90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep9

I can’t believe that I’ve been so busy that I now have two episodes of this on my planner.  It’s one of my absolute favourites and I’m a week behind so, while I wait for the plumber to come and fix my boiler, let’s do some watching.

We start with Nicole and Azan.  It’s Nicole’s last night with Azan.  They sit down to have a conversation about them and their future.  It takes seconds for voices to be raised and for Azan to say that she needs to respect his culture and for her to say that it’s difficult.  He wants her to be Moroccan and she doesn’t want to change her culture.  Nicole asks why he wants to marry her, he says because he loves her.  He says he loves her because he feels like she’s the first person who’s really cared about him.  He says if they really want to be together they need to change… It’ll never work!  You don’t marry someone wanting to change them.  People do change over time but you change together, you don’t go into a marriage with the intention of changing someone.

Anfisa and Jorge are up next.  We are told that the producers couldn’t reach Jorge and Anfisa for their scheduled shoot.  When the producers get through to Anfisa she tells them that they are in the middle of a fight…  They go and see Anfisa and with a smug look on her face she tells the crew that she kicked him out of the apartment – she’s such a nasty woman.  Why is Jorge wasting so much time, energy and money on her??  Jorge phones Anfisa and she berates Jorge for leaving her alone in a foreign country!  Erm, she just said that she kicked him out.  What is the matter with her.  Jorge asks what he can do to fix the situation, she says that he can’t fix stupid.  She then tells him to come and get his stuff from her apartment.  She asks for the money to book the flight back to Russia, he says he’ll come with the money.

Narkyia and Lowo are up next.  Narkyia reminds us how Lowo lied about everything at the beginning of their relationship.  Lowo told Narkyia that he needed to get some paperwork from Vietnam, Narkyia decides that she wants to see what’s going on so she’s going to Vietnam too.  We now meet Lowo for the first time.  Lowo needs to get a document to confirm that he doesn’t have a criminal record in Vietnam.  Lowo says that trust issues have affected their relationship a lot – that’s probably because you’ve lied about everything!  He tells us that when he started speaking to Narkyia online he was speaking to a lot of women to try and develop a relationship with one of them so her could get a green card and move to the US – this guy sounds like such a catch!  Perhaps he can hook up with Anfisa and they can go and live in their web of nasty lies somewhere together.  Lowo says that he got stuck in a lie because he fell in love with Narkyia…hmm, did he though or did he fall in love with getting his green card.  Oh yes, he actually says that he’s marrying Narkyia for a green card.

Now Pedro and Chantel and it’s four days before they have to marry.  Chantel and Pedro are having a meet up with her parents.  Chantel is hoping that they’ve warmed up to the idea and will help with the wedding planning.  If you only have four days to get married then you don’t really have time for wedding planning!  The parents ask if Chantel’s thought about a pre-nup.  Pedro seems rather offended and tells Chantel that it’s because of her that nobody trusts him.  Chantel still seems reluctant to accept that this whole ridiculous situation is her fault.  She says that her parents don’t want her to get married and I wonder if she actually wants to get married – if she does then she should have the arrangements in place and be ready to marry him.

Now to Matt and Alla and it’s Matt’s bachelor party.  Everyone keeps going on about the fact that this is his fourth bachelor party.  The guys board a party bus and they tell Matt that one of his ex-wives will be stripping for them today.  Matt says at least he finally figured out how to find the right woman, some of his friends say that all he figured out how to do was look up Russian brides on the internet.  That seems massively unpleasant as Alla seems lovely – not like potential Russian bride Anfisa!  Matt has no interest in the stripper and is upset with the way his friends are treating him.

Back to Jorge and Anfisa.  Anfisa smugly says how last night Jorge spent the night in his car in a parking lot.  He comes back to the apartment and starts to apologise to her.  She has a nasty smirk on her face as he’s repeatedly telling her how sorry he is for everything and for the way he acted – he’s mental.  He’s done nothing wrong, she is the one that needs to be apologising!  She moans that he apologises but didn’t bring her a present.  Why is Jorge still trying to hug her when she’s such a nasty piece of work.  Anfisa is cross that she still has no ring and he hasn’t bought her a bag.  Anfisa says that Jorge needs to prove that he loves her – buying you things isn’t proving you love someone.

Matt and Alla again and Alla is having her bachelorette party with one girl she knows and friends of that girl.  Alla seems to be having fun getting out and dancing.

Back to Vietnam and Narkyia and Lowo.  Lowo is in the hotel getting ready to pick up Narkyia.  He’s filling the room with things she loves – he says cakes and shows plates and plates of cakes.  He then gets out some fluffy handcuffs.  Lowo goes to the airport with a bunch of flowers and they are reunited.

We return to Morocco on Nicole’s last day.  Nicole says that she doesn’t want to go.  Azan’s family wave her off and say that they will miss her.  Nicole tells camera that even if Azan changes it will be hard to forget everything that happened on the trip.  At the airport Azan says that he feels guilty for not treating Nicole the way she deserved to be treated.  Nicole says that she wishes she could kiss him, he says he wishes it too but they can’t.  Nicole gets very upset when she leaves him and she notices that he doesn’t seem to be sad and she says that he should show some emotion and shed a tear or two.  Nicole says that she’s afraid that this will be the last time that she sees him.  Azan says in a way he’s glad that she’s leaving because now they don’t have to fight anymore.

Even the voice over guy says that it’s real love right there and questions whether any of the couples even like each other!

Blimey – see you next time!!


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