I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

Is anyone else finding the whole show a bit boring this year?  I have two episodes plus tonight’s stacked up and I’m not excited about watching it.

Martin doing the bush tucker trial with all of the snakes and lizard was ok.  He did quite well but is much more of a moaner than I expected.

The dingo dollar challenges have been more interesting than most of the other stuff.  I like Kiosk Keith and there seem to be lots of props and costumes involved so that’s entertaining but something’s missing this year and I can’t put my finger on what it is.  They are a nice bunch of campmates but maybe it’s just that they are too nice.

I think Martin will be heading out of the jungle quite early as he’s not the bubbly and smiley character that he portrays on Homes Under the Hammer.  Danny has a moan at Martin about treating Scarlett like a child and patronising her.  Wayne says that he feels sorry for Martin but he keeps chatting back and he needed to be told.  When everyone has gone to bed Martin cries around the fire and Wayne puts his arm around him and Scarlett joins them, then Carol and Sam come and sit close, they say nothing but sit there and watch and listen.

At the end of the show Ant and Dec go and, long windedly, announced that doing the Bush Tucker Food Factory Trial will be Adam.  He’s a bit of a wind up and he laughs at the misfortune of others so maybe doing his own trial will calm him down a bit.

Right, I’m on to Monday night’s episode…fast forward all the ‘this happened last time’ and the opening credits.

Martin and Danny wipe the slate clean…again and are laughing and joking around the camp fire.  I don’t think we’re seeing enough of Larry and the other camp mates, it mainly seems to be focused around Danny and Martin – we need to see lots of the other camp mates I’m getting bored of Danny and Martin.

Adam goes off to his trial laughing and joking.  The camp mates joke with him that he shouldn’t come back unless he has a minimum of 8 stars!  Adam’s challenge is to go through a tin building and find the stars.  There is offal, rats, bugs – all sorts of nasty stuff in there.  Adam says the things he’s most worried about is wearing such a tight vest to do the challenge.

Adam is making some hilarious noises as he plunges his hands into the rats but he’s doing well.  A spider pops out of something that he touches and the noises coming out of him are hilarious, I think Ant & Dec must wear Tena men when they meet the celebs for these challenges.  They stand there and try to be supportive while they’re killing themselves laughing.  Adam then has to crawl through a tunnel filled with pig’s lard but he’s got four out of four stars so far.

Adam then has to poke his hands through holes in the wall and he reminds me of Lady Di’s butler when he had to do a hole in the wall challenge years ago.  Next is a tunnel filled with nasty black sticky stuff and feathers.  He then gets an easy star befoe he has to go to a room filled with spiders.  If there are any spider challenges then I’m pretty sure that the public will be voting for him to do it!  He ends up getting 11 stars.

Ant & Dec tell us that the next Bush Tucker Trial will involve two celebs and is an underwater challenge – it’s called Cage Rage (Scarlett, Larry and Martin are ruled out on medical grounds).

Ant & Dec joke that 16 years ago Lisa was wasting her time dating George Clooney and now she’s lying in the jungle while Adam tickles her with a plant and she thinks it’s flies landing on her.

Wayne and Lisa go off to do the dingo dollar challenge.  There are two houses and they have to move everything from the old house to the new house but put everything in the same place.  They get the dingo dollars and set off to see Kiosk Keith.

Martin and Joel are sitting up the allotment having a chat.  Joel says that it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done.  The group all say now that they’ve noticed a massive change in Martin today and he’s now happier and trying to fit in.

Back at the Outback Shack Keith makes the call to the camp to ask them the question.  The question is what percentage of British adults believe there is extra terrestrial life.  41% or 52%.  They go for 52% and it’s correct and they win the cupcakes.

Last nights dinner was goat leg.  The camp mates keep asking when it’s ready and he tells them it’ll be ready when it’s ready!

The trial – Cage Rage – is going to be carried out by Danny and Adam.

Right, so I’m bang up to date and I’m watching tonight’s episode (Tuesday) tonight.  I don’t normally watch it on the night because my husband doesn’t like it but he’s busy tonight so I have control of the TV!

The show starts with the campmates asleep and there are snakes, rats and toads exploring the jungle floor.

A few of the celebs have a chat and Scarlett tells them how she paid off her parents mortgage.  How can you go from sitting on a sofa watching TV, wearing fake tan, to making a career out of it that pays enough to pay off your parents mortgage.  It galls a bit when my husband works 12 to 16 hour days and I get up at 5am most mornings to set off for work and do as much as I can.  Never mind, some of us have to have ‘proper jobs’.

The bush tucker trial is water tanks filled with stars and water critters.  Danny seems to take it all in his stride and Adam does really well too, even when he goes into a tank which has spiders in it.  There’s a lot of swimming underwater so there’s no way I could do that challenge – I can’t put my head under water so I’d be useless.  They get all 12 stars and do very well.

Martin goes off on a quest to find a tree to hug…  Martin thinks positive thoughts when he’s hugging trees.  He tells us to put our arms around a tree and you’ll feel positive thoughts.  Martin calls Adam up for a chat and tells him all about tree hugging.  Adam thinks it’s hilarious but then he tries hugging the tree and tells Martin that he got nothing from it and he’s not going to do it again.  Ant jokes that there’s a dating app for tree huggers – called Timber 🙂

It’s payday at the camp and the campmates will get to spend their money later.  Martin says that things are getting a bit sticky so he could do with talcum powder 😦  That reminds me, I saw an advert for the weirdest product the other day – I thought it was a joke but it looks like a real thing!  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Below-Belt-Grooming-Fresh-Balls/dp/B01L97VR9U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479851198&sr=8-1&keywords=below+the+belt+grooming  I can’t even…

Moving on, the campmates have to stand and be part of an exhibit for 30 minutes and if they can endure then they will win additional pay.  The celebs stick their heads into boxes and are joined by critters.  Adam is panicking massively and Joel is trying to calm him down.  To be fair they have got a load of rats in there with them – Wayne is like a statue, I think he’s gone to his happy place.

Martin, Danny and Jordan have snakes in there with them.  The other six have the other citters like spiders and crickets and little things.  Joel seems to be getting the worst of it as the rats are all hanging out around his head and pretty much leaving the rest of them alone until a load more rats are thrown into their box.  Wayne is thinking about giving up but the boys help him through.  Joel is complaining that one of the rats has done a shit by his head.  All of the celebs make the time and stay in their boxes.  There are a lot of tears after the celebs come out of their boxes but they all did it.

Dinner is eel, I’m pretty sure that I would be disappointed with that.  I went to my Mum and Dad’s for dinner tonight and had a nice bit of chicken, chips, stuffing balls and vegetables.  If Mum had told me that there was eel on the menu I wouldn’t have been so happy!

The final portion of the programme is the celebs spending their dingo dollars after doing the challenge and the camp chores.  The campmates pick some items and spend their money.  They pick beers, wines, cups of tea, etc.

Ant and Dec return to camp to tell them about the new challenge – all 12 will be taking part in the challenge.  Four winners will be announced and they will go and live in luxury at Snake Rock for at least 24 hours and immunity from the first elimination.

I’ll see you next time I watch I’m a Celebrity and hopefully it starts to get a bit more exciting…


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