Marrie at First Sight – S2, Ep3

Hey!  How did I get a week behind with this?!

Oh well, here we go, let’s try and catch up!!  Have we got more weddings or are we just finding out how things are going now?

Clark and Melissa were first to get married, then Adam and Caroline.  Oh that’s right – we have Sara and beard Adam who are also about to get married.

The fourth and final couple are also going to be revealed tonight.

We join beard Adam on his stag do – he seems to be dressed as a dart board?!  His friends all then kick a football at his bum – he comes across as a bit of a lad.

Sara is on her hen do but she’s celebrating with just her friends as her family are not supportive of her decision to take part in this process.

The final match is Lucie (who thinks she looks, sounds like and is, Bridget Jones) and her groom is to be revealed soon.

Back to Sara who is telling her half brother about the wedding in just over a weeks time.  Meanwhile the Reverend is giving beard Adam a pre-wedding prep talk and offering him guidance on married life.

Lucie (27) has been matched with 30 year old Steve.  Lucie goes to her parents house to tell her Dad about the wedding.  He’s nervous that she’s going to get hurt.  Lucie’s Mum has dementia and she’s told her Mum about the wedding and she hope it makes sense to her Mum.

Steve is going to the gym so that he can make a good first impression on Lucie.  He also goes to the dentist to get something done to a front tooth that he doesn’t like and he’s also stopping smoking.  That’s a lot of change before the wedding!

Back to beard Adam and Sara’s wedding day.  Adam has got rid of most of his beard but I have to keep calling him beard Adam otherwise it’s too confusing with other Adam!  Sara is preparing for the ceremony with her friends.  Time is passing and it’s just one hour until the wedding time.

Beard Adam arrives at the venue and introduces himself to his mother-in-law to be.  At least she’s not vile to him and actually smiles and is kind to him.  Within a few minutes the bride is walking down the aisle (I’m still not overly keen on her choice of dress).  The marriage takes place and it’s time for the bonding to begin.

The fourth and final couple Steve and Lucie are counting down their final days as singletons.  They have their respective hen and stag do’s.

Beard Adam and Sara are back again and arriving at their wedding dinner and getting ready for the speeches.  Imagine being a best man and having to write a speech for a wedding where you have no idea who the bride is!  Sara’s mum seems to have come round to the idea and she actually seems to be quite happy.  Beard Adam says that he’s attracted to her – Sara says that he’s not the sort of guy that she would go for in a bar but she shrugs her shoulders and says they’ll give it time….

Beard Adam has been very sweet and bought her a bracelet that he gives her when they get back to the hotel room.

Finally, it’s the wedding day of Steve and Lucie.  Steve is very sweet and worried what Lucie is going to think of him as he says that he’s not the most handsome man in most rooms so he’s worried.  Lucie’s dress is beautiful and she’s getting ready to walk down he aisle with her terrified Dad.  The time comes and Lucie walks down the aisle and meets Steve.  To me, these two seem the least likely couple, I’m not sure why, just a feeling I get.  They are the only couple that go for a cheek kiss when they are pronounced husband and wife; actually she moved her face pointedly away from him when he goes to kiss her.  I’m not sure about this one, it all seems very, very awkward.

After the ceremony, meal and party they head off to the hotel.

Next time the good programmes start when the couples get to know each other and we see how the couples actually get on.  I’ll try and watch that much faster but maybe not tonight – I’m knackered!!


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