Strictly Come Dancing – 12 November 2016

Right, I need some distraction!  One of my crowns fell out while I was eating dinner last night and now I’m a couple of hours away from a dentist appointment.  I am your typical nervous patient that sits quietly shaking in the corner of the waiting room and dreading the moment that they come and call your name.  Unfortunately, unless I want to be a Jeremy Kyle guest with brown stumps where my teeth used to be I need to go and get it sorted out.  Let’s hope that Strictly is the perfect distraction.

Eight couples remain and it’s the week before Blackpool.

The first to dance are Daisy and Aljaz.  They are dancing a salsa this week.  It’s energetic and bright and there are lots of lifts and flings and allsorts.  Len points out that there was a little blunder but she just carried on dancing – I didn’t notice a blunder but Len would know.  Craig found the footwork haphazard and the dancing disjointed.  They score 31.

The second couple are Greg and Natalie and they are dancing a pasodoble.  The paso’s either seem to go really well or really badly, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.  Natalie choreographed herself a long section of standing and flailing about while Greg sat on a box.  Greg doesn’t do a huge amount throughout the dance, it’s definitely Natalie’s dance!  Bruno and Craig think there was an air of panic about the performance.  They score 31 as well.

Thirdly we have Judge Rinder and Oksana dancing a foxtrot.  It’s slow and elegant and almost romantic.  They do some lovely floating and fluid moves and it’s a joy to watch.  Judge Rinder’s grandparents are in the audience and they look very sweet.  Craig compliments him on having sorted out the faces he pulls while he’s dancing.  Darcy says that he can see how much he improves week to week.  Len thinks it was a hard dance and it was Judge Rinder’s best dance.  They score 33 putting them in the lead for the time being.

Up in fourth place are Ore and Joanne.  They started so strong but have tailed off in the last few weeks.  This week they’re performing a rumba.  It looks well executed but it’s a relatively boring dance.  Darcy thinks they did well with very seamless moves and she’s very impressed with his arms.  Len is impressed with Ore’s timing.  Ore looks a bit dejected as he goes upstairs, his early confidence is gone.  They score 35 which is the highest score so far.

Fifth to dance are Ed and Katya and they are dancing a salsa in a Gangnam style…  Once again it’s brilliant.  I’m not sure Katya expected to stay in the competition for so long with Ed but it’s really brilliant.  They have so much fun and that translates down the TV and onto the screen.  Len says that there are no words in the dictionary to describe it and he says that he enjoys watching Ed for entertainment.  Bruno says it’s the best worst dance he’s seen.  Craig just says O.M.G.  They score 25 but they get an 8 from Len.

Sixth in line are Claudia and AJ dancing a Viennese Waltz.  It’s pleasant but rather on the dull side.  They score 36 meaning that the judges liked it a lot more than me!

The penultimate couple dancing are Danny and Oti doing an Argentine Tango.  Louise did an amazing Argentine Tango so he’s got a lot to live up to – he also got some 10’s last week so he’s got to keep that up.  Wow!  Danny did it, that was amazing!  I don’t know what half the moves were or how they did them but it was superb.  Darcy thought it was too aggressive and fast.  They score 38 getting 10’s from Len and Bruno.

The final couple are Louise and Kevin dancing an American smooth.  It’s lovely and Kevin showcased Louise throughout the whole dance.  Len tells her that she had a couple of fans over there (she danced with them) and there’s a bit fan over here.  Len also thinks she’s going to get a big score.  Craig confirms that his cork was well and truly popped after that performance – he also says that he liked how Kevin showed Louise off – I said that!  They score 37 putting them in second place on the leaderboard.

On to the results show and the bottom two are Greg and Natalie and Daisy and Aljaz.  I do think the right two are in the bottom.  The judges elect to save Greg and Natalie so it’s time to say goodbye to Daisy and Aljaz.


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