I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

At the end of the last show Danny Baker and Martin Roberts had arrived at the camp and they knew they were going to be taking part in the trial.

Danny is dressed in yellow and Martin is dressed in blue.  This is the start of the camp being split into two teams.  I hate it when they start splitting the camp into teams and rivals.  If you leave the camp to their own devices there will be enough good quality TV without them trying to create rivalry.

Lisa Snowden is already onto the fact that Danny Baker likes to stir things up.  Scarlett visits the bush telegraph in tears saying that she doesn’t feel like she belongs there amongst so many legends.  Danny tells the camp about the cancer that he had in his head and how he got through it.  I had no idea that he’d had cancer.

Danny, Carol, Martin and Sam head out of the camp to take part in ‘The Hungry Games’.  Martin should think about untucking his t-shirt, it’s never a great look for men to have t-shirts tucked into trousers or shorts.  They have to stand in tanks and eels are dropped in before they stick their hands into boxes and pull out tokens to match the animals on the tokens on the plinth in front of them.  After the first ‘hell holes’ there are new hell holes with new critters inside.  Sam is proving to be quite a poor teammate to Martin when she won’t stick her hands in the hell holes.  After each hell hole challenge they get to pick teammates.  The hell hole with the green ants is funny (not for them) because the ants are all coming out and biting them – there’s a lot of screaming!

The teams are all chosen and the teams head back to the camp to tell everyone else about the teams and the challenge they will have to do later.  The teams go off to take part in the challenge to win food.  There are two seats above and two below.  Critters will be dropped on the team above and they have to catch them and pass them down to the pair below.  The four that have collected the most critters at the end will win food for their team – the other team will not eat.  Larry is completely calm and not making a sound.  The yellow team has Adam on it so he’s screaming like a baby!  The yellow team (Wayne, Ola, Jordan and Adam) win.

What happens next, showboating and rubbing people’s noses in it.  I don’t like this element of I’m a Celebrity.  I don’t think it’s necessary.  While the yellow team eat the blue team have to sit and eat their basic rations in a losers camp.  Martin doesn’t like rice or beans so he’s having a bit of a hard time for his first meal.

Ant and Dec are in the clearing for the live bush tucker trial.  The live bush tucker trial is always a nightmare with things going wrong or people not doing the challenge quickly enough, etc.  I read some headlines that Scarlett was facing facial paralysis but she looks ok here so must be one of those headlines to try and make you click on the story – glad I didn’t.

The challenges are all challenges where they can only use their mouth.  They have chambers filled with gross things and there are stars on sticks for them to pick up and put in a tub.

Round 1 – Jordan vs Larry.  Jordan takes it.
Round 2 – Ola vs Scarlett.  Ola wins.
Round 3 – Wayne vs Joel.  Wayne wins.  This means the yellow are three to nothing.
Round 4 – Carol vs Lisa.  This ones gross, they have to drink blended pig eyeballs, blended pig brain and blended pig anus.  Carol wins after they do a replay but I disagree, I think Lisa’s drink was below the line much sooner than Carol’s.
Round 5 – Sam vs Adam.  Adam wins.
Round 6 – Danny vs Martin.  Danny wins but he had a massive advantage and Martin was so, so close behind.


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