Strictly Come Dancing – 5 November 2016

It’s another early morning Strictly watching session and the competition is halfway through and nine celebrities remain.

The first to dance tonight are Danny and Oti and they are dancing a jive.  Danny had a bit of a nightmare last week when he had a few footwork issues.  Danny seems much more at home dancing the jive, if you didn’t know who the celebrity was I think it would be hard to pick them out, especially when Danny does a move where he drops down into the splits and slides up again.  Even Craig admits that it was incredible.  They score 38 – you’ve got competition Ore…

Daisy and Aljaz are up next dancing a Vienesse Waltz.  She still hasn’t grown on me and the pre-dance video with the big fake smile doesn’t do anything to help.  It’s not a bad dance but when Aljaz is spinning her on the spot her feet are all over the place.  The judges like it and are buffering her up but the viewers are just not buying into her.  They score 34.

Ore and Joanne are dancing next and they have a salsa this week.  Like Danny, Ore had a slightly poor week last week, let’s hope he brings it back like Danny did!  Lift one went well, as did number two and three; maybe slightly hesitant but good all the same.  The dance in between the lifts was also excellent, salsa is difficult!  Darcy loved Ore’s armography.  Len tells Ore that he was having a blimmin good look at his bum and his hips were hypnotic.  Bruno is jumping around and telling Ore that he doesn’t miss a beat.  They score 34 – less than Danny and the same as Daisy – I think he was better than Daisy.

Next up are Ed and Katya and they are dancing a quickstep dressed as Laurel and Hardy.  I think Ed is doing brilliantly in this competition.  This made me smile.  The dancing was good and it was massively complimented by the music, the characterisation and personality.  I thought Ed would really struggle with the quickstep but his feet were quick and light and it was just a great performance.  They score 27 and achieve their highest score so far.  The judges could have been more generous!

Laura and Giovanni dance the samba next.  The dancing looks quite good to me but what I’m finding off putting is that Laura has a really weird head position – she has her head down as if she’s squaring up for a fight and hiding her neck – it’s hard to explain but it just looks very odd.  Len points out the mistake that she made and also says that the music was too fast for her and she sacrificed technique for speed.  Laura looks like she’s going to burst into tears during the whole judging process.  Craig says that it looked a bit awkward and was surprised that Gionvanni took the big solo moment for himself and didn’t teach Laura how to do that herself – Darcy says that she enjoyed Giovanni’s ending.  They score 32.

Judge Rinder and Oksana are dancing a quickstep.  Oksana’s dress is stunning and sets the scene for the classic quickstep.  Judge Rinder channels Fred Astaire and he really looks like he’s enjoying it.  Bruno and Craig tell him off for doing a trout pout but Judge Rinder says that it just happens because he’s having so much fun and enjoying it.  Judge Rinder says that everyone should learn to dance because it’s an absolute joy.  Len tells him that he loves to see a bit of personality come through.  They score 33.

The next couple to dance are Louise and Kevin and they are doing an Argentine Tango.  I don’t really like this dance, it’s all a bit shapy and sweepy rather than dancing.  Louise is a smiler but, unlike Daisy, hers are warm and friendly and not there perminently.  Louise says that she’s struggled to keep a serious face for this dance but she does really well and it’s as kicky, flicky and slidey as you’d expect an Argentine Tango to be.  Craig really and truly loved it.  Len says that there was nothing he didn’t like.  They score 39 with only Craig not giving them a 10.  What is so great about this year is that the frontrunner keeps changing.

Greg and Natalie dance next and they are doing a Vienesse Waltz.  I don’t think Greg has long left in the competition, he’s not anywhere near the top level and I’ve read reports that he’s having hissy fits and threatening to leave the show.  The trouble with people in competitive careers, such as athletes, is that they can’t just enjoy the competition for the sake of entertainment and it’s all about winning.  The dance was ok and Natalie looks very pleased with herself.  The judges all say that Greg is back in the competition after that dance and it was a massive improvement on the last few weeks.  They score 32 by getting 8’s across the board.

The final couple of the night are Claudia and AJ and they are dancing a pasodoble.  Quite often when dances are put to new songs they look like they’re dancing to the wrong backing track but this looked brilliant.  The costumes were perfect and the dance was really lovely.  Len thinks that AJ overpowered it a bit, Craig loved the power.  They score 33 on AJ’s 22nd birthday.

Straight to the results show and the dance off contains Laura and Giovanni and Ore and Joanne.  WHAT!!  Ore is in the dance off?!?!  I can’t believe that.

The judges end up saving Ore and Joanne so it’s goodbye to Laura and Giovanni.  That was the right result but I can’t believe Ore was in the bottom to begin with.

See you next time – TV starts to get very busy now with I’m a Celebrity starting in a few days…




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