90 Day Fiance – S4, Ep 11

Time for a bit of trash TV!  The ‘relationships’ are starting to fall apart a bit so who will get married…

Starting with Jorge and Anfisa.  They are in the middle of a huge fight.  If you’ll remember Anfisa keeps ringing Jorge so that he can’t call his client and make his $15,000 deal.  Jorge then meets his sister’s and asks their advice.  They all tell him to get rid of Anfisa.  Lourdes, a sister, says that she thinks Anfisa came to America to get everything that she asked for handed to her.  The sister’s ask what his next move is and he says he doesn’t know.  The sister’s tell camera that they want her gone because she’s not a nice girl.  Jorge goes home and after opening the front door asks the cameras not to go in.  Jorge then comes out again after Anfisa has told him to get out.  Jorge says that he can only do so much and he’s going to stay at a hotel.  Tell her to go away, right now!  Jorge says that he’s starting to see the real Anfisa and she’s nothing like the woman that he met and travelled the world with.  Jorge says that she’s going back home tomorrow.

Now we move to Pedro and Chantel.  The wedding is tomorrow and they’re still arguing about a prenup.  The pair are visiting a lawyer to arrange the prenup.  Chantel tells the lawyer that she has nothing at the moment but her parents want her to have a prenup that includes inheritance.  The lawyer tells them that it’s not possible to draw up a prenup in one day.  Chantel tells the lawyer that her Mum is going to be so mad and starts to cry – it’s all her fault – if she hadn’t been lying to her parents this whole time then she never would have got into this position.  She thinks her parents will think that it was his decision to wait until now to tell them so that there wasn’t time to prepare the document – what a nasty girl.  Run Pedro, run!!

Nicole and Azan.  Nicole is trying to ring Azan and she can’t get hold of him.  Nicole says that since she’s been home they’ve definitely talked a lot less.  Nicole’s Mum tells her that she loves her with all her heart and she needs to tell her all the stuff that she doesn’t want to tell her.  Nicole’s Mum knows that something isn’t right and she wants the details of what happened on Morocco.  Nicole’s Mum says that this was an impossible relationship to start with because his world doesn’t make sense to her.  She says that when this happens Nicole bulldozes her way through the situation and takes down everything on the way.  Nicole cries and says that she doesn’t know what to do but her Mum tells her that she does and this is not a good relationship for her or her daughter.  You can see that Nicole just wants to be loved and she’s accepting a bad relationship rather than the thought of being on her own.  To be honest, they have no relationship at all.

Moving to Matt and Alla and their wedding is tomorrow.  The couple are going to the airport to collect Alla’s sister who has been able to make it for the wedding.  It really is lovely that Alla will have one of her family at the wedding.  They head off to the rehearsal dinner and Matt wants to talk to his nasty friend Patrick.  If Patrick doesn’t like them getting married then don’t keep causing trouble, just stay away.  Matt heads over to the bar to talk to Patrick who is sitting alone and scowling at the room.  Matt tells Patrick that the wedding is off limits so speak out now.  Patrick tells Matt that the wedding is a trainwreck and a dumb idea and he shouldn’t be doing it.  Matt asks Patrick to confirm that he’ll be on good behaviour and Patrick says that he’ll try.  He tells camera that he’s not sure he won’t stand up when the preacher asks if anyone has objections.  What a nasty git!

Now we go to a real trainwreck of a couple Lowo and Narkyia!  Narkyia reminds us of all of the lies that Lowo has told her.  Narkyia goes with Lowo to the Ministry of Justice to see what’s going on.  It turns out that Lowo was telling the truth about how long the paperwork will take.

Returning to Nicole and Azan – well just Nicole really as Azan has not been heard of since Nicole returned.  Nicole is meeting up with her brother to chat it through.  Nicole tells her brother that he’s a good guy and he’s selfless and he gives to other people.  He asks how often he made her cry and how he treated her.  Nicole says that he made her really happy on the phone.  The brother can see that she had a fake version of him when they were just on the phone and the real version of him is different.  The little brother is actually quite sensible and Nicole should open her ears and have a good listen to what they’re saying.

Jorge and Anfisa again.  Jorge is meeting with a good friend who works in the same industry but his friend doesn’t show up – so he’s a really good friend then.  Jorge starts to talk to the camera crew instead.  Jorge says that he thinks she’s just trying to see what she can get.  He says that money isn’t everything but it seems that it is to her.  Jorge is fed up with the way he’s being treated (finally!!)

Back to Pedro and Chantel and it’s their wedding day.  They look so happy; oh wait!  She doesn’t have a dress, they don’t have rings and there is no prenup.  Chantel decides that as there is no time to get a lawyer to prepare a prenup they will get a generic one from the internet.  Chantel is acting like a real brat – all of this is her fault but she’s taking no responsibility.  Pedro is telling her to be positive and asking if she really wants a wedding – all she does is a slow blink and an eye roll.  She’s nasty.  Chantel has this annoying habit of gritting her teeth and then talking with only her lips moving so I think it makes her look more aggressive than she needs to.  Chantel tries to phone round her family but all of their phones are going straight to answerphone.

We return again to Jorge and Anfisa and Jorge has spent another night in his car.  Anfisa text Jorge that she has done something to his second car so Jorge is driving to his garage.  Anfisa has keyed ‘IDIOT’ into the drivers side door.  He says that he was thinking proposing today and this is not how he pictured it.  Jorge has $10,000 cash in his pocket and he tells the camera crew that it’s more than enough to buy her a ticket home.  He says that he thinks he’s just going to take her to the airport.  He asks the camera crew to stay in the garage.  The two return to the garage later and they are still arguing.  The crew ask what Anfisa thinks of returning home and she rolls her eyes at them and says that she doesn’t want to talk about it.  The crew wait in the garage and they are both back because they couldn’t find a flight.  Why doesn’t he just book her a flight now.  They go into the apartment and Anfisa bangs the door in their faces and locks them out.  Jorge sneaks out to talk to the camera crew but Anfisa opens the door and makes him come back inside.  Just book her a ticket.


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