90 Day Fiance – S 4, Ep 8

It’s week 8 and the wheels are definitely coming off for some of the couples.

We start with Anfisa and Jorge.  They are going ring shopping so that Jorge can find something that Anfisa loves.  Anfisa wants at least 3 carats!  The first ring that she tries on is about $75,000.  Anfisa, of course, then wants to try on a 5 carat ring and it’s $150,000.  Anfisa says that the ring shows how much he loves her…  Jorge says that the budget is £35-45,000.  Anfisa looks at Jorge with evil eyes and tells the lady at the shop they need a bit of time to think so that she can make him buy something more expensive.  Anfisa’s piece to camera says that Jorge promised her he would buy her things if she came to America and now she’s here he’s not coming through – I’m pretty sure it didn’t include buying her a 5 carat $150,000 ring!

Now to Azan and Nicole.  Nicole has ben in Morocco for four weeks and has to go home in four days.  They are at a café and Azan complains to Nicole that she’s always using her phone.  Nicole tells him that’s because she has no-one to talk to.  She’s upset that the trip didn’t turn out like she thought it would, Azan is upset that Nicole complained so much about the desert.  Back in Florida her sister is a bit upset that she’s left her daughter for so long and her Mum is worried about how her daughter is.

We now visit Matt and Alla.  They have 27 days to get married.  Alla has invited Matt’s Mum to come over as she has no friends in America and no one to help with the wedding.  Alla brought her wedding dress with her from the Ukraine so she puts it on to show Matt’s Mum.  Alla tells Matt’s Mum that she wants a wedding on the beach.  Matt’s Mum says that Matt’s last wedding was on the beach…

Pedro and Chantel now have 5 days to get married.  She told her parents at the very last minute so I have no idea how Chantel thinks she can make arrangements in 5 days.  River, her brother, wants to meet her.  River tells her that none of the family are happy (by the way, why do adult children call their parents Mummy and Daddy?)  River tells her that they never thought she would lie like this and she’s let everyone down.  River also says that he doesn’t like Pedro and he doesn’t want to see him again.  River says to camera that Pedro turned his sister into a liar.  It’s very unfair on him as the whole thing was her idea!

Matt and Alla are throwing a birthday party for Max and they are having a family day out.  While the children are off playing Matt’s Mum and Alla sit and chat.  Matt’s Mum tells her that a beach wedding is very expensive for the family to get to Florida.  She says if it’s important for Alla to have the family there then she can’t have it on the beach as the family can’t afford to fly to the wedding.  Matt’s Mum seems nice but is she just very clever?

Back in Morocco Nicole has 3 days left.  Azan is worried that Nicole doesn’t love his culture.  Azan explains to Nicole that in his religion the men go to work and the women stay home all day and Nicole tells him that she’s not going to stay at home with the kids all day.

Matt and Alla are going to pick out wedding clothes for him and Max.

Back now to Jorge and Anfisa and they go to a Russian restaurant for lunch.  Jorge says that he and Anfisa need to have an honest conversation about money.  Jorge tells her that she needs to compromise on the dress or the ring as they have a short amount of time and a limited budget.  She tells him that he should compromise and sell his car – cheeky woman!!  She says she’s being very reasonable and not asking for a million dollar dress and a million dollar ring!  Jorge tells her that a relationship isn’t based on material items, she tells him that he’s annoying.  Jorge asks her what would happen if he didn’t have the ability to buy expensive things and she tells him that she wouldn’t be sitting here with him now.  He confirms with her that she’s only dating him because he can buy her things – without pause or hesitation she says yes.  She’s quite a catch! – Oh, hang on…  Is Jorge finally started to take his rose tinted glasses off.  Anfisa says there’s nothing wrong with that because if she was ugly and fat he wouldn’t be dating her.  Jorge asks her, what happens if he gets her the dress and the ring and gives her the most perfect wedding in the world but then gets hurt and can’t work, would she leave him.  She shrugs her shoulders and then says to camera that she’s beautiful and likes nice things and she expects him to pay for it all.  Come on Jorge – please make her go back home, she’s using you for your money!!!!  Jorge tells her that it’s frustrating and she doesn’t behave like she’s ready to be in a committed relationship.  Anfisa says that she’s thinking about going back to Russia.  Jorge says he won’t stop her as she doesn’t seem to care about him.  Jorge doesn’t know what his next move is.  Anfisa has the look of the cat that got the cream.

Matt and Alla are visiting a local wedding venue that Matt’s Mum has found.  Alla doesn’t like how involved Matt’s Mum is in the wedding and she’s concerned about conflicts.  Alla said that she had a dream to have a wedding on the beach but Matt’s Mum has found a space that’s actually beautiful and perfect for their wedding.

We return to Azan and Nicole and there’s only 2 days left before Nicole has to leave.  Nicole says that they have been arguing a lot.  Nicole is meeting her Mum’s friend who has an Algerian fiancé.  She tells Nicole that she’s lived the life and the people and the culture for 3 years.  Nicole thinks that if Azan goes to American he won’t worry about his culture and religion and the friend tells her that it will never happen, he will always think Moroccan.  The friend tells her not to hold onto a fairytale because she thinks she can change the ending.

Next time Chantel and Pedro are with her parents and they are asking about a pre-nup.  It’s Matt’s bachelor party.  It’s Nicole’s last night with Azan.  Anfisa has kicked Jorge out of the apartment, he’s asking what he can do to fix things and she says that she wants the money to buy a ticket back to Russia (do it!!).

See you next time!!


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