The Apprentice – Week 8

Firstly, how are there still 9 candidates left?  This seems to have been on for ages so far this year!

At 5am the house gets a call telling them that they are meeting Lord Sugar at the National Portrait Gallery.  Lord Sugar tells them that the National Portrait Gallery hosts evening events to generate income and the teams will be holding their own evening event at some famous London landmarks.  Titans get the London Aquarium and Nebula get Madame Tussauds (I hate that place!)

The teams must arrange the event and the entertainment and sell tickets.  The guests of the events will be able to say whether they think their entrance fee was good value for money and they will be able to ask for their money back…

Paul will be team leader and will be working with Francis.  Jessica will be the sub-team leader.  They are going to go for a casino night and Paul thinks they can charge £65 per person…  Claude points out that the team start out not knowing what they are doing – some of the team think that the ticket price includes hot food but it doesn’t!

Dillon will be the other team leader with sub-team leader of Courtney.  Courtney thinks a ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ is a good event type!

Paul tells Jessica that the ticker price is £50 but if they get a table of 8 the price can be dropped to £45.  She goes ahead and sells the tickets at £35 and she tells them that the hot food is included whereas the hot food is supposed to be an upsell and the ticket price is only supposed to include a drink on arrival and a few canapes.

Dillon and Alana go and meet a couple of mermaids in a pub.  They are expecting the mermaids to get into the tanks and swim about with the fish.  Alana, having seen the entertainment, is worried about their offering but is planning on giving their guests lots more drinks and nibbles.

Paul tells Jessica now that the hot food is separately charged…how many tickets have they sold on the basis that hot food is included?

Karren is giving Dillon the evil eye as he’s only worried about the dressing of the rooms and not the event itself.

As the day wears on Paul phones Jessica and tells her that the new pricing structure is that tickets will be £28 or for group bookings £22.  Erm, I see a disaster ahead if people start chatting…  Claude thinks it will be a miracle if they even break even after they have incurred their costs.  Meanwhile Courtney and Grainne find out that the mermaid isn’t in the water…  They seem rather subdued trying to sell now.

Dillon and Alana are purchasing their canapes and drinks and they are splashing the cash.  Across the hall Paul doing the shopping and he’s also finding out that Sofianne has been selling tickets for £21.   They are really skimping on the canapes and trying to cut costs.

Paul switches out Francis and Jessica.  Jessica isn’t happy that she’s been removed as sub-team leader.

On day two the teams split their members between standing outside the venue to sell more tickets and in the kitchens making the canapes.

Claude asks what Paul’s doing as he’s making canapes that are a thick slice of cucumber with a blob of cream cheese on top – erm, this isn’t a canapé that I’ve ever seen.

Claude seems to be having fun in Madame Tussauds clinking glasses with the wax models.

In the aquarium it’s all gone to pot.  Guests can buy tickets for a tour.  There are 15 available but they end up selling 30 and then have to find people to disappoint and refund.  Courtney leads the tour but he has no idea about the fish and is a terrible guide.  His guests look pretty bored.

The hot food up selling is going pretty bad for both teams.  Paul is getting into a very awkward position as some of his guests were told that they had hot food included.  Paul and Jessica have a big blow up in front of the guests – Claude says that it’s not the time or the place.

In the aquarium Dillon starts to sing and Karren’s face says it all.  Who’s need emoji’s when you have Karren Brady.

Paul decides that he will have to give some of his guests their hot meal for free to avoid them asking for refunds.

At 10pm the parties finish – probably for the best, I wouldn’t have wanted to be at either of those events to be honest!

Lord Sugar goes to Titans and Dillon at the aquarium.  Karren tells Alan that they made very good canapes but they made 400 of them and as all of the guests were full they only sold one hot meal.  Karren also says that Dillon singing was worse than it sounds…  Sugar then asks about the VIP tour tickets and how they had oversold and then refunded more tickets than some people had actually bought.

Next team Nebula and Paul at the waxworks.  Lord Sugar finds out about the ticket prices continually falling.  Lord Sugar sounds like he’s doing a reverse auction as he goes through the various tumbling ticket prices.  My sister told me that I would be likely to use the word ‘shambles’.  I think that sums up perfectly what happened within team Nebula.  Sugar then asks Sofianne about the canapes and just laughs.

Claude reports Nebula took £2,08.82 and spent £958.16 leaving a profit of £1,127.64.

Karren reports that Titans took £3,149.75 and spent £749.09 leaving a profit of £2,400.66.  Quite a clear win!

At the café everyone is trying to pin the blame on Jessica for selling tickets including food.  She tries to say that she wasn’t the only one selling tickets on that basis but neither of the others will admit that.  All hell breaks loose and they all just end up screaming at each other while Sofianne smirks and seems to quite like the disharmony in the team.

Blame shifts around the room time and again and Paul is being quite rude to Sugar.  I think it would be fair to say that he’s back-chatting Lord Sugar.  Paul decides to bring back Jessica and Francis.

When the candidates step outside Lord Sugar tells Claude and Karren that Paul’s got anger issues…

Lord Sugar has to tell Paul to stop being aggressive with him.  I think Paul’s days are numbered.  Lord Sugar has seen enough of Paul to tell him that he’s fired.  Paul is the first one to not do all of that ‘thank you for the opportunity’ BS.  In the taxi Paul says that Lord Sugar has made the wrong decision and is welcome to throw his money after dead weights.

Next week the candidates have to design a virtual reality game.


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