I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

It must be getting close to Christmas because Ant & Dec and the celebs are in the jungle.

The first celeb they show, I don’t know who he is.  I then know Scarlett and Lisa before they show someone that I don’t know again, and another one.  Larry Lamb though, I know him and Joel Dommett.  My least favourite celeb, Carol Vorderman – never been very keen on her…let’s see if she grows on me over the series.

I wonder if Mr & Mrs Moffatt will be watching Scarlett on Gogglebox?

It all starts very nice as usual, we meet Carol Vorderman who has definitely had quite a few injections in her face given the lack of lines and movement – why do they all do it to themselves.  Next is Jordan Banjo from Diversity and he admits he’s scared of everything.  Adam Thomas from Emmerdale is up next – don’t watch it so I don’t know who he is.  Joel Dommett arrives next – he’s a comedian and he’s great.  Ola Jordan arrives next.  Ant and Dec then go to meet them and tell them that they’re facing the first bushtucker trail but the other five celebrities are their lifelines who can rescue them from doing the trial.

The other five are Lisa Snowden (Carol Vorderman buzzes for her to be her lifeline), Scarlett Moffatt is next (chosen by Jordan and Joel – Jordan buzzed first and wins her), Wayne Bridge is next, ex-professional footballer (Ola and Joel buzz but Joel buzzed quickest).  Larry Lamb is up next (Adam and Olla both buzz but the quickest was Adam).  The final celebrity is Sam Quek (Ola gets her by default).

It’s revealed to the ‘city celebs’ that they will have to go to the top of a high building and go out on a limb at the top.  Meanwhile the ‘jungle celebs’ are boarding a helicopter.

The ‘city celebs’ are on the roof of the Focus building and need to walk the plank and stand on a yellow platform at the end, they then have to stand on the yellow platform for what they think is 60 seconds before calling time and then coming back.  Olla is already saying that she’s not sure she’ll be able to do it.  Carol is going first – she’s been saying for the first portion of the show that she’s not afraid of anything and can do anything so let’s see how she goes.  As she gets further out the platform gets quite wobbly – Joel Dommett is holding his head in his hands and Ola is shaking her head.  Carol gets to the yellow platform and the plank is shaking about all over the place, she counts 60 seconds, calls time and then slowly comes back but the plank is wobbling about all over the place.  Now that the others have seen her do it I think it’s worse for them!

Adam is going next to try and save Larry from the bush tucker trial.  He strolls out quite confidently, he’s much more steady than Carol and he stands and calls time before making his way back.  Joel is next and he stands ready to go before slowly edging out – cut to the break with Joel standing on the platform…

Back to Joel standing on the platform and telling him self to come on.  He takes tiny baby steps and as he steps over the gap you can see how much he’s shaking.  It just goes against everything to make yourself walk out on a dangerous platform like that.  Olla is rocking around and putting her head in her hands and embracing herself, watching someone else suffer and knowing that you have to do it too is horrendous.  Jordan goes next meaning that poor Ola has had to watch everyone else.  Jordan strolls out very confidently and he’s there and back in no time, I think he’s helped by the fact that he’s very tall and has huge feet.  Ola is the last to go and she admits that she’s terrified and she doesn’t know if her body will let her go forward.  Ola moves out nice and steady and seems to be having no issues whatsoever.  They’ve all made it so it’s just a case of who has guessed the time the best and which three celebrities have been saved from the bush tucker trial.

The results are in and the celebrity closest to 60 seconds (61 seconds) was Carol, then 64 seconds was Adam who saves Larry from a bush tucker trial.  The last celeb to have saved their partner is Joel who was just seven seconds out.

We now rejoin the jungle celebs and all but Larry and Scarlett get out of the helicopter – the three of them discover that they must parachute out of a helicopter and set off a flare as close to 60 seconds as they can.

I honestly have no idea how anyone can throw themselves out of a helicopter (or plane, etc).  I think it’s likely that I would have a heart attack as soon as I realised I was plummeting to earth, I’m not brave by any stretch of the imagination!

Lisa jumps and does brilliantly.  Once she’s landed we cut to Larry and Scarlett trekking through the jungle and having to paddle a canoe to get a flag and then put it in a flag hole as close to 60 minutes as possible.  Larry is being lovely and helping Scarlett as she’s never been in a canoe before.  To get the flags out of the pontoon they have to put a pin in a hole which comes from the canoe – as soon as the pin is out of the canoe the water comes in and sinks the boat.  Scarlett is struggling huge amounts so Larry swims back out and saves Scarlett and drags her to shore.

Time for Sam now to jump out of the helicopter and she screams on exit like I know I would if anyone ever forced me to do that.  It actually brings tears to my eyes watching them jump because it’s something that I could just never do without having some sort of breakdown.  Wayne goes last and nails it.

Ant and Dec are giving the results in torrential rain.  Larry saves his celebrity as he was closest to 60 minutes.  From the jumpers Wayne was closest to the 60 second mark with Lisa coming next.

It’s now time for the city celebs to be taken into the jungle so they board their helicopter and off they go.  They walk into their camp and gets changed.  Adam is stunned by how ripped Joel is – actually, I don’t think anyone was expecting that!  The girls go off to the dunny to get changed.  Carol comes back and tries to light the fire as all of the boys on her team have failed so far.  The jungle celebs join the city celebs and they start finding out who won and who lost the challenges.

Larry is the first one on the floor who’s sorting the fire out and actually getting it lit and burning properly.  A bag is then lowered down and the rations are received – rice and beans for 24 hours.

Adam and Jordan are lifting Joel into his hammock much to the entertainment of everyone else.  He does then get out again to go and brush his teeth with Wayne.

For the final portion of the show Ant & Dec go down to reveal the first trial and tell us that we can vote for first camp president – it’s got to be Larry hasn’t it?

While Ant & Dec make their way down to camp they cut to Larry and Adam’s first night in camp snoring away and the other camp mates making jokes about it.

Ant and Dec go into camp and say their hellos.  Ola, Sam, Jordan and Scarlett will be facing the first trial and it’s a critter filled torture chamber.  That would be something to look forward to!  Tomb of Torment – I just don’t think I would cope well with rats running about near me and if they touched me I know I’d go crazy.  We have to join them again tomorrow to see how the challenge goes.

I hope the next programme is a bit shorter – nearly two hours is a challenge!


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