The Apprentice – Week 6

Welcome back – we have 12 candidates still in the process and they are enjoying a day of rest and relaxation until the phone starts to ring.  The candidates are told that cars will be picking them up in 20 minutes and they are heading for floor 69 of The Shard.  (I’ve eaten there, by the way, very expensive and the food was not good – save your money is my advice.  The staff are desperate to get you in, throw food down you and get you out as soon as possible and they make it very noticeable!)

OK, back to The Shard and the programme.  Sugar tells the candidates that London is one of the most multicultural places on earth so they will be going off to buy a number of items.

The project manager of Nebula will be Trishna.  The other project manager is Courtney.  Courtney has a clear strategy – buy products at the best price – erm, that’s just the task, it’s not really a strategy!

As is usual in this task the teams shoot off and start to blindly buy things just because they’ve found it.  They forget that it’s not just about buying the product it’s about getting it for the right price.

Courtney’s sub team get their first item, an American style pool cue, for £20.  Paul then negotiates his rainbow beigals for 35p each (they buy 200).  Sofiane is very impressed with the picture that he took and they order their poster.  Karthik is negotiating on an Indian ladies outfit – the other team buy a child’s size for just £25.  Karthik does end up getting an adult one for £55.  Trishna is now just randomly asking people if they know what things are…Claude is getting annoyed at them just trolling up and down the same road.  I’m really surprised that there are so many shops open in the middle of the night.  Under normal circumstances who is buying at tagine at midnight?

Alana is sent in to buy ten luxury cigars and gets them for £145.  Karren isn’t happy that the guy selling them fell for her line of ‘give me a discount because I’m a nice person’.  Sofiane’s team try to negotiate on the cigars and they only manage to get £1 off the total – the seller puts his foot down and tells them that’s it.  Courtney’s team go to the same bakery as the other team and ask them to make their 200 beigels and he gets them for 40p each – 5p more per beigal than the other team.

Karthik is trying to sleep in the back of the car – it’s 3.30am and shopping must stop at 6am.

Morning is coming and the teams are making their way back to The Shard with the things that they have purchased.  Courtney’s team have left it to the last minute to get their poster and they have an agonising wait as it prints out line by line.  Trishna and her companions don’t get back in time so they will be subject to a penalty.

The candidates find themselves back in the boardroom and Sugar pushes his way through the glass doors.

Trishna and Nebula are spoken to first.  Sugar addresses Sofiane and asks why he ignored what was going on and started to mess about with the camera and takes pictures.  Jessica is criticised for using pathetic tactics for trying to negotiate on the cigars.

Titans are Courtney are up next.  Sugar says that them deciding to buy their cigars from Belgravia was a strange choice as it’s a very expensive area. Karren is obviously tired after being up all night and snaps at the Titans.

Nebula incurred fines of £157.75 and spent £362.80 giving a total of £520.65.

Titans spent £333.11 but didn’t get a tagine so their total was £408.11 after fines.

The winning team get make overs and a pampering session.

The losing team return to the boardroom and are told that 5 of the 7 items they purchased were more expensive than the other team.  Trishna is bringing back Rebecca and Sofiane.  The usual blame game ensues but Trishna tries to say that Rebecca worked well and Sofiane was useless, she’s trying to guide Sugar.  Rebecca didn’t get what Trishna was trying to do and tells Sugar that he should fire Trishna!  Sofiane tells Sugar that Rebecca should be fired.  Sugar decides and it’s Rebecca who’s fired.  Sofiane gets a strong warning but they are sent back to the house.  Rebecca says that she left because she wasn’t enough of a twat!

Same time next week?  Next time they are selling sailing related products.


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