I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

I have finally caught up!  I don’t know what they’re up to this year but most of the programmes have been an hour and a half so once you get a bit behind there’s a lot of watching required to catch up!

So, what has stuck out to me while watching six episodes in close succession?  Honestly?  Not a lot.  This year it’s been pleasant and nice but there’s not been a lot of memorable moments.

Danny Baker left first, then Lisa, Olla, Carol, Jordan and Larry have also gone.  I’m very surprised that Larry has left but he hasn’t been the character that I thought he would be.  I wasn’t surprised by any of the others leaving, I thought maybe Jordan would have stayed a little longer.

I have enjoyed Ant & Dec and their ‘Shut Up Martin’ and ‘Oooh Martin’.  I’ve also enjoyed Ant’s ‘admiration’ of Larry.

One of the best days in the jungle, for me, was when Joel was given his secret missions.  I think Joel is a very likeable character.

Some of the challenges have been tough but the contestants this year have just gone for it and the only one where they didn’t get many stars was when it was just impossible to find them – when Joel and Sam were in the windmill.

Now, the other thing that I’ve noticed is that Scarlett seems to have received a disproportionate amount of air time compared to the other celebrities.  Maybe she’s done more or maybe I’ve imagined it.  I have read articles which say that ITV have ‘fixed it’ for Scarlett to win – maybe this is why the articles say that but who knows.  Surely if it’s a public vote then people will vote for whoever they like rather than who has the most screen time.  Who knows?  The trouble is that you don’t seem to be able to have a reality TV show now without someone trying to say that it’s fixed!

So, I’m a Celebrity now only has a few days left to run and I really can’t call who’s going to win.  I’d like to see Joel win but I’m not sure that he will.

What have you thought about the series so far this year?


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