I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here – Ep 6

It seems that Martin Roberts is rather a loud snorer.  Danny Baker moves his bed to try and get away from him but puts himself right in front of Larry’s bed.  When Larry gets up in the night he goes flying over Danny’s bed.

The film is before the live trial that they did the night before – I still think that trial was fixed and the yellow’s did not win all six of the rounds.  I’m not keen on Danny Baker’s gloating attitude either – not an attractive quality at all.  Competition, I think, brings out the nastiest and worst qualities of people.  Scarlett tells Adam to stop gloating and winding people up.  Martin and Danny really start to go against each other but Adam calls time out and reminds them it’s just a game.

The yellow team leave camp to go for their spa retreat.  As they leave camp Danny, Adam and Wayne all gloat about how funny it was winding up the blue team.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  Back at camp Larry asks if Scarlett is ok and she says that she’s not, she doesn’t like the arguing so she sits on Larry’s lap and he gives her a cuddle.  He’s like the sweetest Grandad.

What did I say – this competition element makes the show unpleasant and causes tension and upset.  The show doesn’t need this to be entertaining.

Ant and Dec then tell us that the voting is open for Hell Hollow.  It has the most snakes that have ever been used in  a trial.

Back at the camp and the blue team are at the rancid retreat.  If they can ensure 30 minutes and collect six stars then they will eat tonight.  The blue team climb into a Jacuzzi and straight away the water changes colour and vile things are dumped onto them along with stars.

The yellow team get to the spa and Adam does a huge amount of shouting when he sees the food and the hot tub.  They are eating like gannets and just enjoying their time…meanwhile back at the rancid retreat more innards and bugs are being dumped on the blue team.  Martin is getting more and more wound up while Larry is just staying calm and getting on with looking for stars.  Unfortunately Carol is back in her disgustingly revealing swimsuit – let’s hope this retreat bit ends soon or she puts her dressing gown back on!

Joel goes off with Wayne and listens to what he had been eating.  Joel said he loves it and it’s like dirty talk listening to what all of the food was.

The next thing that happens is that the new camp president is elected.  Scarlett is chosen as camp president and the vice president is Joel.  They have to allocate the jobs for the rest of the team.

Larry is very happy that he’s going to be a cook because he gets to play with the fire.  Martin is much more miserable than I expected him to be.  Adam is trying to be nice and make him feel a bit more welcome.  Everyone is trying to make Martin cheer up because he’s bringing the rest of them down.

It’s the final ten minutes of the programme so while Ant and Dec make their way into camp we have a look at what the camp are eating.  Martin isn’t very happy that their dinner is fish after they had fish guts dumped on them.  Larry has a go at the cooking but he says that he’s not as good a chef as Lisa was.  Martin does seem to cheer up a little bit after he’s eaten.

Completing the bush tucker trial it’s between Martin and Danny.  The vote goes to Martin, I think he asked for it by being so miserable during the show.  Let’s see how he gets on!


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