Strictly Come Dancing – 26/11/16

What a disgrace!  I am nearly two weeks behind on Strictly!  I’ll be honest and say I know who went home from this programme that I’m about to watch but I genuinely don’t know who left on the Saturday just gone so I’ll try and plough through and get myself up to date.

The first to dance on this show are Danny and Oti.  Last week they scored the first 40 of the series so Danny has got a lot to live up to this week.  It’s great that he’s doing so well but he has really left himself nowhere to go but down!  This week they are dancing a samba.  You can’t really say much other than ‘WOW’ when Danny dances.  He matches Oti step for step and move for move.  I still don’t really know who he is so if I was asked to pick the professional and the celebrity out of the two having not seen the show before I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  Let’s give credit where it’s due – Oti is a fantastic dancer and a superb teacher and choreographer as well.  Bruno gets rather excitable about Danny’s pelvis when he gives his feedback. The judging starts with Craig giving a 10 so I think we know where this is going…it’s another 40.

Ore and Joanne are dancing next.  I don’t think I’d want to follow Danny but Ore did get three 10’s last week so if anyone can then Ore can…  Ore was the clear frontrunner and then he went off the boil a bit so I hope he’s back and serious competition to Danny.  It’s better when you have a proper competition rather than one who’s clearly going to win.  If I’m placing an early bet I’ll say that Louise, Ore and Danny will be the final three.  Ore and Joanne are dancing a paso.  I don’t really like the paso and this routine isn’t helping that.  The paso is hard to make look good.  It’s all arms and stomping while looking like you’re about to commit murder.  Ore does manage to look strong and commanding during the routine but it’s still never going to be my favourite.  I think Ore’s guyliner is my favourite thing!  Bruno found it achingly stylish and modern and thought that it was danced very well.  The judges are all impressed but notice a small ‘incident’ so I don’t think he’ll be getting perfect 10’s but he should be scoring highly.  They score a 36 with Bruno giving them a 10.

Louise and Kevin are dancing next.  They will be dancing a waltz this week.  Louise’s husband is in the training room this week to try and help her bring out her romantic side.  I like Louise and Jamie Redknapp – they are the least showbiz, showbiz couple out there.  They have been together for a long time but they don’t feel the need to pimp themselves out and be in magazines, etc all the time.  These are a good role model for a ‘celebrity’ couple.  Louise and Kevin’s waltz is pretty and romantic (if maybe a bit boring but that’s the nature of the dance).  You couldn’t really fault what they did and Tess hits the nail on the head when she says it’s graceful.  The judges enthuse and praise and they score them a 39 with only Craig bringing them down.

Judge Rinder and Oksana now dance the rumba.  I have to say that I found it quite mesmerising.  I never really get the whole thing of a dance telling a story but I thought this was just beautiful.  Judge Rinder has completely embraced the whole experience and he’s done an amazing job.  Darcy didn’t think the narrative followed through but what does she know!  I liked it.  They receive a score of 29 but I think it’s crazy low!

Ed Ball and Katya now dance the tango.  That’s another hard dance and Ed’s character is a male model on the catwalk.  I love that Ed hasn’t shied away from anything and he’s got at it with gusto.  I don’t really know what to say, the dance is weird and looks a bit disjointed.  Ed has been such a great entertainer but I don’t think the tango suited him really.  Bruno compares Ed to junk food and says that he knows he shouldn’t have it but he can’t help but want more.  Craig is his usual self and gives a very critical review…  They score a low, but expected, 23.

Claudia and AJ are the last couple to dance and are doing an Argentine tango.  They were in the dance off last week so they need to up their game to stay.  I think this is a dance where the dancing has no relevance to the music.  It’s as though I’m watching the TV on mute but with random music on.  The Argentine tango is all about legs swinging around, etc and they do plenty of that but I found it a bit dull.  The judges seem to like it and think it’s incredible.  The judges score them 36 but it was a bit arty farty for me.

The couples now have to do the cha-cha challenge.  It was rumoured that the cha-cha challenge was included so it would be easier to get Ed in the bottom two and get rid of him.  Who knows how true that is.  Obviously Ed comes last!  Louise comes first.

Going straight into the results show it’s Ed Balls and Judge Rinder dancing again.  It’s unfortunately Ed that leaves but I wouldn’t have liked to see Judge Rinder go either so it was a lose/lose situation this week.

Right, I have a bit of work to do now and some lunch to eat – I have no heating and hot water at the moment so am having a hot lunch to try and warm up!  I’ll try and watch last weeks Strictly later on today so that I’m caught up.


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