Supershoppers – S2, Ep 2

Got half an hour to spare?  Then I really urge you to watch this programme.  It’s really easy watching and you might learn a thing or two and save a bit of money.

Tonight they start off talking about ice cream.  They are looking at why prices vary so much and what the difference is.  They are asking why is Haagen Dazs so expensive and others so much cheaper.  Anna is in Brighton with a gelato maker and he tells her that his product is low in air.  Ice cream is sold by the litre rather than by weight therefore the more air the manufacturers put in it the cheaper the product becomes to make.  Anna and Andi leave their various ice creams to defrost completely to get rid of the air.  The tub of Carte D’or has hardly anything left in it meanwhile Haagen Dazs has hardly changed in density.  The Asda Smart Price ice cream looks horrendous when it melts.  Essentially in the USA ice cream can only be a maximum of 50% air but in the UK there are no restrictions and ice cream can be pumped full of air, additives and anything else they fancy.  Essentially, on this occasion you really do get what you pay for.  My tip – if you go for a cheaper ice cream them try it with cornflakes – it’s really tasty.

Now TK Maxx is under the spotlight.  They promise Big Labels Small Prices.  I like TK Maxx and have got some lovely shoes from there.  Some of the RRP’s that they show on their products do seem a bit high but I’ve got some Benjamin Adams shoes from TK Maxx for around £50 – I have purchased practically the same shoes from Benjamin Adams for £300 so on this occasion the RRP shown by TK Maxx was accurate.  I think with things like this then you have to use your common sense.  Look on the internet, do a bit of research and see if you actually are getting a bargain.  However if you like the item and are happy with the price then does it matter?

Now they’re looking at bleach.  Domestos is the nations favourite product but how does it compare to other bleaches?  The products range from 40p to £1.79.  A couple who own two Air B and B flats are given the products to test.  They have to do a blind test between Domestos and an own brand.  The toilets are swabbed, cleaned, swabbed again, used and then swabbed again.  Anna spends some time talking to a microbiologist and she tells her that the majority of bacteria do nothing or actually help you.  Killing all of the bacteria is not a good thing.  Soap and water is the best thing to get rid of bad organisms in your living environment.  Now the testers get the results from their swab tests and there is absolutely no difference between the performance of the two products.  There you go – you might have saved loads of money there as there’s no need to buy expensive bleach.

The final thing that they are looking at are men’s toiletries.  The product in the spotlight is a shower gel by L’oreal – men expert.  The product promises a hydra energetic shower and you will be re-energised after the shower in a gel that contains taurine.  Anna goes to Hove rugby club and gives the boys the shower gel to try.  They are asked about the product.  None of the men say that they got a shot of energy and they feel no different than after any other shower.  A scientist looks at the product and tells Andi that we are not made to absorb products like this through the skin so it’s basically a pointless product.  L’oreal say it’s all about the scent.  Essentially, only buy it if it gets you clean and you like the scent because the claims are pretty much nonsense.


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