Married At First Sight -S2, Ep4

The couples are now all married and it’s time for the relationships to develop and to see where things go from here.

The newlyweds are all off on their five day honeymoons.

The first couple that got married were Clark and Melissa.  There were definitely sparks between them when they first met but how will it go now.  Clark has parted from his new wife and gone home to pack.  He reflects on the wedding day and says that it was the best day of his life so far.  Coming out of his flat Clark falls down the stairs!  The couple then  head off to Ibiza (the north and more romantic side).  They were matched because they are both nesters who are predisposed to settle down and have children.  On the surface they seem to be a good match and look like a nice couple.

Beard Adam and Sara are under scrutiny next.  Adam was instantly smitten but the bride said he’s not the type of guy she would go for in a bar but give it time.  It’s not the best start.  Adam and Sara have gone to Sienna in Italy for their honeymoon.  Sara is starting to warm to Adam now.  Adam is very open that he fancies her and she is starting to admit that there is a bit of chemistry.    Adam and Sara go to a bar because Adam wants to watch an England football match.  You can tell from Sara’s body language that she’s not happy at all.

Now we look at Adam and Caroline.  They are honeymooning in Switzerland.  They seem very affectionate with each other.  The first activity that they do together is some tree top horrendous thing, that would be it for me, I wouldn’t climb about in tree tops strapped into a harness and clipping myself from one wire to another.  The couple admit that they haven’t gone any further than spooning.  They are going to wait until the process is over before they go further with each other.

Back in Ibiza with Clark and Melissa.  Melissa told him at the wedding that she was vegan and Clark is now trying to reduce his meat intake.  Tonight they are ‘enjoying’ a vegetarian feast.  Clark says it feels like they have been together for two or three years and strong feelings have started to emerge.

Back to Adam and Caroline.  They have been in Switzerland for four days.  Caroline is filming Adam and saying this is the muppet that can’t do one thing.  Caroline gave Adam the task of ordering room service breakfast and he forgot to do it.  Caroline is a bit over the top with her mood swing.  Caroline is coming across as a bit controlling but I think Adam is quite laid back and he might be ok being spoken to the way she speaks to him.  Adam and Caroline’s honeymoon is now over and they return to the UK tomorrow and it’s time for them to settle back into real life.  Adam says that he feels like he’s falling in love with her.

Steve & Lucie are up next and I think this is the marriage that is least likely to work.  The couple head to their honeymoon suite.  One of the experts visit them in their hotel the next morning before their honeymoon.  The doctor tells them to give it time and be open and honest with them.  They honeymoon in Montenegro.  They seem to be starting to warm each other a tiny bit.

Back to Beard Adam and Sara.  The couple go on a tour of a vineyard but it seems that their differences are becoming more pronounced.  After five hours of drinking Sara has had enough of drinking and Adam isn’t very happy.  He says that Sara likes control and she finds it hard to let go and have fun when things are not on her terms.  This could be over quite soon.

Steve & Lucie are out now and exploring their honeymoon destination.  The couple have a day out on a luxury yacht.  The couple then go for a romantic meal for two and Lucie tries to find out a bit more about his past.  Now the honeymoon is over but they have four weeks to live together and see if they can make a marriage work.

Beard Adam and Sara are also packing to go home.

Clark and Melissa are waking up on their last day and are heading to a rock to do yoga.  Melissa says that it feels like they have known each other much longer.  If any of the couples have a chance I think this is the one.  On their final evening they sit on some rocks and share a sunset.  Melissa says that she really likes Clark a lot, and then she starts to cry.  They are cute together.

Next week the couples are all home and it’s time to move in together and the experiment comes to an end and we find out if the couples will stay married.  I have it recorded so I’ll watch it as soon as I can.


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