90 Day Fiance – s4, Ep7

It’s guilty pleasure time!  I love this programme!  Not sure how many episodes are left but some of the weddings must be getting close – how many will actually happen??

We start with Jorge and Anfisa – 53 days to wed.  Anfisa has been in the US for five weeks and she still doesn’t know how to cook or clean.  Anfisa has been telling Jorge that she wants to do modelling and Jorge has got details of some photographers from a friend.  This girl is a massive exhibitionist and the photos that she posts on Facebook are inappropriate at best.  Jorge phones a photographer and asks for the rates and books an appointment for Anfisa to go to the photographer.  Anfisa asks Jorge if she can do topless pictures – he says over his dead body – she says that’s his problem.  What a delightful lady she is!

Next we go to Narkyia and Lowo.  Narkyia is shopping with her friends for her wedding dress.  Narkyia reveals some more lies that Lowo has told her.  I really don’t understand why she’s marrying this man.  He’s lied to her about being gay, being a price and being married – where is the good in this man?  Maybe Lowo could marry Anfisa, it sort of sounds like they really deserve each other.  The first dress that Narkyia tries on is absolutely vile, her bridal party agree with me.  The second one is much better but the third one is just right and suits her perfectly.

We now join Nicole and Azan still out camping in the desert.  Azan is gearing up to actually propose with a ring today.  They are dancing around a camp fire and he then stops the drummers so that he can get on one knee and propose.  It’s very sweet but I still don’t think that they’re going to work out.  I don’t know what his angle is but I think he would want her to change a lot physically.  They retreat to their tent and say it’s up to the viewers imagination as to whether they are getting much sleep tonight so in my mind they are in their jammies in separate beds snoring away!

Now we cross to Matt and Alla.  Only 31 days until they need to get married.  Alla says that her first few weeks have been hard because Matt is jealous of Alla wanting to go out.  Matt is worried about how lonely Alla is and how much she’s missing her sister.  Alla wishes that she could bring her sister and nephew over to the US as well.  Alla tells her sister that they are working on her sisters visa application and gets upset and tells her sister that she’s dying to get her out there.

Narkyia and Lowo again – well actually just Narkyia as Lowo is still nowhere to be seen.  Narkyia is making the wedding plans alone.  She reveals that they have spent a total of nine days together in person.  Lowo phones with bad news, he has just been to check his visa status and he has been told he needs to give further details like a police report.  It seems to me that this guy is a complete wind up.  Lowo has got to get a piece of paper from Vietnam – I wonder if he’s going to ask Narkyia to pay for his ticket to Vietnam?  Lowo tells her that they need to move the wedding back as he doesn’t know when he’ll be there.

Now we cross to Jorge and Anfisa.  It’s the day of the photoshoot.  They walk into a building and Anfisa says to Jorge that she was about to ask who the picture of the gorgeous girl was when she realised it was a mirror and she was looking at herself – who the hell has the audacity to say stuff like that about themselves in a non-joking way.  They knock on the door of a little apartment – yup, looks like a professional photographer to me!  The make up artist asks if Anfisa is ready to be pretty and Anfisa tells her that she’s already pretty.  Everyone apart from her does a nervous laugh.  The photographer asks Anfisa how tall she is and she says 5’7.  He tells the camera that she’s too short to be a model but he says he doesn’t want to make her mad.  The make up artist asks Jorge how he feels about other men drooling over his fiancé.  Jorge says that it’s not going to happen and he’s not on board with men trying to get close to her and take her out for dinner or try anything on with her.  The make up artist says that men will try things on and this is where the love and trust comes into it.  She asks if they trust each other and Anfisa, without hesitation, says no!  Jorge and KO (makeup artist) look shocked and KO says that they really need to talk about this.  Anfisa says to camera that she thinks Jorge will have a problem with her outfit but then she just dips her head and says that it’s his problem.  Anfisa comes out wearing bra, suspender belt, a thing and heels.  Jorge is not ok with it!  Jorge tells her that she needs to put more clothes on.  She’s wearing so little that they need to blur out her bottom.  Anfisa says that she wants to be rich and famous – if she does I don’t think she’ll even remember Jorge’s name!  Jorge says that this is the happiest he’s ever seen Anfisa but he doesn’t like the idea of marrying an underwear model.  He says that he hopes fame and fortune isn’t more important to Anfisa than he is – I can tell you Jorge that it is!

Now to Pedro and Chantel – they only have 6 days to wed.  Will Chantel finally tell her parents?  She has been ridiculous about the whole thing and has lived with her lie for 84 days.  Chantel tells Pedro that he will be telling the family because she can’t deal with pressure.  This is a ridiculous little princess type who’s never had to deal with anything in her life and this is what happens.  The family are assembled and Chantel tells the family that they have something to tell them.  Pedro starts to tell them but says that he can’t so Chantel takes over and finally tells her family that they have to get married on Thursday…  Her family look rather shocked and her Dad gets rather tongue tied but says to Chantel that she should have mentioned it 90 days ago or 50 days ago.  Her Dad is mad and upset, her brother is upset that she lied to him.  The family say that they are not mad and upset at Pedro, they are mad and upset at Chantel for the lie.

Now back to Nicole and Azan.  Nicole is wearing her ring and they are lounging about calling each other fiancé.  Nicole can’t wait to show off her ring – if Mel and Sue were narrating…  They go off walking into the desert and Nicole is very soon out of breath.  Azan wants to walk up a dune.  She says that she doesn’t want to walk up there and Azan tells her to stop being lazy and go and do some work outs.  Azan thinks that she needs to do a lot of workouts.  She tells him that she doesn’t exercise.  Azan is scared of going to America and having to eat fast food all of the time.  They finally arrive at the camels with Nicole breathing very heavy.  Azan says he knows he loves Nicole and he knows he wants to marry her but she’s going to have to change just a little bit and work out – what did I say earlier!! It’s not going to happen Azan!  Nicole is worried about Azan waking up one day and realising that he doesn’t like the way she looks.

That’s the end of the programme but the clip to next week starts with Jorge saying to Anfisa, ‘basically you’re just dating me because I can buy you things’ and Anfisa replying ‘yes’.  I’ve been trying to tell you Jorge.  Alla is getting ready her for wedding.  River (Chantel’s brother) is saying that he doesn’t want to see Pedro again because he doesn’t like him and Azan telling Nicole she’s always on her phone and Nicole wondering if she’d be happier without Azan.  Blimey – I can’t wait until next week – will you join me??!!


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