The Apprentice – Week 7

I’m crazily trying to catch up with everything but I know that I need to watch The Apprentice before I see my sister later.  She was texting me last night and told me I’ll need the Tena lady in when they return to the boardroom so let’s see what she was on about.

There are 11 candidates left and at 5.40am the phone is ringing.  The candidates are told to pack an overnight bag and join Lord Sugar at Royal Victoria Docks.  The candidates get excited about going somewhere overnight.  I think they’re expecting to go somewhere exotic – I think those days are over and they’ll be going somewhere manky.

The candidates file in to stand in front of Karren and Claude before Sugar comes in.  They are all on a super yacht which is London’s only floating hotel.  Sugar wants to get in on the yacht industry market so sells them to Poole Harbour to a trade show.

Francis will be the project manager of Nebula and Karthik will be the project manager of Titans.  Sugar has chosen the project managers so you know he’s getting fed up of these two saying that ‘if only I’d have been project manager’.  Karthik then tells the camera that he can give us the story of the day, date, time and place of the conception of his baby boy.  That is not a story that anyone, us or your son, wants to hear thanks Karthik!  Karthik finds out if any of his team have any relevant experience before he splits the team.  None of them have any experience so he splits it Grainne, Courtney in charge of the high ticket items.  The only thing that Samuel did say is that he had experience of selling high ticket items and Karthik hasn’t put him on the high ticket items – Claude points out to the viewers that he thinks this is a tactical error.

Francis has a chat with her team and decides that herself and Sofiane will be selling high ticket and the rest will be doing the other items.  She nominates Paul as the sub team leader.  Francis says that she split up Sofiane and Paul as she didn’t want them together as they don’t get on and she doesn’t want friction on the team.  Potentially sensible.

The teams arrive at Poole Harbour and get to see the products that they can sell.  The sub teams have to pick the small items that they want to sell.  Paul goes for the child’s bag (I would have picked that) and the snorkel face mask thing.  Karthik goes for the changing robe and fish cushions.  To be honest I’m not sure whether he’s decided on cushions or snorkel as he keeps flip flopping between the two and is unwilling to make a final decision – perhaps he’s too busy conceiving when his next child will be conceived for this task.

Out in the harbour both of the high end teams are testing the merchandise.  Grainne and Courtney are testing a £20K speedboat while Francis and Sofiane try a £16K jet-ski.  To me the boat is much better value.  Claude is smirking at the questions that Grainne and Courtney are asking.  Francis and Sofiane ask no questions about the jet ski and are just laughing and joking with the seller and trying to press the flesh so to speak.

The teams also have to pick a mid range product to sell on their stalls.  Both items seem to want the paddle board but whereas Karthik seems to have wound the guy up, Paul’s sub team ask all sorts of questions, including the RRP and the price that they could sell them for at the show.  I think we know who this seller is going to pick and I’m correct.

Back out in the harbour the high end teams have swapped boat and jet ski.  Karren looks massively unimpressed in the back of the boat.  Francis thinks they have done enough to be offered both items – I disagree.  Both teams want to go for the jet ski but Grainne and Courtney get the item.  Karren looks fuming while Francis is on the phone, Francis is rejected by the jet ski seller so has to go with the boat.  The high end sellers have to follow up leads with potential purchasers before the night is out.  Francis is tooting her own horn and saying what a natural she is at this…famous last words, eh!?

Show day is a typical very wet day.  Karthik decides that although Samuel has sold high end items he will stick with Grainne and Courtney selling the jet ski.  Samuel raises his eyebrow in a piece to camera and says that the pressure is on them to sell and if they don’t then the question of whether Karthik did the right thing will be one he’ll have to answer in the boardroom.

Francis says there is to be no negativity today and any mention of a jet ski will result in her going mad.

Samuel makes the first deal of the day but at £5 under the agreed sale price of their item.  Claude says that this shows he’s not a team player by going off and doing his own thing.

Jessica is regulated by Paul for lying to clients about how many products she’s sold and how her kids love the bags that she’s selling.  Karthik is thinking of using the changing robe to actually get changed but Dillon tells him not to – good call Dillon.

Francis and Sofiane’s first boat appointment doesn’t go too well.  The guy thinks it feels like a hot tub and isn’t interested.

The rain stops for a bit and a few more sales are made of the smaller items.  Alana tries to take one of Dillon’s sales and when he steps in she’s fuming and tells Dillon it’s not cool.

Grainne and Courtney’s jet ski appointment goes well and they may have sold multiple jet skis.  I don’t know how but Francis and Sofiane seem to have sold a boat (subject to credit checks being done, etc).

Karren has not looked happy at all so far this week.  I know it’s horrible standing out in the rain but I think it’s more than that, I think she’s very unimpressed with her teams efforts.

The weather takes a turn for the worse and at 6pm they finish selling.

Overnight the takings are totalled and the day after they return to the boardroom.

Lord Sugar starts with Titans and speaking to Karthik.  He goes through the events of the day with the team.  Karthik tells Lord Sugar that he didn’t do any sales because he was doing the admin work.

Lord Sugar then turns to Francis and reminds her that she’s lost every task so far.  He goes through the events with this team as well.  This team actually think their project manager was quite good.

Paul’s sub team made sales of £2,580.68 and two of their boat sales went through giving them a grand total of £40,480.68.

Karthik’s sub team made sales of £188.90 but none of their jet ski sales went through giving them a grand total for the day of £188.90!!  No wonder my sister said I’d wet myself laughing when I heard the results!!

Lord Sugar just turns to Karthik’s team and says – £40,000 and £188.  He doesn’t really need to say much more.

Francis puts the team win exclusively down to herself and her brilliant management.

Back in the boardroom Karthik is asked why he didn’t put Samuel on the high end items, Karthik says that he showed no passion.  Alana only sold £48 worth of product and Samuel sold more.  Dillon tries to back up Samuel but they tell him to look at himself as he only sold £46 worth of items.

Lord Sugar tells Karthik that he’s been a diabolical project manager and he doesn’t trust him to bring anybody back into the boardroom and he fires him on the spot.  Lord Sugar turns to Grainne and asks who should come back into the boardroom.  Grainne picks Samuel.  Courtney and Grainne are told to go back to the house but the other three will be going back into the boardroom.

Karthik is going to go on to make his billion dollar unicorn company without Lord Sugar…ok then, we’ll see you later.

The boardroom three are questioned and there’s the usual to-ing and fro-ing and blah blah.  There’s all of the ‘I’m great, they’re not’ and then Lord Sugar calls it to an end and he makes his decision.

Lord Sugar fires Samuel, I think that’s a shame.  I think Alana should have left from the three that were in there.

Now nine remain and next week they will be hosting an event at a famous London attraction.


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