Supershoppers – S2, Ep 1


I don’t know if you managed to catch the previous series of this that was on but it was really good.  It’s presented by Andi Osho and Anna Richardson and they guide you through how to save money when shopping.

To begin they talk about the trend of high protein diets.  They look at foods and drinks that have added protein (yogurts, cheese, cup-a-soup, etc).  They are focusing on the breakfast cereals that now have added protein.  Andi visits a dietician with boxes of the protein enriched cereals.  The dietician explains that we do need protein but there is no need for added protein and most of us are getting the required amount from a healthy and balanced diet.  Andi asks how much extra protein these cereals are giving us and the dietician shows that the added protein cereals give the equivalent of adding about 20ml of milk to your cereal.  The added protein cereals also have more calories, sugar and fat than their regular counterparts.  The dietician explains that a better alternative is two eggs and a slice of brown bread or just add a splash of extra milk to your regular cereal.

Next up the ladies are looking at over the counter medicines.  The first thing that they look at are day and night flu capsules.  The branded pack are £4.50 and the shops own are £1.50.  They are exactly the same product made in exacting the same factory and have exactly the same product licence (PL) code (meaning that they are exactly the same products).  I learnt about this a while back and always buy the, much cheaper, shops own brands now.  A pharmacist says that no products that offer ‘targeted relief’ are worthwhile as a tablet that you swallow is absorbed through the stomach lining and it cannot be targeted.  Ignore the labels and just look for the tiny PL code on the back of the back.

The programme then turns its attention to how the over 60’s are being targeted by retailers as they are the largest growing demographic in the UK.  Age UK are under the spotlight.  They offer lots of advice on their website and they have commercial products available.  Age UK are paid a fee by commercial partners in exchange for them recommending products.  This gives Age UK a turnover of £47.6 million!!  Age UK made headlines last year by offering ‘deals’ with E-on that were actually 30% more expensive than people going directly to the utility provider and they earned £6 million from E-on for these deals.  Anna is now challenging ‘Rob’ to get better deals for things she can find on the Age UK website.

First off they look for a Doro mobile phone  – Argos offers it for £17.99 while Age UK are selling it for £34.99.

Most of their turnover comes from insurance so they look at car insurance.  Age UK offer a quote of £349.84 while Rob finds it via Hastings Direct for just £213.68 and it offers the same or better cover.

Age UK’s response was that Supershoppers had taken a grossly unfair view, blah, blah, blah.  Basically they had no defence so went on the offensive.  Basically, you need to shop around and trust no one!

Finally Andi and Anna go to Waterstone’s.  Andi is revealing how you can browse in store d still get online prices.  Andi buys War and Peace for £7.49 while Anna pays £9.99 in the same store at the same time.  The others books that they purchased were also different prices.  All you have to do is browse online at the same time as you shop in store, press click and collect and collect your books in store.

This is just a 30 minute programme and is really worth a watch – you might just learn something and it might save some money.


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