90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep6

Here we go again, it’s that great time of the week when we get to see Jorge try and convince himself that his fiancé isn’t a gold digger…

We start in Morocco with Azan and Nicole.  Last week Nicole wouldn’t accept his culture and she said to Azan that he makes her feel like she doesn’t matter and he told her that she doesn’t matter anymore.  Nicole goes into Azan’s family home and is comforted by his Mum and family but I don’t think they really know what’s happened because most of his family don’t speak English.  Azan’s English speaking brother-in-law tells her that she must accept the Moroccan culture and she must be respectful.  Nicole is then talking about learning to live with Azan’s culture – that’s the wrong attitude to have and a married based on learning to live with things is never going to be a happy one.

Now we go to Pedro and Chantel who now just have 28 days to get married.  Chantel still hasn’t told her parents that she’s getting married so her and her best friend are going wedding dress shopping.  Chantel says that until her parents are on board with the wedding she doesn’t know how much she has available to spend.  I think she should buy the dress herself!  You don’t spring a wedding on your family and then expect them to pay for it!?  She finds the dress that she loves and decides that she now must tell her parents as she needs their help.

Narkyia and Lowo are up next.  Lowo was having his visa interview and hadn’t contacted Narkyia and wasn’t answering his phone, etc.  Her phone starts to ring though and it’s a smiling Lowo and he tells her that his visa has been approved.  She asks him why she couldn’t get hold of him and he stares into space for ages and then tells her that he lost his phone.  He says that his phone and all of his other metal objects he took to the interview were stolen… really Lowo? Really?!

Meanwhile Anfisa and Jorge are back.  Anfisa has been in the US for a month and she’s finding it hard to adjust, she’s lonely during the day so she’s got a cat to keep her company.  Jorge and Anfisa go to a ‘top bridal boutique’ in Beverly Hills – cher-ching!  The consultant asks Anfisa what her budget is – she asks what the most expensive dress is, she’s told it’s $45,000 and Anfisa wants to try that one on.  She says she wants a figure hugging dress that shows off her curves.  Jorge is now worried that now she knows there is a dress that costs $45,000 she’s not going to be happy until she gets it.  The first dress that she actually tries on looks like underwear and is just under $10,000.  The second dress also looks like underwear, a posh nightie at best, and it’s a bargain at $7,900!  Anfisa then tries on the $45,000 dress – I think it’s hideous, it looks like someone gone mad with toilet paper.  Jorge does regulate her and tell her that this dress is not going to happen.  Anfisa starts to have a hissy fit saying that she’s come all this way to be with Jorge and now he won’t even get her the dress that she wants.  She comes out of the dressing room and tells him that she’s mad at him, he tells her that he doesn’t have $20,000 today, she tells him that’s his problem.  Why can’t someone shake Jorge and tell him to spend a few thousand on a flight for Anfisa – that would be money well spent!  Anfisa says that when Jorge tells her he can’t afford all of these expensive things he’s breaking promises he made and part of her wants to go back to Russia.  Well if that’s not true love then I don’t know what is?  When my husband and I moved in together we could barely afford to do it but we wanted to be together so we scrimped and saved and didn’t go out and had the bare minimum of everything – that’s what you do if you truly love a person.  If it’s all about material possessions that they can get for you then it’s really nothing to do with love.

Narkyia and Lowo are back and working on the guest list for the wedding.  Lowo has given out 40 invitations in Nigeria.  Narkyia now tells her family that Lowo’s family are polygamist and her Mum’s reaction is classic – she jumped back so far I thought she was going to fall off her stool.

Now we switch to Pedro and Chantel again – is she finally going to tell her parents?!  Pedro is meeting Chantel’s Dad and they are working out together – that’s a slightly weird thing to do?  Pedro is trying to get Chantel’s Dad to like him before they tell him about the marriage.  Chantel’s Dad asks what his plans are for Chantel – Pedro doesn’t understand a lot of what he’s saying (or pretends not to) but the Dad asks if Pedro’s planning to marry Chantel – poor bloke it’s question after question…

Now we get to see a bit of Matt and Alla and they are going shopping for wedding bands.  The man at the jewellery store chats to them but every question he asks he gets quite an awkward answer and they talk about their previous divorces and marriages.  I don’t think the poor assistant knows what to say most of the time but they do pick rings eventually.

We now return to Morocco and rejoin Nicole and Azan.  Nicole and Azan are going on an overnight camping trip to the desert.  Nicole gets on a camel, as does Azan and they ride into the desert.  Azan is worried that they only have one tent but he says that they will go for it and stay together.  Azan has a surprise for her – it’s a ring…

Returning now to Pedro and Chantel and they are doing housework together.  Chantel is stressed – she just needs to tell her parents about it if she really wants to marry Pedro.  She’s being totally ridiculous and needs to just get on with it.  Chantel now starts boo hooing about not having anything for the wedding, no guests, no venue, no rings, etc.  She’s put herself in this situation and she should have told her parents from the start if she expected them to foot the bill for it.

See you next week…


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