to get married.  See you next week.


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