Cake Wars – S1, Ep 1

This is something new on ITV Be so I thought I’d give it a try.

Tonight four bakers battle to win the chance to bake a cake for the team behind The Simpsons.

Right from the beginning I’ll say that it’s all a bit cheesy.  It’s all big grins and toothpaste advert smiles but the cakes the bakers have previously made look rather impressive so I’ll keep going.

Round 1 is called ‘Batter Up’.  The contestants have to make a mini cake which represents one of a number of ‘classic’ Simpsons items.

The contestants each have an assistant that they have brought with them.

Contestants in the green kitchen decide to use potato chips in their cake to give a crunchy layer.  Can’t say I’ve ever had crisps in a cake – I think there’s a reason for that…

I’m slightly irritated at that women flinging their hair around while baking.  Surely they should all have their hair tied up – it doesn’t seem too sanitary for them to have long flowing locks while baking.

Hmm, these mini cakes are not really ‘mini’ by any definition that I’ve seen.  They all have multiple tiers and are relatively big.

At the end of this round I would concede that the actual cakes are pretty tiny and there’s loads of decoration and stuff that you can’t eat.

One of the contestants tried to create Moe’s Tavern with characters around a bar on stools.  She only made one character (and Homer looks pretty rough), the stools are melting and the bar is wilting.  The cake containing crisps is described as dry and crumbly – I told you there was a reason that crisps aren’t traditionally in cakes!

Victoria is eliminated with her Moe’s Tavern.  She tried to do too much and it really didn’t work out for her.

The final round now and it’s a Cake Off.  The bakers must choose from one of the following episodes: Land of Chocolate, Deep Space Homer or Marge vs the Monorail and celebrate it in cake and fondant – of course!!  They also have to incorporate a ‘D’oh’ in their cake.  They have four hours to create their ultimate cake so this time they get two additional assistants.

The pictures that are shown of the cakes look like something that will take far more than four hours to make.

An exciting moment occurs when one team has three cakes threaded on a pole and they are cutting them to shape and the warm and fragile cakes just fall to bits and plop on the floor.  They replace the cakes with rice crispies covered in fondant.  Most of these assive impressive ‘cakes’ and actually not cake.  Most of them are made of wood, plastic, rice crispies and a teeny bit of cake.

As if making a ridiculous massive cake isn’t hard enough the teams also have to carry their cakes to little podiums in front of the judges.

It’s not Bake Off by any stretch of the imagination, everyone is so serious because there’s $10,000 at stake.

The finished cakes all look quite amazing for just four hours work.

In conclusion this is probably one of those shows that will record onto my Sky box, I’ll watch a few here and there while I do the housework and other things and then they’ll be a load of episodes that I’ll delete around Christmas when I run out of room on my Sky box.

Have you watched this?  What did you think?


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