Strictly Come Dancing – Blackpool

This seems to be the benchmark show that everyone wants to make it to.  It’s Blackpool week!!

The celebrities and professionals start the show doing a big dance number together and the judges join in.  It’s very show time spectacular with tops and tails and feather gowns.

There may be no big staircase but the celebs all still have to file in and be announced…

Only seven couples left now.  First to dance are Claudia and AJ.  They will be dancing a jive.  They do it in the style of a cheerleader and football player.  It’s very energetic but Claudia does look a bit stiff during it and like she’s waiting for things to happen.  It’s impressive, don’t get me wrong, especially her one armed cartwheel, but it’s not fluid.  The judges pick up that ‘something’ happened but they all still love it.  The score 36.

Peter Kay comes in to give the terms and conditions.  He’s stealing the show!  I love Peter Kay.

The next pair are Ore and Joanne dancing a Viennese Waltz.  Ore is doing a nice job but the routine does seem to be mainly standing in place and spinning around in hold.  When they move about it’s nice but the spinning goes on a bit.  They score 38 (Darcy gives a 10, as does Len and Bruno!)  Ore is back in the running!

Louise and Kevin are performing a paso next.  This is my least favourite type of dance.  Louise looks amazing and right at home with the professionals.  It’s not too much of a boring stompy paso but Louise is pulling some very funny faces.  The best bit about the paso is the knee walks (trouble is if you did that on my lounge floor your trousers would probably end up white!!  Keeping hard floors dust free is a nightmare!)  Craig says that Kevin does brilliant pasos and this was no exception.  The judges love it and they score them 38.

Danny Mac and Oti dance next.  They are doing a Charleston – my favourite!  Danny is the one that I wait to see for brilliant dancing (Ed Balls for entertainment, obviously!)  I can’t even…  The one handed joint cartwheel, the lifts and spins, the kicks and flicks.  If that’s not a score of 40 then I don’t know what is – just amazing!  All of the judges love it and think it’s fantastic, or as Craig says FAB-U-LOUS.  They score 40 and it was so well deserved.

Ed Balls and Katya dance a jive next.  Katya hasn’t gone easy on him and gives him a routine with huge amounts of dancing in – he must be exhausted!  The judges don’t even know what to say anymore – he is definitely the ‘everyman’ on the show and gives us all a bit of hope.  They score 23.

Greg and Natalie are dancing next.  They were in the dance off last week and he could easily have gone.  This week they are dancing a quickstep.  Greg bounces nicely around the floor but he looks like thinks are all happening faster than he can keep up with and he looks a bit confused at times.  The judges comments are mainly positive but Len says that the only thing he mucked up was the leap and he’s a world champion long jumper so it’s a bit curious.  The judges give them a score of 32.

The final couple are Judge Rinder and Oksana dancing a salsa.  It’s bright and fun but I think they made a mistake letting the pro in the pink shirt on stage who started the routine by doing backflips or something across the floor, he stole the show!  Judge Rinder is brilliant though and he makes me smile.  Craig tells him that it was hip-tastic and he wants to call him Judge Grinder from now on!!  The judges score him 33.

I’ll update this later when the results come in…


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