Married At First Sight -S2, Ep 5

It’s the final programme in the series so now we get to see which couples are going to give it a real go and which couples have decided to go their own separate ways.

I think Clark and Melissa are certainly going to stay together, not sure at all about any of the others.

We start with Adam and Caroline.  They are quite sweet and say that they miss each other and don’t like waking up alone.  Caroline is packing to move in with Adam.  Adam has left his home in Bournemouth and has moved to a flat in London to live with Caroline.  They start the experiment on neutral ground.

Next we see beard Adam and Sara.  The were the experiments most scientifically compatible couple but I don’t think they will work out.  The couple have been living together for a week in South London.  They do actually seem to be getting on better at home than they did on the honeymoon so maybe it won’t be all that bad.

Clark and Melissa are up next.  They are living together in North London.  To complicate matters Melissa starts a new job after the end of the experiment so if they are going to stay together they will have to move to Northampton together.  Melissa will be moving but will Clark?  The experts are visiting them and asking them about their intimacy – they say things are fine on that level.  They also say that they’ve told each other they love one another.

Now we visit Lucie and Steve.  This is the couple that I think are the least likely to work.  I don’t think there was any click or connection between the two.  Neither of them have lived with a partner so it’s going to be a massive change for both of them!  They are living together in East London.  Almost as soon as he moves in Steve goes out to smoke, his plans to give up are not going well.

We return again to Clark and Melissa who are looking at their wedding pictures.

Adam and Caroline are visiting Bournemouth and he’s showing her the home that he owns.  She isn’t keen on his décor and accessories.  He’s trying to encourage her to move to Bournemouth but she can’t see herself living anywhere but London.

Beard Adam and Sara are at home together all day and all night due to their work.  Sara is saying things like, “it’s real life, it’s not fun and happy all the time”.  Adam is also saying that things haven’t developed like he was hoping…

Lucie and Steve are now driving to see Lucie’s family.  Lucie’s Dad asks how it’s going and she says so far so good but their body language screams that it’s a lie!  They are both sitting there with their arms crossed tight.  They both look incredibly awkward.  Steve meets his friends and they ask him how it’s going, he’s very guarded.

Adam and Caroline are working through a list of questions from the experts to help them get to know each other better.

Beard Adam and Sara are on the train to meet his family.  They don’t seem to look very happy in one another’s company.  Adam’s Mum has got old photos out to show Sara.  They then go back home and start looking at their wedding photos.  They seem to be very uncertain as to which way their decision is going to go so they have a weekend away in Spain.  Adam says that he could walk away from the whole thing and feel positive but he says that’s not what he’s there for.  I’m not sure if it’s good that you could walk away and have no emotion other than that was good.

Steve and Lucie confront the issues about their marriage in week three.  Steve thinks they are in between being in a relationship and being friends.  Lucie asks if he feels an attraction and he says that is but she thinks she’s a lot more attracted to him than he is to her.  Steve says that he just wants someone to tell him what to do.

Clark and Melissa have been married for over three weeks and say that they’re in love.  Clark has embraced her vegan diet so far and he’s now attending aerial yoga together.  They then need to look at property in Milton Keynes for Melissa’s job.  He has to make massive changes to make this marriage work.  Clark meets up with his best man, he’s worried that he’s just started to settle in London and now he’s got to move out.  He’s questioning whether he’s done the right thing or has he made a mistake.  It all looked like it was going so well…

Caroline and Adam need to decide where to live at the end of the experiment.  Adam wants to stay in Bournemouth and Caroline wants to stay in London.  Caroline says that she always knew that she would graduate and move to London.  Adam has cooked a meal but for the second night in a row he’s made burgers – bit ungrateful!  I hate cooking dinner every night, not the cooking but the deciding what to eat – if I had dinner cooked for me I wouldn’t mind what it was.  He’s asking her if she will move to Reading with him and she’s saying that once you move out of London then you don’t move back in.  He’s really, really worried and just wants her to be happy.

The experiment is now over and it’s decision day for beard Adam and Sara.  My gut instinct says that they’re not going to stay together.  They are asked the question and they say that they’re going to stay married – I’m stunned!  I hope it works for them but I remain sceptical.

So, who else is staying together?

Steve and Lucie are up next.  They don’t seem to be a couple at all.  Steve thinks they should be friends and see if anything happens but Lucie doesn’t agree.  They have just a few hours to male their final decision.

Clark and Melissa are making their way to the experts.  They did have an instant spark but will it last.  They decide that they will stay married.  They have a lot of obstacles to overcome in the future but I think they have a good chance.

Caroline and Adam are next to make the decision.  One, or both, of them is going to need to make sacrifices and compromises to stay together.  They arrive holding hands and look coupley so I think they will stay together.  They decide that they will stay married.

Finally, Steve and Lucie go to meet the experts.  The experts say that they don’t know but I think it’s blindingly obvious that there is no way they will stay married.  The experts ask the question and it goes quiet for a long time.  Lucie says that they are different people but they decide to stay married – what?  It won’t last long.  They are moving back to separate homes, how does that work?

Two weeks later…Adam is back living in Bournemouth and Caroline is in London.  Adam is waiting to get a transfer to London but at the moment they are living apart.

Beard Adam and Sara are living in Adam’s place.  Clark and Melissa are moving together to Milton Keynes, they are talking about babies so they do seem happy and perfect for one another.

The sad music is playing…Steve is living in his own flat in London and cooking a meal for one.  The previous week he met Lucie and she arrived without her wedding ring and they agreed that what they have is not romantic.

Five months later…

Steve and Lucie have remained friends and see one another regularly.

Adam and Sara decided to go their own separate ways but they have stayed friends.

Clark and Melissa have struggled and have decided to live apart for a while.

Adam and Caroline moved in together in London.  They say they have a little announcement – it’s Nigel the rabbit.  I’m glad they worked out, I liked them.

That’s over for another year then – see you next year!


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