90 Day Fiance – S2, Ep 10

I’m trying to keep warm!  My boiler conked out yesterday, the man came today but I have to wait until tomorrow for a part so I have another day and night of no heating and hot water!  I’ve been and changed my bed and thoroughly cleaned my bedroom to warm me up a bit but now I’m tired so I’m sitting and getting up to date with 90 Day Fiance.

We start off with Jorge and Anfisa.  It looks as though Jorge has been allowed back in his own home by the nasty Anfisa.  Jorge is leaving to go to work and offers to take Anfisa out for breakfast first but she shouts at him that she doesn’t want to go.  He then tries to kiss her goodbye and she tips her face away from him.  Jorge texts that he’ll be out at work all day and she gets cross that he leaves her for so long.  Jorge reveals to us that he’s not actually going to work, he’s going to buy her a ring so he can propose properly.  I can’t understand why he’s pursuing her.  Jorge is in the jewellers picking out at $12,000 diamond and Anfisa keeps pinging Jorge using the ‘Find my iPhone app’.  It’s constant and even the jeweller says that it’s a bit weird.

Nicole is now landing back in the USA and her family and daughter are there to meet her at the airport.  Nicole looks happier in those few minutes than she has looked for the past five weeks.  Nicole is dreading telling her family about what really happened in Morocco.  Nicole’s Mum says that she knows Nicole is trying to shield her from stuff but she wants to know what happened.  Nicole says that they had little fights.  Nicole tells her family that he told her that she should lose weight so that he’s more attracted to her.  Nicole’s sister tells her that if her husband had said any of those things to her they wouldn’t have got married.  Nicole’s Mum tells her that she has a bad feeling about the whole thing.

Narkyia and Lowo are up now.  Lowo is at the airport in Vietnam to meet Narkyia.  We are reminded, once again, of all of the lies that Lowo told her at the beginning of their relationship.  Narkyia says that she went to Vietnam because she was suspicious but now she’s seeing him again she’s happy and excited.  Lowo blindfolds her outside the hotel room and then leads her into the room covered in balloons and cake.

It’s snowing wherever Matt and Alla are and they are going for dinner with Matt’s nasty friend Patrick.  Patrick is the one that has made nasty remarks about Alla and Matt’s marriage.  Alla gets on very well with Julie.  As soon as they sit down Patrick starts to be nasty again.  Patrick immediately starts on Alla telling her that he’s concerned about Matt and concerned that she’s marrying him for the wrong reasons.  Patrick asks Alla why he loves Matt.  Alla tells Patrick that she’s never told Matt that she loves him.  It’s so awkward and Patrick’s girlfriend tells him to shut his mouth.  Alla tells Patrick that she doesn’t understand why he’s so interested in Matt’s life.  Alla asks him why he’s going to be at the wedding if this is the way that he feels.  Patrick leaves and Julie says that she’s very embarrassed.  Matt apologises to Alla that she had to deal with that.

Now we move to Pedro and Chantel.  There are three days until they have to get married and Chantel says that they have still not made any preparations.  Pedro and Chantel call his Mum and tell her about the problems that they have had since they told her parents.  He tells her about the prenup and his Mum goes crazy, she says that Chantel is lucky to have him and she then says ‘Stupid American’.  I liked Chantel to begin with but the more I see of her the less I like her.  Chantel browbeats Pedro so much that he just tells her that they should forget everything and he’ll just sign the prenup.  I must admit that I’d be offended if I was being asked to sign a prenup.

Back to Jorge and Anfisa; Jorge is planning his proposal.  Jorge is driving and texting but Anfisa keeps phoning him so he can’t do his business deal.  Jorge is trying to make a call to a client and Anfisa just won’t stop calling.  Jorge finally says that Anfisa’s driving him crazy and at the moment he’s not even thinking of proposing.  Jorge is trying to make a $15,000 deal and Anfisa’s constantly pinging his phone and calling him.  Jorge should turn that phone off and put it in the boot of his car and use his hard earned money to buy himself a new one, he can then tell Anfisa to go away and live a happy life.

Returning to Matt and Alla and it’s the day after the awkward dinner.  Matt says that he tells Alla all the time that he loves her but he says she’s never said it back to him.  Matt sits down and has a conversation with Alla about saying ‘I love you’.  Matt tells Alla that in the US saying it is expected in a relationship.  Alla tells him that she’s not going to say it until she feels it.  She says that she still needs time to feel it and tell him.  Should you really marry someone that you don’t love?  I thought Matt and Alla had a really good chance but if she doesn’t love him then I’m not sure about them either.  Alla says she might feel it tomorrow and say it or she might feel it never and never tell him.  Alla says that they have a good relationship though and she’s ready to marry him.

The final portion of the programme takes us back to Narkyia and Lowo and they are on Chicken Street in Vietnam.  I have to say that the chicken that they’re eating looks pretty tasty.  The couple have a discussion about why Narkyia is there and why she doesn’t trust him.  Lowo admits that he messed up to begin with but now she has to trust him if he’s going to be her husband.  Narkyia wants to go and see an immigration lawyer to get things moving but Lowo doesn’t like her trying to take control and tells her that a Nigerian woman wouldn’t behave that way – Narkyia tells him that she’s not a Nigerian woman and she’s not going to step back into the 1950’s.

Finally, we return to Jorge and Anfisa.  Jorge says that he feels like their relationship has changed (what relationship?!)  Jorge has called his sister to talk about the situation and it turns out that she’s nearby having lunch with two of his other sisters.  Jorge tells his sisters about the argument with Anfisa and how he feels he’s being controlled and tracked.  One of his sister’s say that she thinks Anfisa has alternative motives.  Jorge says that he’s done his part to please her but she’s done nothing to please him; his sister says that’s what happens when you pay a woman to spread her legs!  Come on!  Jorge’s sisters can’t let their little brother marry this woman.

I can’t wait for next week now that I’m all caught up!!!


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