Strictly Come Dancing – 29 October 2016

I think I’ve done really well to make it to Monday evening and not see anything about Strictly.  The X Factor result was ruined for me on Facebook but I’m pretty bored of the whole show to be honest so I couldn’t care less if they sent them all home and had a team of people sweeping the stage for the next few weeks.  Anyway, lets get back to the good Saturday night entertainment.

This week Strictly is Halloween themed.  While watching the opening credits it made me wonder how the show will deal with Will leaving – surely one week they will have to have no elimination?  I know it’s happened before but I can’t remember what they did.

The costumes for the opening sequence are stunning.  The band sing ‘You Spin Me Round’ – I’m guessing this is a tribute to Pete Burns (Claudia confirms that it is).  I love that song anyway (a child of the 80’s).

There are ten couples remaining and they come trolling down the stairs stopping, of course, at the top to wave.  I see that Brendan is back with Anastacia this week and Laura Whitmore is also recovered.

First up we have Louise Rednapp and Kevin.  They are doing the Charleston.  Louise is dressed as Harley Quinn and Kevin is dressed as the Joker.  I would say that it’s good but if you look at the way that Kevin dances it compared to the way that Louise dances it they are far apart.  Kevin is so exaggerated and his facial expressions are all exaggerated and visible from far away.  Louise is less so but it was still good.  Craig is the one that says he thought it was a little bit too controlled – I agree, that’s what I saw too.  They score 35 – I think they should have got 8’s across the board.

Judge Rinder and Oksana dance a pasodoble this week.  Judge Rinder is going to be dressed as a moth – I don’t really get the Halloween connection!  It’s much better than I expected – I wasn’t sure Judge Rinder could pull off a paso but I think he’s doing a fantastic job especially when you consider that he’s dressed as a moth.  Judge Rinder tells Tess that he had so much fun.  Craig even liked it!  Darcy tells him that he needs to control his pout a bit so he starts air kissing at her.  He’s serious but he has a very fun side.  They score 32.

Claudia and AJ dance an American Smooth next.  Claudia is going to be dressed as a teenage witch (not sure if it’s relevant that she’s being a ‘teenage’ witch).  Their little video is stupid with Claudia casting spells.  This dance really does play to Claudia’s strengths and she looks beautiful gliding around and being lifted and spinning with AJ.  It’s so much better than the week where AJ appeared to be shoving her about because the dance was too fast.  Craig thinks the whole thing was dynamic and says ‘well done’.  Darcy thinks it was spectacular.  They score an impressive 36.  This year has must contain the most talented contestants.  I can’t remember a year when such high scores were consistently scored.

Anastacia and Brendan are dancing a jive tonight.  I’ve read some reports that Brendan thinks that he is unfairly scored and the judges proved it when Anastacia achieved her highest score so far.  Get over it Brendan.  Anastacia and Brenda are going to be dressed at bats and dancing to Like A Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf.  Hmm, I think it’s fair to say that the jive is not Anastacia’s dance!  She looks very heavy on her feet and stompy.  The best bit is the end when they lie on the floor and from above it looks like they are hanging upsidedown from a tree.  It sounds like the judges are trying to be kind but they do tell her that it’s not sharp enough.  Craig is the only one who tells them that it’s flat footed, sluggish and leaden.  I think Craig’s score of 4 is about right but the other judges are a bit more generous and they end up with 25.

Danny Mac and Oti dance next.  They are dancing a foxtrot to ‘Take Me To Church’.  The song is sung beautifully and, on the whole, the dance is performed well but Danny does seem to have a little stumble in there.  Len admits that the foxtrot is very hard but he was bothered by the number of mistakes that Danny made.  Craig says that it could have been a 10 but it was such a shame there were a couple of mistakes in there.  They score 30, it’s their lowest score but Danny’s quite happy given his mistakes.

Sixth to dance are Laura Whitmore and Giovanni performing a tango.  It’s very strong and passionate and I really enjoyed it.  Tango isn’t one of my favourites but that one was good.  Craig is being picky about her hand but he does say that overall it was amazing.  They score 36.  At this rate they’re going to have to start scoring out of 100 for the final.

Ore and Joanne are dancing the Charleston now.  I love the Charleston and I think Ore is fantastic so I hope they do well.  Trouble is Ore has got to be scoring 10’s this week to get to the top of the leaderboard with everyone else doing so well.  Superb Ore and Joanne – well done!  It was a very full on routine and looks absolutely knackering.  Craig is disappointed that his feet didn’t swivel, he missed a lift and he was out of time.  Darcy tells him that it wasn’t as bad as Craig is making it sound.  I’m pretty sure that Ore isn’t going to top the leaderboard this week unfortunately.  Len doesn’t agree with Craig and says that the Charleston content that he saw was great and it was a terrific routine.  Their score is 32 but it’s all over the place, Craig gives them a 6, Darcy an 8 and then Len and Bruno give a 9.

Greg Rutherford next and Natalie Lowe dancing a rumba.  It seemed to me that Greg just did a lot of standing while Natlie flitted around him.  I think it’s fair to say that we won’t be seeing Greg in the final.  Greg says to Tess that the rumba has been his favourite dance but I don’t think it was very interesting to watch.  Darcy says that she would have liked more rumba dance content.  The scores total 26 (Craig gives a 4!)  Natalie has a bit of a boo hoo.

Daisy and Aljaz dance next.  They are dancing a pasodoble.  I’ve spoken to people about Strictly and they all say that she seems to smiley and insincere.  In their favour, they dance a traditional and recognisable paso and Aljaz puts in some amazing moves with a huge leap and the knee walks but I still don’t buy into Daisy.  The judges are complementary  and their scores are reflective of this with them getting 33.

The final couple are Ed Balls and Katya dancing a cha-cha-cha.  If you watch the routine and don’t smile then you’re really miserable because he’s very entertaining.  No, he’s not the best technical dancer but he is incredibly entertaining and he’s clearly having a lot of fun.  Bruno thinks it was fabulous and he keeps jumping up to give his review.  Craig is so rude to Ed but Tess points out to Craig that he’s laughing and the routine made him happy.  Len tells Ed that it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of cha-cha content.  Craig scores them a 4, Darcy a 7, Len a 7 and Bruno an 8 giving them 26.  I bet Greg Rutherford is gutted to have the same score as Ed!

So to the results show – starting at 30 minutes in as no-one has time to watch so much nonsense!  Anastacia and Daisy are in the bottom two – for once I think this is the right result and the correct people are in the dance off.

Craig saves Daisy, Darcy saves Daisy, Bruno saves Daisy s Len doesn’t need to give his opinion but he would also have saved Daisy.  Goodbye to Anastacia – it was the right time for her to go though.  Anastacia starts to go off about how this place allowed her to find her female – all a bit gushy but the girl can sing!!


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