The Apprentice – Week 10

We start the week with just six candidates remaining.  The phone rings at 5.30am and Lord Sugar wants to meet the teams in Greenwich.  There are five females and just one male remaining this year.

The task is for the teams to make their own gin.

Alana really wants to be project manager but so does Courtney.  It’s down to their third, Jessica, team member and she picks Courtney to run the task.

On the other team Frances will be in charge of branding completely on her own.  Karren is concerned that branding needs to match the gin.

The teams then do a taste test.  Alana decides on raspberry and pink pepper, the expert in the distillery does not seem convinced about that flavouring.

Grainne and Trishna go for a spiced gin and they want to colour it orange.  Alana is still working on the raspberry flavour and is told by the expert that they have never distilled raspberry flavour so what it will taste like is a shot in the dark.  Their product will be called ‘Giin’.

Trishna and Grainne are getting plastered while Frances tries to get hold of them to get the information to go on the labels.  Frances tries and tries to call her team members but they’re still drinking and ignoring her calls.  It gets until five minutes before the printing deadline and she still can’t get through so she’s unable to put the ingredients on the label.  Grainne and Trishna finally stop drinking and see that they have 19 missed calls.

Courtney, Jessica and Alana get their gin, sorry, giin.  Courtney is disappointed that it doesn’t taste very much of raspberry but at least it’s not a vile orange colour like the other teams…

Grainne is consumer testing and people don’t like the colour and they don’t like the use of the word ‘colony’.

Alana and Courtney go to Majestic to pitch their gin and they make a real hash of it.  Claude says to camera that Courtney is incredibly boring – Claude is awesome!!  Alana is trying to tell the group that you get a raspberry aroma before you drink it but none of the people tasting it get that.  They say that the USP is that it’s raspberry infused but it doesn’t taste or smell of raspberry.

Frances is trying to do a pitch while Trishna is banging and clonking away – Frances has to look over at Trishna in the end due to the noise!  Karren also notes the lie in their pitch about the colour.

Courtney, Alana and Jessica are pitching to Tesco.  Courtney starts the pitch again but completely loses it, stops talking and starts umming and erring.  Jessica talls the hind legs off a donkey, Courney butts in and then Alana keeps labouring the point about working with Tesco.  They all, apart from Jessica, realise that Jessica was just waffling way too much.

The orange gin then goes in and that team are not much better at pitching.  They think that the pitch was brutal but they were just terrible at presenting it.  Frances phones Grainne to tell her how bad her pitch was.  Grainne doesn’t want to hear it so Trishna takes the phone to try and tell her how bad she is but they then end the call saying that Grainne is the PM so it’s up to her.

In a chain of bars the colony gin doesn’t go down very well.  They don’t like the idea of an orange gin and they don’t like the use of the word colony.  They tell them that the gin market is discerning and doesn’t want a gin with a bit of food colouring thrown in for the sake of making it different.

The following day the candidates return to the boardroom to see how things went and if they achieved any sales.

Lord Sugar is unimpressed that Grainne and Trishna drank so much that they missed all of the calls from Frances.

Courtney talks about the pitches and how well he did but Claude disagrees about how good he is.  Jessica admits that she may have gone on a little bit at the Tesco pitch.

The orders are in:

Supermarket – 1,200 bottles for Giin, no orders for Colony.

Wine and Spirits Merchant – no orders for Giin, 240 bottles for Colony.

Bar Chain – 3,000 bottles for Giin, no orders for Colony.

I think Courtney, Jessica and Alana were just very lucky that the other team made such a diabolical product.  Any of them could be going home!

The winning team have a helicopter ride around London while the other three sit in the café and have a very loud argument over their cups of tea before they go stoney faced and silent and ignore each other.

They file back into the boardroom to be told that their product has so many faults with it he doesn’t know where to start.  Lord Sugar tells Grainne that the only pitch she wasn’t involved in was the one where they got an order.

After listening to the ladies blame each other Lord Sugar sticks them back out in the waiting room so he can chat to Karren and Claude before he decides who to send home.

Trishna is busy shaking her head while Lord Sugar fires her.  The other two are lucky to be sent back to the house.

The great news is that the next show is the best one – it’s interviews week!!!!  I can’t wait to see some of them interviewed.  I think Jessica will lose all the mouth and Grainne will also be very different…  Can’t wait.


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