90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 5

It’s hammering down with rain outside and it’s cold and dark so no better time than to watch a bit of 90 day fiancé and see what’s going on this time.

We start with Jorge and Anfisa living in their hotel.  Jorge comes back from apartment hunting but tells Anfisa that he didn’t find anything.  Anfisa is very moody about living in a hotel.  Jorge has been hinting at the fact that there is something in his past that he hasn’t told Anfisa.  He now plonks himself on the bed and tells her that it’s difficult for him to get an apartment as they ask if he’s been convicted of a felony and he has a criminal background.  Jorge admits that when he started in the marijuana industry it wasn’t legal.  Anfisa is cross that they’ve been dating for a year and she never knew that he was a criminal.  She needs some time to think about what it means…

Narkyia and Lowo.  Exciting – this is a new couple.  Narkyia is a 37 year old nurse she met Lowo on social media on a group for plus size women.  Lowo started by telling her that he was a Nigerian price…he told her lots of other lies as well, he had multiple social media profiles.  She realised that she’d been catfished – I don’t really know what catfished is but I think it’s a bad thing!  She confronted him and he confessed, she stopped talking to him but he wouldn’t leave her alone.  She eventually forgave him and booked a flight to Vietnam to go and meet him and they spent nine days together – she says the best nine days of her life.  While she was in Vietnam he proposed to her and he’s now waiting for his K1 visa to be approved.  Lowo is currently in his home country of Nigeria waiting for his visa interview.

Pedro and Chantel are back in the spotlight now and they are just back from their beach getaway.  Chantel says that she feels bad for being out of hand on holiday and she’s thinking of telling her family that she and Pedro are actually engaged.  They are meeting family friend, Bishop Watson, to discuss her lie with him and ask for advice on how she can tell her parents.  Bishop Watson is great, like James Earl Jones to listen to and he’s sensible and measured but priceless.  Bishop Watson tells her she has to face up to what she’s done and tell her parents everything tomorrow.  Pedro says that he’s not ready.

Now we see Azan and Nicole in Morocco.  Nicole has been there for about two weeks now and she’s still going on and on and on about not being able to publicly show affection.  Nicole tells the camera that her and Azan had a huge fight before the crew arrived and it’s all really weird.  Nicole keeps just trying to grab the poor man.  It’s all going very sour.

Narkyia and Lowo are back on again and Narkyia is meeting with her prospective bridesmaids.  She takes them to lunch to tell them about all of the lies that he told her.  Her friends are obviously concerned about her relationship and why she’s marrying him…  She also tells her friends that his father is polygamist and has four wives.  Her friends tell her that she should not marry him – hmmm, agreed!  She says that the talk with her friends pissed her off and she’s looking forward to her wedding – deluded is the word that springs to mind.

Back to Anfisa and Jorge and Jorge tells camera that since he told her about his past she’s been acting cold and distant.  Jorge takes her to a donut shop – Jorge is tucking in and Anfisa says it’s terrible.  Anfisa tells Jorge that he’s not taking care of her and he’s not feeding her properly.  Anfisa tells camera that a husband should go out to work and provide for the family and the wife should stay at home and look after the home – maybe in 1950 Anfisa!!  Anfisa says that she can’t deal with the situation much longer and if Jorge can’t find a home soon then she will be leaving.  Bye then!

Matt and Alla are up next and Alla is getting ready to go out with Matt’s friend’s girlfriend.  Matt is not very happy that she’s going out but he ‘allowing’ it!  Alla tells Julie that she misses Kiev and her family and friends.  Julie seems very nice but her boyfriend is horrible and Julie’s telling her all of the things that Patrick has said about Alla.

Narkyia and Lowo again and Narkyia is talking about the K1 visa process and how difficult it is.  Narkyia keeps trying to phone him but he’s not picking up…  Narkyia calls her friend in the middle of the night and wakes her up so she can have a chat and say how worried she is – her friend asks how much more she’s going to put up with.

With 65 days to get married Jorge and Anfisa are moving into an apartment.  They go on the balcony and she says that it’s noisy.  He asks if it’s like her Russian apartment and she tells him that her Russian apartment was bigger and nicer.  She says that it’s ok for now but when they get married she wants a big house with a pool.  Anfisa says that she doesn’t do chores, she doesn’t cook or clean.  Urm, wasn’t she saying earlier that the husband works and the woman looks after the home – if she’s not cooking or cleaning then how is she taking care of the home.  She puts on a saucepan of water and asks whether or not it’s boiling yet – Jorge is a bit confused that she doesn’t even know what boiling water looks like…  Anfisa tells camera that most of the time they will go out to eat.  Grow up love!

We return to Matt and Alla and Matt talks about his trust issues but says that Alla has made it clear that he’s not taking away her freedom – too right.  Just because he’s been cheated on before it doesn’t mean he can keep Alla locked up.

Back now to Morocco and Nicole and Azan.  Nicole is STILL going on about Azan not wanting to hug her in public.  She wants him to hug and show her off to everyone.  She asks him whether he cares about her feelings and he says no.  Azan keeps telling her that he really cares about her culture and she keeps overstepping the mark – he tells her that she doesn’t matter anymore.  She goes storming off and plonks herself down on the floor and starts having a tantrum.

Now the programme is over again – boo!!  We now need to wait another week until we see vile Anfisa trying on a wedding dress that costs $45,000.  Even the voiceover man at the end says ‘So, going really well then’, no kidding!


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