The Apprentice – Week 9

I’m pretty sure that I only watch this programme for the interview week but we have more weeks to endure before we get there.

This week there’s no telephone call for the candidates but Karren and Claude turn up at the house.  The candidates, in various states of undress, get called downstairs to put on virtual reality headsets.  Lord Sugar is talking to them from his virtual boardroom.

The task is to invent a new virtual reality game and a brand to go with it.  They have to create a playable level of their game and then launch it to industry experts.

Trishna leads one team and Sofiane leads the other team.  Dillon is unhappy that Sofiane is leading their team as he’s an illustrator and says that he could have led the team to victory.

Trishna’s team go for an outer-space/Martian theme and Courtney is appointed as sub team leader.

Sofiane’s team are doin an underwater theme.  It is decided that Dillon and Allana will go and create the game and the other two will be in branding.  Even Claude says Dillon is on the wrong part of the task.

The character name Galactic Gary is being discussed on the other team…  Courtney phones Trishna and tells her about his idea for a lost pet badger.  Trishna is not that impressed.

Grainne admits that she thinks the team was split wrong as Dillon, the illustrator, should be the one designing the character.

Claude isn’t impressed with Grainne this task as he says that she’s not really contributed and she’s not challenging Sofiane.

Karren’s face is a picture when Courtney is talking about Galactic Gordon the badger.  She thinks it’s ridiculous that they’re not featuring the character in any of their promotional material.  Trishna is fuming.

It’s the next day and the candidates arrive at Comic-con.  The teams get to check out their games for the first time.  Trishna is telling her team that she doesn’t like what the sub-team has done.  Jessica pretty much just laughs at Trishna.

The team start to get some feedback on Magic Shells and everyone says that they think it’s a child’s game.  People are also playing the missing badger game and no one can really understand the game.  Dillon and Sofiane go and have a look at what the other team have done and after seeing ‘Gordon’s lost his badger’ they agree that they’re not worried.

Trishna and Jessica are working on their pitch and Karren tells us that Trishna remembers facts and figures brilliantly but pitching is about personality and Jessica has bags of personality.

It’s now pitching time and ‘Gordon’s Lost His Badger’ is up first.  Jessica is pitching but she gets off to a truly terrible start and keeps stalling, stopping and repeating herself.  It’s embarrassing to watch but she does seem to fall into her stride a bit and it gets mildly better.  Trishna takes over and it sounds like she’s reading a science textbook.  People keep asking why you don’t see the character ‘Galactic Gordon’ and why the badger is the only character featured.

Magic Shells is up next and, of course, Sofiane is pitching.  Grainne is invited to the stage to play the game and demonstrate.  Grainne doesn’t seem to have a clue what she’s doing and keeps shouting out and sounding surprised as if she’s never seen the game before.  Dillon takes over the pitch and he is the best of a bad bunch.

Trishna seems to have spent the whole episode justifying who she’s taking into the boardroom and why – she doesn’t even know if they’ve lost yet!

Lord Sugar comes through his glass door (still looks like a toilet door to me) and greets the candidates in the boardroom.

Sugar talks to Trishna’s team first about ‘Gordon’s Lost His Badger’.  Karren tells Sugar that all industry experts thought it was very strange that Galactic Gary doesn’t feature anywhere.  Karren also tells the team that the experts didn’t think there was enough badger in the game, even when you find him he’s tiny.  Karren tells Courtney that he looked terrified on stage during the pitch.

Sugar now talks to Sofiane about Magic Shells.  Sugar asks what Sofiane actually did on the task and he seems very proud that he came up with the name ‘Coral Kid’.

The industry experts said that with a bit of development they liked the badger game but none of them would have any interest in the shells game.  The public also voted for the badger in a landslide vote.

It must be time for sour-puss Alana to go now surely!  Her or Sofaine have to go.

The prize that Trishna’s team wins I can’t quite get my head around so lets skim over that!

Dillon says that Sofiane created an infantile character with a crap name and that’s why they failed the task.  It’s now time for them to file back into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar.

The boardroom is the usual debacle of arguments and talking over one another.  Sofaine decides to bring Dillon and Grainne back into the boardroom.  What!!  How has Alana escaped??

Lord Sugar says that he can’t deal with people like Sofiane in business.  He says that he doesn’t know what Jessica did in this task.  Lord Sugar says that Dillon is a very nice person but he will not be his business partner and Dillon is fired.

Sofiane is also fired.  Lord Sugar then send Grainne back to the house alone.

The housemates can’t believe that Dillon has gone…  Another week down.


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